Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Work in St Louis and Hill Country pics pt 2

So today is a week that I've been in St Louis for work.  Before I left home, I checked the 10 day forecast so I would know how to pack. Yall, the whole forecast Changed once I got here. Snow was NOT in the forecast, just some rain and temps dipping to 37 at night. So I packed a jacket and some gloves. It has snowed like crazy for a few days and I am not equipped with my warm winter coat, boats, and beanie hats.  I bought a scarf at Goodwill over the weekend.
Work has been crazy and I had to work on Saturday which is part of the plan for a conversion. What makes things nice is that I have a handful of good friends here so i'm able to have dinner with them.  I don't get to see them often at all and it beats hanging in hotel alone every night .
I have a team member that is also good friend of mine that got sent to Kansas City on this project. On Sunday, we both drove 2 hours each and met in the middle in Columbia, Missouri.  We had breakfast and did some retail therapy at the local mall. There was a Ronald McDonald display /fundraiser and there were lots of super cute gingerbread houses that we found out were all made from school kids. Some of them are so dang good!! It was such a fun day and I got to see a little countryside scenery on the way.
I am very ready to go home on Friday! I miss my husband and my 2 dogs like crazy. I am on a quick break so i'm keeping this short and I don't like to skip a week if I can help it.
Here are some pics from St Louis and also some more pics from our bike trip 2 weekends ago:
Captured the Arch from plane window as we flew in

Did you know that toasted ravioli's are a THING from St Louis? They're on every menu. Some are better than others

My setup they did for me here- card table stuck in the corner

These stripper shoes were on random bench in front of restaurant the other night. Cracked me up and I had to take pic

army caravan heading to border

probably close to 100 army vehicles

This was in our bathroom at motel. Don't see that everyday!

Fence with boots as memorial

Pray that my plane does not get delayed on Friday due to the snowstorm we're supposed to get tomorrow.  Have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Hill Country ride 2018

Hey there, so its about to get crazy busy so I thought i'd post now to get one in this week. Last Friday, Todd and i hosted a ride to one of our fave places in Texas with some good friends and new friends.
Todd has made some friends in his work industry that are riders and he rode to Georgia back in July and went on long ride with them. Theres a big work convention that takes place every year and this year it happened to be in Dallas. It changes every year. So since the guys were going to be in town , they also rented bikes and extended their stay to go with us including a couple that live near us and our very good friends of ours.  So there were only 6 of us total - 4 bikes which is a nice small group that is manageable.
We went on the same ride last April with a much larger group and we had so much fun but its hard to organize large groups on bikes- with gas breaks, eating , etc to be on same schedule.
We ride all back roads and stopped at one of our regular stops when we're in that neck of the woods for some awesome BBQ!  We also happen to come across a very very long caravan of army trucks, Humvees, etc heading to the border. In fact, it was so big, they also went long way on back roads because it would be a huge media storm if they went main highway. Todd asked them on one stop if they were heading to the border and one soldier replied he wasn't at liberty to confirm but he didn't deny. Then sure enough, it ended up on the news later that night that Trump had released 1000's of troops to secure the borders.
We HAVE to include a stop to Luckenbach when we're in town . Its soooo fun and i love the vibe of being there. Live music, beer and wine, fun atmosphere.
I have tons and tons of pictures so this may have to be in a few separate posts.
I really enjoyed the ride and it was perfect weather! Id much rather wear a jacket any day then ride in the hot hot sun.
I flew into St Louis last night and i'll be here for the next 9 days to support the conversion here. ( remember i just did a conversion support back in August in Salt Lake).  This is the last one for the year and for the company until we tackle our sister side in Canada.
So here is picture overload:

Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX

An old phone booth

Have a great day and i'll try to post again soon.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Its Halloween! Its Halloween!! I'm so excited!! Also so sad that today is the end of October. I just really wish Halloween was longer.
We are having an office potluck today and optional to dress up in costume. Of course the Queen of Halloween MUST participate and dress up.  I made my costume last night because I didn't want to wear the wig again for Bride of Frankenstein.
I am Fake News!!  I also made pretzel white chocolate cigarettes as my snack which were fun to make. I found black and silver sugar for the ashes.

My coworker is stolen identity. She is wearing name tags with our names on them

It started raining today and supposed to continue thru the night. Makes me very bummed for the trick-or-treaters.  I am going to have lots of leftover candy I think.
Have tons of fun and be safe.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween decorations

Happy Halloween week!!!!  I went to a few garage sales on Saturday and it was later in the day so most were already closed or nothing left. I found a few fun things that i'll post later but I still scored when I came across some fun decorations.  I love it when people go all out to decorate.   Here are a few that I drove past and also some more of my indoor decorations.