Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Unusual Questions

Good morning yall!! I came across a long list of questions on Tumblr the other day and i thought that it would make for some fun blog posts if i split them up.  I love question and answer posts and they're easy to do.  You're more than welcome to copy and paste the questions and post on your own blog so we can read your answers.

    1*   Spotify,Soundcloud,Pandora, iheartradio?   I listen to iheartradio in the mornings when I get ready and during slow times at work with my earphones. Todd uses Spotify along with his band mates from church.
2*       Is your room messy or clean?  Clean for the most part. Mostly what makes it look messy is our clean laundry that needs put away.
3*       What color are your eyes? Mine are a light brown. Some have said they’re more like Hazel.  I have noticed there are times they look pretty dark too.  Makeup of course enhances the color. I really really wanted blue eyes and was jealous for years. I finally embraced my brown.
4*       Do you like your name? Why?  I do like my name.  I don’t come across too many people at one time with same name. Of course my mom spelled it nontraditional and it ends with just an “I”.  People always want to use a"Y" or" ie. "  Supposedly I was named loosely from Buddy Holly.  My grandma was best friends with Buddy Holly’s cousin Dennis. 
5*     What is your relationship status? I am married and this month is my 3rd wedding anniversary. 
6*     Describe your personality in 3 words or less?  Loyal, brutally honest, big heart
7*     What color hair do you have? Well now, my natural hair color is medium brown.  I colored my hair with a black cherry tint back in march that I’ve continued to keep up. So its brown with dark pink tint. With lots of gray mixed in.
8*       What kind of car do you have and what color? I drive a red Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. 
9*       Where do you shop? I frequent target and kohls more than any shops total.  I am a shopper though so I like finding new places which also includes thrift shopping and garage sales.
110*  How would you describe your style?  I would say bohemian biker cowgirl.  I love my boots and I love tie dye and flowy skirts .
**  Favorite social media account:  probably Instagram . although I do use FB daily due to keeping up with my family, etc.
12* What size bed do you have? Thankfully a king.  We started with queen and a few years ago invested in a king and its awesome. Especially when you add 2 dogs in the mix.
13*   Favorite snapchat filter? I do not and will not use snapchat. I don’t understand it and from what I hear your posts go away so why bother?
14*   If you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?  I would say California.  I love everything about it – having ocean and mountains within hours reach depending on where you are. I love the laid back vibe . I lived in Cali growing up in middle school and I’ve missed it ever since. I love Texas and proud to be Texan as well but would go to Cali tomorrow if given the chance and the money to afford it!
15*  Any siblings? Yes I have a brother and a step brother and step sister.  My steps both live in California and my brother lives in Oklahoma.

That is enough for now. I will have a new list later.  Some of these answers today you probably already know about me but maybe you'll learn something new about me down the road with other questions. Cant wait to learn more about you!
Have a great day!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Is it really August?

Y'all, I tell you I am in shock and disbelief in our amazing weather we're having in Dallas.  It was just a few weeks ago that I was crying and complaining about how incredibly hot it was. In my defense, it really was! It was triple digits every day for weeks.  Then last week a storm blew through and magically it cooled things done. We haven't been in triple digits since.  We're getting a lot of rain which I don't mind.  Today we're supposed to get more rain in fact.  The high today is 86 glorious degrees.   The hottest day this week will be 92.  It's funny how that doesn't even seem hot after having 100 degree days.  
Oh and I think I'm officially old now that I'm posting about the weather. Haha! 
So how was your weekend? I had a nice relaxing one. Still having vertigo spells every day but I can still function and drive.   On Friday, I took a half day vacation and spent some time with my cousin Jadona.  We both wanted to try out a restaurant that neither of us had been to in Dallas.  We found a Mexican restaurant that had only been open a week. It was so awesome!!  She had a bowl of chicken Posole verde and dang was it good!! She let me sample hers. Their cerviche was perfect.  Lots of shrimp and fish and cilantro.  I had a glass of sangria and she had a mojito. Can't tell you the last time I got to have a drink on a workday. Lol! I truly felt on vacation.  It's fun to try out new places and especially if it turns out to be great.  
Afterwards , we went to a few estate sales and thrift stores. We found some great bargains and some fun stuff. 
I bought some custom hand made pillows for my kitchen bench, a few floral vintage prints, a gray pearl necklace and a nice old lamp.  Jadona loves roosters and her kitchen now has a few new additions. 
Saturday morning, Todd and I got up early and went out for breakfast. It was raining and not very crowded and just a nice way to start the day. We did stuff around the house and Todd laid down sod in our front yard where we had some large muddy areas.  Later in evening, we had dinner with some friends of ours from church and we went to one of our fave places that was close to our old neighborhood .  We had guava margaritas y'all. Oh so delish! 
Yesterday after church , I went to the movies with 2 friends and it was a studio grill where you can eat and drink at. We saw Bad Moms and it was really funny!  Very silly but sometimes I like movies where I don't have to think.  Language was a little heavy and in some parts unnecessary but it didn't bother me.  
I also had some kohls cash that was going to expire yesterday so I ran up there because I had some to cash in. I bought myself a genuine Pearl ring and earrings.  They were 65%off ! 
( selfie of my ear) lol! 
Just warning you if you haven't seen it. 
This week is going to be crazy busy at work. My immediate boss is flying in and a few other coworkers from out of town. 

Have a great week!  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

RHCP-Dark Necessities

Good morning yall.  I have a migraine, i'm barely functioning but i'm at work. I cant miss anymore work.
 I'm finally going to the Dr tomorrow to discuss my dizziness everyday.

I am listening to my playlists on my phone which is helpful.
I really like the new song thats being played on the radio by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Here ya go:

Have a good day.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

It's stupid Hot!!!

Y'all , I'm seriously melting. It's that time of year in Texas (August) that I question myself why I live here.  We've been under " heat advisory " for a week.  Yesterday when I left work, my truck was 112 inside. It cooled down to 102 by the time I got home.  It's not fun being sweaty and red in the face most of the day.  At my office, I have a small fan on my desk that I keep blowing at all times.  That helps a lot!
How's the weather where you are? I spoke to Mom last night and they got a storm that has rolled in and cooled things by 20 degrees.  I think she said it was 43 degrees when we spoke.  I almost packed my bags right then.  
Stay cool and drink lots of water! 

A song that i have had in my head for a while is catchy little country song by Maren Morris.  She is from Arlington which is a few minutes west of Dallas.  Of course now she lives in Nashville but she's a Texas gal!
The song is called My Church

Friday, August 5, 2016

It's my Blogaversary

Hey y'all, I've been MIA for a few weeks now.  Quite frankly I've been under the weather for what seems like the last month or so.  I'm struggling with vertigo right now and it's awful. Some days I'm too dizzy to drive to work. Other days, I'm still dizzy but functioning slowly.  
I have missed my blogging friends but i usually read blog posts from my phone and after a short time looking at my screen, I get dizzy.  To add to the list of ailments, my back is been acting up again too. I haven't felt like doing much of anything. Good times! 
Today is my actual 5 year blog anniversary .  It seems like it was just a few months ago and then sometimes it feel like it's been forever. My blog and blog followers have changed so much in the last few years. I also follow different bloggers than I started off following. I'm happy with how it evolved. I should probably change out a picture or something though. Maybe later. 
How about you? How have you been? Staying cool? It's been in triple digits here in Dallas this week and I hate it! When I get in my truck after work, its 108 on my thermostat.  In the evenings I like to stick my feet in our pool and the water is so warm.  Not exactly refreshing but I still really love having the pool! 
What I'm really looking forward to is planning my Holliween party that will be here before you know it. Can you believe it's already August?  My theme for Holliween this year is masquerade. I've never been to a masquerade party or hosted one before. I'm really excited!  I have to share a funny thing with y'all.  This past Tuesday was a bad day for me. I woke up nauseous and dizzy so I had to work from home. I napped during my lunch hour which is not me because I've never been a napper. I'm barely a sleeper at all.  I was just lethargic and felt like poo.  I ended up taking a Dramamine for my dizziness and it does make me drowsy so I waited until I was off the clock from work. Later in the evening, when it was bedtime, I wasn't tired since I had taken a nap. I decided to go look at Pinterest on my iPad and look at masquerade decorations, etc.  You know many pins will actually take you out of Pinterest if you click on it and you'll be at a website, blog, etsy, and other places. So I had clicked on a dress which made me end up in eBay and I thought I clicked on watch this item.   Come to find out, the following day ( Wednesday ) , I had a dress in my cart in eBay waiting for payment.  I ended up having to buy it and couldn't cancel. I bought a blue frilly dress that is a size 22/24.  I am a 14/16 in dresses. Haha! I can't believe I bought a dress and don't even remember doing that at all.  I guess I was under influence of the Dramamine and back pill.  The dress is non refundable but it was only 25$ total so no huge loss if I hate it in person.  Isn't that crazy?! 
I watched a TV show one time and the lady would drink tons of wine and then take a sleeping pill and she would end up having dozens of packages deliver later in week from shopping online under influence. I kinda laughed thinking yeah right! Just using that as an excuse.  Nope- now I believe her. LOL! 
So any fun weekend plans? I'm going to a friends house warming party tomorrow . She moved into a gorgeous new home and also has a pool. Sunday, I plan on laying low and floating in my own pool.  
Todd and I saw ghostbusters last weekend. We hardly ever go to the movies so it was a treat. Movie was super cute! Have y'all seen it? 
Well that's all I got today folks. Have a wonderful weekend and I truly hope to post again very very soon. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Lila is free from the donut

After 3 looong weeks since Lila hurt her leg, she is finally free from the inflatable donut she had to wear around her neck. I was so glad I found the idea off Pinterest and Todd was able to find it at Petco.  The cone freaked her out completely and we had to have an alternative. 
Last week, I wanted her to have a break from the donut so I bought some toddler leggings and cut a hole out for her tail and had to cut some of the length off her pant legs. She was so happy to have a break and she didn't fight them at all.  They looked so hillbilly because of the jagged edges from the scissors , and they were too big. As long as she couldn't lick her wound, I didn't care what they looked like. 
A few days later I went back to thrift store and bought a smaller pair of leggings to fit her waist better.  While she was in the house she would wear these but as soon as she had to go outside, the donut had to go back on.  We took her back to vet this past Friday night and they took remaining stitches out and she was released from having to wear cone or donut. We were all so relieved.  Poor thing lost weight around her neck from wearing it.  I put collar on last night and it was too big.  I'll fatten her up again! M
She likes to lay her head on the pillow and it was hard to do with bulky donut. 

On Saturday , I stopped at garage sale and across the street from there these cute kids were selling lemonade for cancer.  They said one of their friends mom had cancer. I thought that was just so sweet! I donated and bought a big cup because it was 100 degrees outside. 

I will show you tomorrow some of my garage sale finds. I always forget to take pictures.  
Hope y'all had a nice weekend.  We had friends over that had not seen our house yet and we went swimming. The water was so warm even at 10pm.   I love having a pool! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I get by with a little help from my friend

So after last night, that will make 3 times that my dog Lila has had to go to the emergency vet clinic.  She ripped her leg open on something ( we think it was the small fencing around the bushes) and she had stitches put in.  It was on a Wednesday.  The following Friday ( a week ago) , she was able to get the donut off and licked some stitches out. We took her back and they added staples to her stitches.  She had been so good until yesterday. I got home from work and the first thing I've been doing, is look into her kennel to see if she has the donut around her neck.  Nope!! She was able to get out of it and had taken her staples out and a few stitches.  It had been really healing well too.  Todd took her back and this time they used glue. We switched out the collar that goes thru the donut to be tighter so fingers crossed, she can't get out of it.  We've paid a fortune with these vet visits! Like seriously close to a grand. Thank goodness for credit cards.  I just hate that it's just that much longer that she has to wear the donut and be on medication.  I put the cone on her yesterday and she freaked out so bad!!!! It's like she became claustrophobic and was crazy. She pawed at it feverishly and her tongue was out and she took off running and of course ran into things. It was horrible to watch and I started crying because she was so scared. She eventually ran into things and caused it to pop off.  We have no choice but to use the donut. It's less invasive and she can eat with it better.  I had also stopped on the way home last night after work at a thrift store and bought some infant leggings and shorts to put on her and to cover her wound so she could have a break from the cone.  I may try that tonight. Oh the things we do for our pets!
The other night we had a quick storm that came through with crazy winds. Our pool floats were blowing around the backyard and the dogs were watching out our glass door . I laughed so hard when I saw Lila leaning against Jax and he let her for at least a good minute or so.  Time enough to grab the photo.  

So this week has been the start of the funerals for our Dallas officers that were killed a week ago today.  It's been crazy with the POTUS here and literally hundreds of officers from other states, cities and Canada.  It's been solemn. 
Today was wear blue to support the police.  Have y'all heard any of the speeches from our Chief Brown? He's been amazing and such a great leader.  

My mom is in town and has been staying with my grandma for the last few weeks. It's my turn for her to visit and so Todd is picking her up today from east Texas and she will stay with us until she leaves Tuesday morning.  I'm so happy to have her back .  I only get to see mom once a year if I'm lucky so twice is so awesome! 
Have a great weekend.