Monday, May 4, 2015

Two Good reads- I was tagged

Happy Monday y'all!!  How was your weekend? Mine was really nice. Not too crazy busy and got to see some family so always a plus.
 One of my new blogger friends Pamela who I met through the A to Z challenge tagged me on a blog link-up last Friday. She blogs at The Lady of the House Speaking.
 I told her I would participate today so I'm going to tag 2 blogs that I want to introduce you to.  (actually 3 because I just tagged Pam).

First I want to introduce you to Laura over at We Really Got This. I found Laura's blog a think over a year ago. She also lives in Texas and might have met her through the Texas Bloggers group. Not sure.   Either way I really enjoy her. We have so much in common from our age,  love to our dogs to a lot of the same music tastes.  Matter of fact, we realized through blogging that we don't live too far from each other and we are going to meet for dinner this week.  I am so excited.
Laura is a school teacher and is engaged to her love of her life.  She is such a trooper because she continued doing the A to Z challenge and midway through her Mom passed away. I seriously don't know how she did it.  I really like her funny sense of humor and she keeps it real.  Her blog is much like mine in that its a lifestyle blog with no particular theme.  If you stop by, tell her I sent you.

The second blog I want to introduce you to is Cherdo at Cherdo on the Flipside.  I came across her blog from the giant list of participants and I'm so glad I did!!  First of all, y'all know I'm crazy obsessed with music and her challenge theme was all about music. I died and went to Heaven by reading all her posts. She posted about the history of the performers and not just songs. I learned a lot about some bands that I didn't know before. Her sense of humor is awesome and she's very witty.  What I really enjoyed was the commentary from her followers. Boy, she has some very educated music fans and they are funny! Then as I was reading some of the comments on one of her posts, I saw a comment from one of my friends Chris at Tilting at Windmills who we follow each others blogs.  Small world!!   Cherdo has a great blog and I think you'll enjoy her posts.

So , in all I actually mentioned 4 blogs that I follow. If you want to meet some new bloggers, hope you enjoy my post today.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Fixing a common problem using Blogger- No Reply

So here's the deal, even if you KNOW you were not a No Reply blogger a few years ago, guess what you may be today.  Some of my seasoned bloggers that have been around for years are all of a sudden No Reply and they don't know it. Blogger likes to change things up every so often.  Several bloggers have posted about it and shared the steps.  So to not reinvent the wheel, I am sending you to a blog that posts the steps to follow. They are very simple and can be done or checked in less than a minute.
Anyone Can Decorate (click on the blog name) is a fun blog that I like to follow because she is so crafty.  She posted on this issue a few years ago. Please at least check so that you can receive comments from fellow bloggers after you post on their blog.
Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Zinnia's and Zinfandel

Today is it! Done! Kaput! Last day of the A to Z challenge.  I cant even begin to tell you the stress and anxiety I had leading up to day 1 (letter A).  I do good just to sometimes even post once a week maybe 3 times MAX! It was the Monday, Friday, Saturday posts that scared me.  I even had to travel to California for a week and I was worried about that too.  BUT I did it. I survived and man I'm glad I did! I have earned a few more followers and more blogs that I'm following to my list.  Some sweet , creative and fun people.  I looked at the sign up list yesterday and there was actually 1,544 people signed up. I was number 385 on the list.
I need to tell everyone that comments on my blog- I reply back via my phone or email. Every single comment.  More than half of my commenters are NOREPLYbloggers.  I am willing to bet you money that you don't realize you are.  This means that you're not getting my responses back.  That makes me sad. I don't want you think I am ignoring and that I don't comment back.  I rarely reply back to your comment in my blog because I have a corporate job and my laptop doesn't allow me on Blogger, FB, etc. and its easier to comment from my phone. My cousin had to tell me when I was a no -reply blogger because I didn't realize I was.

Now back to the letter Z.   When I was first branching out wanting to drink wine, I started drinking white Zinfandel.  I liked the sweetness of it and it made me feel grown up. LOL.  Then fast forward 15 years and I spent a lot of time at wineries in California when I was there working. I went to never drinking red wines to ONLY drinking red wines now. I will drink a chardonnay occasionally during the summer but I do prefer reds.  If you're not real familiar with the many kinds of wines like Cabernets, Merlots, Chablis, Pinot Noirs or Grigios, etc, you may not know that there is also a Red Zinfandel too.  Zinfandels tend to be fruity and a little spicy at same time.  The fruits are more like a cherry or raspberry fruits.  They are delicious but they are not sweet. Not anything like its sister white zinfandels.  I do prefer Cabernets and blends overall. 
This one is my favorite:

It is yummy!!

Right now as I drive thru neighborhoods, I am so enjoying peoples gorgeous gardens that are blooming. I don't garden but I love looking at all the flowers.  Zinnias are so pretty to me.  My very favorite flower is Tulips.  What is your favorite flower? Do you garden? I like to buy a bunch of tulips for my table from my grocery store.

Y'all have a super Thursday will ya!! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Y- YOU are my Sunshine

Its been raining A LOT here lately in Dallas. We've had some crazy thunder and lightning storms and today it didn't get over 60 degrees.  That's unheard of in Dallas at this time of year.  Now I am not complaining in the least bit. I hate- yes I said hate- our summers! They are brutal and way too hot to have fun in the summer. I like that our lakes are filling up and the grass is green and not brown and crunchy.  However, with all this rain I need some sunshine to brighten my days.

Because there isn't anything better than Johnny Cash singing You are my Sunshine to June Carter.

You are my Sunshine PrintableHope yall have a sunshiny day!!! One more day of the A to Z challenge.  Cant believe it. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Letter X- is 10 in Roman numerals

 It is really hard to think of a post on the letter X.   The symbol “X” means 10 in Roman numerology. So I am going to write about 10 things I am really happy about.

  I went to an estate sale this past weekend and really scored some fun stuff at great prices.  I stopped by on Friday on my lunch hour and only spent a few minutes there. On Saturday , they lowered the prices to 50% off everything.  Woohoo!

  1. I got this bag of vintage clothes pins for only 1.00$.  I bought a small bag that had 3 in them from an antique store around Christmas and paid close to 5$.   So this purchase made me really happy!

2. I bought this beautiful ( to me) handmade full size quilt that I’m in love with.  I love the bright colors and it has orange in it. For those who don’t know, Orange is my all time favorite color!  I have an old wood ladder in my hallway that has quilts draped over the rungs.  I like being able to grab one and curl up on the couch with.

 3. I bought a wooden wine box that had pretty spools of various lace all for 5$.
I bought a lovely vintage lamp for only 10$.  I have seen these same lamps go for close to 50$.  And the sockets all work

    I bought a box of fun vintage buttons , and some spools of thread and some bias tape ribbon all for 2$.  You pay a dollar now just for one or 2 of the button sets at junk shows and antique stores. 

  2. I got to celebrate my 2nd cousin’s 40th wedding anniversary. Dad and Deb were there and we had a fun evening.

  3. I got a 30% off coupon at Kohl’s which really makes me happy. I rarely get those. They had a sale on house slippers where you buy one pair – get the 2nd pair for one penny.  My dogs ate my new pair I got for Christmas so I grabbed some for me and mom.  I bought Mom a few other fun things and wrapped her package last night. I just need to go to post office and mail it to arrive by Mother’s Day. 
  4. I started my rule again where if I buy a new shirt- I donate a shirt out of my closet.  I have a coworker that has 2 boys and her husband cant work. She is on very tight budget and never buys for herself. She loves getting my shirts and I picked out 3 for her that I think she will like.   One of them is a new one but I took the tags off and she doesn’t know.   She would get mad if she knew I bought it FOR HER so its what I do.  I love it!!
  5. While going through some clothes last night, I also have 2 bags of clothes to donate to a charity I support: Genesis Womens Shelter .  It supports abused women who flee from their homes with nothing, and they also help provide resources for employment, and other support to them.
  6. This Friday will be May 1.  My birthday is in May and several other friends and family celebrate in May.  I am getting older and that is a blessing! Every day to wake up and be alive is a true gift.  I celebrate my birthday all month. 

So my numbers got totally messed up. haha!!  I cant seem to fix it either.  Don't try this at home kids. 
We need to make a point to think of at least one thing a day that makes us happy. It's very easy to list the irritations.  

Happy Tuesday yall!! 


Happy Monday y'all!!  I've got a very busy day .  Taking an easy way to post with a song from Matchbox Twenty

Friday, April 24, 2015

V- songs or singers with V

Its Saturday y'all!! Here are some hard rock songs to wake you up and get ya going.

Godsmack: Voodoo

Chevelle- Vitamin R


Have a great day and stay dry and safe! We've been having some serious weather with tornados, high winds, crazy rain, etc......