Monday, July 25, 2016

Lila is free from the donut

After 3 looong weeks since Lila hurt her leg, she is finally free from the inflatable donut she had to wear around her neck. I was so glad I found the idea off Pinterest and Todd was able to find it at Petco.  The cone freaked her out completely and we had to have an alternative. 
Last week, I wanted her to have a break from the donut so I bought some toddler leggings and cut a hole out for her tail and had to cut some of the length off her pant legs. She was so happy to have a break and she didn't fight them at all.  They looked so hillbilly because of the jagged edges from the scissors , and they were too big. As long as she couldn't lick her wound, I didn't care what they looked like. 
A few days later I went back to thrift store and bought a smaller pair of leggings to fit her waist better.  While she was in the house she would wear these but as soon as she had to go outside, the donut had to go back on.  We took her back to vet this past Friday night and they took remaining stitches out and she was released from having to wear cone or donut. We were all so relieved.  Poor thing lost weight around her neck from wearing it.  I put collar on last night and it was too big.  I'll fatten her up again! M
She likes to lay her head on the pillow and it was hard to do with bulky donut. 

On Saturday , I stopped at garage sale and across the street from there these cute kids were selling lemonade for cancer.  They said one of their friends mom had cancer. I thought that was just so sweet! I donated and bought a big cup because it was 100 degrees outside. 

I will show you tomorrow some of my garage sale finds. I always forget to take pictures.  
Hope y'all had a nice weekend.  We had friends over that had not seen our house yet and we went swimming. The water was so warm even at 10pm.   I love having a pool! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I get by with a little help from my friend

So after last night, that will make 3 times that my dog Lila has had to go to the emergency vet clinic.  She ripped her leg open on something ( we think it was the small fencing around the bushes) and she had stitches put in.  It was on a Wednesday.  The following Friday ( a week ago) , she was able to get the donut off and licked some stitches out. We took her back and they added staples to her stitches.  She had been so good until yesterday. I got home from work and the first thing I've been doing, is look into her kennel to see if she has the donut around her neck.  Nope!! She was able to get out of it and had taken her staples out and a few stitches.  It had been really healing well too.  Todd took her back and this time they used glue. We switched out the collar that goes thru the donut to be tighter so fingers crossed, she can't get out of it.  We've paid a fortune with these vet visits! Like seriously close to a grand. Thank goodness for credit cards.  I just hate that it's just that much longer that she has to wear the donut and be on medication.  I put the cone on her yesterday and she freaked out so bad!!!! It's like she became claustrophobic and was crazy. She pawed at it feverishly and her tongue was out and she took off running and of course ran into things. It was horrible to watch and I started crying because she was so scared. She eventually ran into things and caused it to pop off.  We have no choice but to use the donut. It's less invasive and she can eat with it better.  I had also stopped on the way home last night after work at a thrift store and bought some infant leggings and shorts to put on her and to cover her wound so she could have a break from the cone.  I may try that tonight. Oh the things we do for our pets!
The other night we had a quick storm that came through with crazy winds. Our pool floats were blowing around the backyard and the dogs were watching out our glass door . I laughed so hard when I saw Lila leaning against Jax and he let her for at least a good minute or so.  Time enough to grab the photo.  

So this week has been the start of the funerals for our Dallas officers that were killed a week ago today.  It's been crazy with the POTUS here and literally hundreds of officers from other states, cities and Canada.  It's been solemn. 
Today was wear blue to support the police.  Have y'all heard any of the speeches from our Chief Brown? He's been amazing and such a great leader.  

My mom is in town and has been staying with my grandma for the last few weeks. It's my turn for her to visit and so Todd is picking her up today from east Texas and she will stay with us until she leaves Tuesday morning.  I'm so happy to have her back .  I only get to see mom once a year if I'm lucky so twice is so awesome! 
Have a great weekend. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Kaleo- My new fave band for the moment

Todd and I were heading home from having dinner the other night in the car when I heard a song on the radio that I was really enjoying. I  Shazam’d it with my app so I would have the name of the band and but their song off itunes.  I am a fan of the band Black Key’s and so originally I thought it might be a new song from them. It was cool to discover that it was by a band I’d never heard of.  I love finding new artists !!
The bands name is Kaleo and they are from Iceland. The song that was playing was called No Good.  When I read about them on Wikipedia- realized that they just started their band in 2012 and the song I heard was just released  this year in 2016.   I came across another one of their songs called Way down we go and it was so good! Apparently its been played on a few TV shows in background, etc.

So what do you think? I like the lead’s voice and cant tell that they’re from another country.  I am enjoying their songs!! I got kind of hung up on a new band and then i move onto the next.  Thats Ok though because i love music and all it does for me. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

My city is wounded but strong

Last night just before the scheduled news program was to come on, our TV show was interrupted by live coverage of downtown Dallas and news of a shootout.  There had been a peaceful protest and so a large police presence was needed. There are pictures of officers smiling and posing with people during the protest. It was friendly. They've always remained friendly and peaceful in Dallas . Before 10pm, 3 officers had been shot and taken to hospital. That already was so saddening.  We watched the news for a few hours and finally turned off TV, thinking that the police had it handled and we would hear about the suspect in the morning.  I woke up at 6am to take the dogs out and I checked news from my phone. I immediately gasped out loud and it alarmed Todd.  I couldn't believe what I read.  Twelve officers shot. Five fatally shot.  How did this happen? I started crying and have cried off and on all day.  My city made the national and world news with deadly officer shootout.  Late this afternoon, the shooter was named.  It's said that he was angry at white people and specifically wanted to kill white officers. 
His sister even quoted in FB that white people needed to have a taste of the fear and death. Of course it was taken down shortly after. 
My "uncle" ( close family friend) retired a sergeant in the Dallas police department. I have a good handful of friends that retired or still active in the DPD.  I even dated a few cops back in my young single days.  I can't imagine if I had known the victims.  
I'm so sad and scared in the direction our country is going.  
These are a few of the memes, quotes , etc that have been shared on social media.  

I pray and pray and pray.  

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lila's long night

My sweet poor baby Lila hurt herself good.  Yesterday I had makings of a migraine so as soon as I got home, I laid down for a nap. Y'all have to know that's very unusual because I've never been a napper so I felt like poo!  Todd came home from work and I remember him closing the door so the dogs would let me rest.  Earlier, Lila had jumped on the bed and laid down next to me .  
It was a little after 8pm when Todd came in and he was holding Lila and asked "What do we do"?  It was a very deep open wound on her leg and I knew we had to take her to emergency vet clinic.  Being new to the neighborhood, I looked to see if there was a closer one than the one we knew of near our previous home. Luckily there was one super close and they were great. 
Todd realized the wound when she was constantly licking it but at first he didn't think anything of it.  She also went and laid into her kennel which she only does if she is scared or not feeling good. Lila ended up having to go under so they could clean the wound and sew her up with stitches.  
We got home a few minutes before 10pm. The dogs have always slept with us and so we all loaded into the bed. Lila was so stoned and woozy from the medication. She couldn't sit up and would lean and fall over. She had the clear cone on her and it scared her.  I was up all night with her. Lila was very restless and would be sleeping and then just sit up and act like she wanted to jump off bed.  She was having bad doggy dreams and every now and then she would whimper. It broke my heart! 
I didn't want her to get off bed so I he's onto her all night.  I thought maybe she would be safer in her kennel. She would be more confined and her little bed is in it. So Todd brought it in our room and we put her in.  That lasted about 10 minutes and she started whimpering.  Then Todd laid on floor with her but she still cried so we took her out and put her back in bed. 
This morning, we took the cone off her and I put a scarf around her neck to try to keep her from licking . I found a neck ring that is inflatable and is alternative to the cone online. Todd is heading to petco now to find one. That will be better than the cone so she can eat and not run into things as much. 
I hate it when my babies are hurt! We have no idea what happened but we think it might have been from a small fence around our bushes in backyard.  She is always on the prowl and she gets under everything.  
We have to take her to get stitches out in 10 days. Wish us luck for trying to slow her down for that long.  
Warning , her wound is graphic.  
This is what we hope to find so she doesn't have to wear cone. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

TMI- 26 things about me from A to Z

Hey y’all, a few weeks ago there was a blog hop going around that a few of my blogging friends did ( Shady, Chris and Debbie) and I missed it so I wasn’t able to link up , etc with others.  I liked the idea so I wanted to post too.  Better late than never.
26 things about me from A to Z:

AGE-  48
DRINK YOU LAST HAD- Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato  ( alcohol was Sunday night glass of Sangria)
EVERY DAY STARTS WITH :- my alarm going off at 5:37 and I hit snooze for 7 minutes
FAVORITE SONG- Too many to mention but  here are first 3 on my list: Seven Spanish angels( Ray Charles and Willie Nelson), No more no less ( MercyMe), Me and Bobby McGee ( Janis Joplin)

GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL?-Yes. I used to love scary movies with ghosts until I encountered one personally and now I hate them
HOMETOWN- Born in Dallas, Lives now in Lewisville ( north of Dallas)
IN LOVE WITH-  my hubs, my dogs, music, Starbucks, Charlie Hunham ( SOA), Matthew McConaughey, my truck, my cowboy boots

JEALOUS OF- people who eat and not gain weight, those who get to work from home full time, everyone in California
KILLED SOMEONE- multiple people in my head during stressful moments

LAST TIME YOU CRIED- HA!! Easier to ask which day I HAVENT cried!!

MIDDLE NAME- Ann  although I have a few family members that have always called me HolliAnn as in one name
NUMBER OF SIBLINGS-  3 – one brother and one step brother and one stepsister
ONE WISH- To be financially stable.  Not rich just not paycheck to paycheck
PERSON YOU LAST CALLED- My supervisor at work today
QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED-  Lately its : How are you? Because of my grief over Daddy and being in hospital recently
REASON TO SMILE- I’m awake, I am employed, have loving husband, roof over my head, a vehicle, clothes to wear, I have a pool for the wicked summers
SOUNDS THAT ANNOY YOU-gum popping, loud chewing, clanging of spoon in bowl

TIME YOU WOKE UP-3am when Lila needed to go outside and investigate
VACATION DESTINATION: FAVORITE SO FAR/WISH LIST Favorite so far was cruise to México, grand Caymans and Jamaica  . Wish list is Greece, and France and Exuma to swim with the swimming pigs

WORST HABIT-my junk food eating habits
XRAYS I’VE HAD- a few weeks ago I had xrays when they saw my kidney stones, fibroid cyst and multiple hernias
YOUR FAVORITE FOOD- Mexican ( Tex Mex)food


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Getting ready for pool time

I love love love having a pool y'all!! It's huge and it literally takes up the entire back yard.  I put my feet in it every night when I get home from work.  
It's so hot outside that the water is perfect for swimming.  I've gone a little crazy on floaty's.  I have a long alligator with handles , 3 regular long ones, one shaped as Popsicle , 8 noodles , and 2 floating coolers. My favorites are my swans!!! I'ts funny because I had mentioned to Todd and to a friend of mine that I really wanted a big swan for our pool.  They were kinda expensive though. Todd had looked for me at the pool supplies place and it was 80$. No kidding , the very next day I spoke of the swan to my friend, I went into Kohls on my lunch hour and low and behold- my swan was in middle aisle display - on sale  1/2 off AND I had 20% off coupon. SCORE!!!  I got the white one from them and later that evening on TV I saw a commercial or show that had a big pink one.  I ended up on eBay and didn't find a pink one but I bought a big black one.  I am so happy!! My dog Jax though hates them. He barks nonstop and is scared to go around it. I had to go stand by it so he would know it wasn't dangerous.  Lol. 
So I'm ready to soak up some sun while floating on my swans this holiday weekend .