Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Riding the Hill Country

This past weekend I joined my husband on a weekend Harley ride with a group of friends. Our riding group goes to the Hill Country usually every spring.  This ride was a special ride though because our mechanic Tony,who has serviced all our bikes for years was coming along. He drives the most gorgeous Indian bike.  Tony has Stage 4 cancer and stopped taking Chemo a few weeks ago. This will most likely be his last large ride far distance.   There was a larger group that left early Friday morning but Todd had a Dr’s appointment that we couldn’t reschedule and he had a friend that was flying in from Atlanta and renting a bike so we told the group that we would catch up with them later that evening.  I dropped off the dogs at their overnight doggy daycare and then as soon as I got home, we jumped on the bike and rode to Dallas for the Dr appt.  Afterwards, we ate breakfast at the clinic cafeteria which was actually really good.  Todd’s friend Chris was landing at the airport soon and then took an Uber over to the Bike rental place. That’s where we met up with him.   From there, we rode over to our friend Coby’s house where he was joining us.  We got a really late start because Coby wasn’t ready. He never is and its so frustrating!! He had Rangers tickets for that weekend so he wanted to go to the box office and exchange them for another week and game. Fortunately the stadiums were very close to where he lived. While he was in line and we were parked, he discovered he left his phone at home.  So then Todd got in line for him while he drove him to get his phone and back.  That took close to an hour to get all that done.   Finally we were on our way to Hill Country.
We rode a few hours and then stopped for lunch around 2:00 in a town called Hico.   While we were waiting on our meal, my stepmom Deb called and said that Daddy’s other best friend Doc had passed away that morning.  I was so shocked and sad!  One of the first things that I thought was WOW, Daddy has his 2 very best friends with him now.  I know I posted about his friend Billy who passed suddenly last July.  Doc had been sick with a blood disease and had not been feeling well lately.  I know he suffered from pain at times.  The funeral is today in Austin but I am not there because I’ve taken too much time off work as it is. 
We arrived at our motel in Kerrville around 6:30 pm that night.  All together we rode around 300 miles that day and of course it was all back roads.  We dropped off our bags and got checked into our room and then got back on the back to meet our other group for dinner.  We met at a Mexican restaurant that had an hour wait. Funny, our friends saved us seats but then another group that happened to know our friends , saw them and sat in our chairs and they didn’t have the heart to tell them to leave.  SOOOO, we had to sit in the bar and have a drink while a table came open. Once we were seated, our friends in big group were leaving. HAHA!  We were late for everything that day.  Oh well!
Saturday morning, all of us ( I think there were 10 bikes total) started our first part of the day together.  There is a route to take that covers stretches of 3 different highways called The Three Sisters.  They’re very narrow and winding  and twisty twirly rodes and some steep uphill and downhill climbs.   They’re so fun and obviously a great riding destination . In fact there were lots of riding clubs not just bikes. We saw a group of Porsches and Corvettes riding the roads too.    There is a bar and grill in the middle where all the highways meet and we stopped there to have a snack and a drink.  We rode 2 of the sisters before we stopped.  Much of the group wanted to go to some other bars that were along the way but my group wanted to ride the last sister to just be able to say that we did.  Hindsight, the last highway was the worst and really not worth the effort but Hey we know now!  Another guy in the group wanted to ride with us so now we had 4 bikes in our group- Todd, Chris, Coby and now Bryan.   So the 5 of us turned right on the last highway while the rest of the group went their way.   After we finished the last highway we all agreed that we wanted to go to Luckenbach and hang out there for a while. I have been a few times but never with Todd.  They have live music and its just so relaxed and fun atmosphere. It was also 90 minutes in opposite direction but we wanted to keep riding.  We actually came across another part of a highway that was just as fun and winding and twisty as the 3 sisters. I said it must be the ugly stepsister because it was better than the last one.  Along the way, Bryan needed to air up his back tire and as we were wrapping up , Todd realized that our front tire was low  so we aired up too. I think we ended up being at that stop for almost 45 minutes.   Then Bryan realized his back light bulb was out so we had to stop at auto store and he changed that out in the parking lot.  THEN we started our ride to Luckenbach.  Our plan was to go there , have a quick drink and then catch up with our group again and have dinner together. Nope. Once again, we are so behind and we told our group we couldn’t make it to dinner.  When we got to Luckenbach, there was a wedding going on there.  There was one guy that didn’t tell us to leave but said he wasn’t sure how much longer we could stay because the family bought out the whole place for the night.  I bought a tshirt and we all stayed for one beer and then rode into Fredericksburg for dinner.  Fredericksburg will be its own post soon. Its one of my favorite places!! So much history and cute little shops. It’s a German town so we ate at yummy place and had pork schnitzel.    It was close to 9 pm I think before we headed back to hotel which took a little shy of 2 hours.   Sadly we didn’t get to see the rest of our group again that night.  We had to get back to Dallas pretty quickly because Chris still had to return the bike and uber to the airport to catch his plane.  We left at 7:30 am ( Coby, Chris, and Todd and i) and the other crew weren’t leaving until 9:30.   We got to see a few of the them when we were having breakfast in lobby so we got to say goodbye.

This is Wesley , Tony and Todd. Wesley and Todd are wearing Traditions tshirts which was Tony's shop. He closed it 2 weeks ago. 
Bobbie, me and Sherry
Coby, Chris, me

It was so much fun and I am really glad I went.   Friday night I was hurting pretty bad and regretting my decision because of all the squishing and big bumps and such. I felt bruised and im still a little swollen from surgery 2 weeks ago.  I was SUPPOSED to be a vendor at my junk show I do every 6 months but I’m not supposed lift anything heavy and I do that all weekend when I have my show.  It was nice to ride with Todd and spend time on the bike with our friends.  No regrets!  Life is short and you got to get out of the house.    I’ll post later on some of the things and places I saw along the way.  

Monday, April 3, 2017

Got to keep on moving

Hey there blogger land, how’s everyone been? A week ago last Friday , I had my gallbladder removed. It was a quick surgery done laparoscopically and was home the same day.
After I woke up from recovery and Todd drove us home, I slept all day and all evening and then of course woke up at 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I was so sore and swollen but it got better with every day.  I had a few setbacks and mostly it was all on my being a bad patient.  The worst part was getting into my bed and laying down. Our bed is really really high and it felt like doing stomach crunches when I had to lower myself to lay down.  A few friends told me that they slept in their recliner after they had the same procedure.  I didn’t think about that.   Then one day last week during all those crazy spring storms we had,  our chimney box flew off and slammed into our fence which then caused a portion of our back fence to fall down.  Craziness!  After Todd was able to push the fence back up and secure it as best as he could, I thought it would be a good idea to hang the planter back but of course its much taller than me. I have a small mosaic patio chair by the fence and I stood on it-which caused the chair to sink into the dirt and I fell down.  That stung and brought a few tears but I put an ice pack on my stomach and it was good after a few hours. 
Our mangled chimney box that the winds ripped off a roof and slammed into our fence

The great news is that after 6 weeks, my grandma Nanny was finally released from the hospital.  She had spent the last week in a rehab wing at the hospital and had some physical therapy, etc.   She got to go home to her apartment but she cant be alone. She’s still weak and not so sturdy.  Home health care will be coming 3 times a week and my uncle hired a friend/neighbor to watch over her since she’s closest.  I drove out there on Friday evening to spend her first night with her and she was soooo happy to be in her recliner again.  Its such a miracle! Many nights she actually wasn’t expected to make it and here she is walking and talking back at home again. Thank you for the prayers!
My mom went back home to Montana the Sunday morning after my surgery.  I really wished she could have stayed longer to be there with me at home but it was good to have her take care of me that Friday and Saturday. Nothing like Mom’s sweet gentle hand and voice waking me up to take my pain meds, make me drink something, eat something, etc.   I miss her already.  My best friend Kimi came and spent the afternoon with me and stayed the night on Monday since Todd had to travel out of town. I was still really sore and moving slow and it was good to have her around .  I had to return back to work on Tuesday and the rest of the week but fortunately, I got to work from home.   Last Thursday I also had my first jury duty commitment since we moved.  In fact , next week is our one year anniversary in our  home.  Wow- that went so fast!! Anyway, we were held a few hours and finally released by lunch because the persons who cases were called, didn’t show up and the bailiff said one guy was already in jail.  Yikes!  I did a check in from the courthouse and my friends pitched in with the some hilarious comments .  Here is the post.

Have any of you watched the series Breaking Bad? Todd and I recently got Netflix ( I know – welcome to the rest of the world), and we are “binge watching” this show. Holy Cow it’s intense! We are in Season 3 episode 12 now. There are 13 episodes of this season and 5 seasons total. When Todd travels, I don’t watch it. 
So basically that’s some of my last few weeks in a nutshell. 

A friend of mine was getting onto me on facebook because I was up and about the next day.  First thing that popped in my head was the song-  Nobody’s gonna break my stride- aint nothing going to slow me down- Oh No- I got to keep on moving!....

Monday, March 20, 2017

When life gets hard

Hey everyone ( those that are even still around and didnt give  up on me), i cant believe its been over a month since my last post.  These last few weeks , life has been really hard.  There's always good to mix with it but combined its just been a lot! My mom flew in from Montana on February 16 to stay the month with us. During her long stay, she normally is passed around and stays with other family members  to visit. My grandma ( Nanny) went into the hospital on Saturday morning the 18th and has been there ever since. It began being just routine stay at hospital due to inflammation and swelling in her leg.  Nanny has diabetes and has a bad leg wound that wont heal. Its something we monitor very closely and its no big deal to go for a week once or twice a year to have IV's of antibiotic flow through for the infection and then have a wound nurse treat her leg when shes home.  She went in for that but then other things were found while having tests that werent good.  Things have been very touch and go and there was a few tense days and nights that we weren't sure she was going to make it through the night.   Having Mom here during all this has been a blessing because we've been driving to east Texas every weekend to see Nanny in the hospital and i know it would be even harder if Mom was still in Montana.  Its also been very emotional because for the first few weeks we were told that Nanny would be released so the plan was for Mom to go stay the week with her and take care of her but of course that never happened. Nanny continued to get worse and even had to be transported by ambulance to another hospital that was better equipped to take care of things such as dialysis that the other previous hospital didnt have.  She was in and out in daze and didnt recognize anyone or know why she was there. It was so hard to see her that way. She was swollen and in pain and it was heartbreaking. They got her started on dialysis and it made huge improvements! Nanny is now awake and can talk and recognizes everyone.  She just needs her kidneys to function.  We dont know whats next. Either she will be released to go home and have home healthcare assist and she will continue to get dialysis in nearby town a few times a week  or she may have to go straight to an assisted living center.
Mom has chronic Lupus as i think most of yall are aware of.  Stress makes lupus flare up and she's had some painful Lupus breakouts on her face, in her nose, on her head, etc.  She barely weighs 100 pounds and its been very hard to see Mom break down for fear of losing Nanny.  Emotions have been very high.  She also has very weak immune system due to Lupus which means its not good for her to hang out night and day at a hospital with all the other germs.  She feels bad that she cant be there everyday like her brother ( my uncle).  We 're doing what we can though because the hospital she's in is 3 hours away one way.  A lot of time in the car and that also wears Mom out.
The last 3 weeks i was also in a huge point of my job where i was training classes every day monday thru Friday for 4 hours a day.  That was 2 weeks straight.  There's been a lot of pressure and its still regarding our merge conversion so these people are just not happy at all to switch new systems that i'm training.  I finally was able to take one day off last week so that i could spend the day with Mom and i drove her to the hospital.   We have still managed to do some things that are fun and not stay completely in the house or go to hospital. We've had some visits with my friends that are also friends with Mom.  Mom and i went to see The Shack last Sunday and we've eaten out a lot. Todd has been traveling quite a bit too.
I also have a very very special dear friend that was diagnosed positively with prostrate cancer last week. Dr's said its not growing aggressively but its at medium speed. He goes in for consultation in a few weeks to determine which treatments he'll be doing , etc.   Makes me sad and scared but i know they can beat this since its been found early on.
I know i have also mentioned a few times about my friends grandson in Boston. Ari was on a heart transplant list and was also getting worse every week. Just before Christmas, the Dr's said that Ari couldnt go home until he leaves with a new heart.  By Gods Grace he got his transplant a few weeks ago too.  Just found out today that his little body is rejecting it. THEN their home has black mold and they have to completely demolish the home and rebuild and insurance isnt paying a dime. My poor friends are really dealt with some hard things right now.
I have missed blogging. Usually when i get so super stressed, i blog because it helps and its an emotional outlet. I literally didnt have time or the energy to post until today.  I feel like Debbie Downer and Doom and Gloom but i cant help it.   I am also so thankful and blessed to what i Do have and things going right.
I have missed my blogging friends and i hope 6 weeks dont go by again unless its something wonderful.  Oh and this Friday i am having gallbladder surgery. I've been in lots of pain and looking forward to hoping it eases up.
Life is hard but we just have to keep plugging along and take advantage of all windows of opportunity to do what you can .
Mom and i were in traffic and not even moving for 12 minutes so we took selfie
This is the day that Mom arrived
Quick selfie of brother and me with Mom
Had dinner with inlaws one night

Took Mom for yummy BBQ and fried okra
Lunch with friend Wendy and mom after church
My cousin Monya and myself with our sweet Nanny
Mom and Nanny
When the kids came we got into hot tub later that evening. So fun!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My FB garage sale find

Good morning! Have yall bought anything from the Facebook marketplace?  On my phone app. its the 3rd icon in the middle .  It shows you all the many things that people are selling.
Last Thursday, I came across a chair that i couldnt live without!!
It ended up being a huge pain in the neck to get the dang thing but i am happy with my purchase! I was supposed to meet the lady at a mcdonalds a few miles up the road off the highway after work. She conveniently forgot to meet me and said something came up after i was already there. So of course she tells me to come out to her house which is another 12 miles.  As i start in that direction, she finally messages me the address but it was too late because i had already missed the main turn for her road. She was out in the country and some roads didnt even have signs.  My GPS was even lost because it told me to turn right on a street that didnt even exist before it recalculated.  Once i finally got there, i noticed there was large tear or hole where the back was coming apart from the frame.
The lady asked me if i was just going to use for decorative purposes and put a plant on it?  I replied that i really wanted to use the chair as a chair and have people sit in it.  LOL!  So then she said that she had not noticed the hole until then but that her husband could fix it.
I ended up just leaving the chair so that he could repair it since he was a welder. She had volunteered him to come by my house but i really didnt want to bother so it was easier to leave. Then i was also supposed to meet her husband off the highway the following day but she didnt message me all day so i had no idea and had plans to see my stepdaughters soccer game an hour away.
Saturday morning, i drove back out there ( the direct way) and picked up the chair.  He fixed it as much as he could i guess but i'm happy! I have a bohemian theme in my backyard and patio and its perfect for that!!    The transaction was not easy but worth it.

So later on that day , i decided to sell our microwave that was sitting in the garage. I bought a brand new one for us during Christmas and its bigger and nicer.  I posted on the FB sites and got a few bites instantly. This one lady was pretty pushy and she said she would meet me the following morning at 9am .  That really wasnt a good time for me because i'm getting ready for church that day but whatever i was trying to be flexible.  I leave the house and get there a few minutes before 9 at the Aldi parking lot and i message her that i'm in a red toyota pickup.  Guess what- she was still in bed and was sick.   NOOOOO!!! I was so irritated that TWICE i was stood up in the last 3 days doing these stupid exchanges.  I ended up putting the microwave on my porch and messaged the next lady in line and told her my address and to leave money under the mat. 
It was 48 degrees and windy at outdoor soccer game

From now on, i am not meeting others again. If they want it- come and get it but you're coming to me!  Anyone else have any crazy exchanges ? I will say that its convenient to sell to an online audience and i've been buying a few things i didnt plan on. Its a little addicting.
Have a great day!!

Monday, January 30, 2017

The special gifts for Christmas- Shirt aprons

Yep, still talking about Christmas.   I saw an idea on Pinterest that i really liked and wanted to do for Christmas gifts for my stepmom Deb, My grandma Mimi and my 2 aunts Brenda and Tammy.
The idea is to take a mens shirt and have them made into aprons.   I told Deb that i had a special idea in mind and if i could have 6 of Daddy's shirts.  She still has his full closet of stuff.  She let me pick out some and i picked 2 that i actually had bought for Dad and seen him wear them often.
I asked a lady at work Penny if she could make them for me because i knew she knows how to sew.  I have a sewing machine but dont know how to sew.  I got to change that!!  Anyway, this was in November when i asked my coworker because i wanted there to be plenty of time before Christmas.  Her husband happens to be a pastor and so Christmas season is very busy for them. However, she volunteered her sister Michelle , who also could sew and definitely could use extra money.  YAY!
I printed out the ideas from Pinterest and wrote on the pages what i wanted.  I asked for the 6 shirts to be intermingled such as part of one shirt being used as the pocket on another apron, etc.  Michelle looked at them and said they would be no problem and that she only wanted 15$ per apron.
The day i brought the shirts to work to pass off to Penny , i explained my comments written on the pages and then i held one of dad's shirts and hugged it. Immediately i started crying.  I guessed it was like hugging him.
A few weeks later, i sent an email to Penny and asked her if she would tell Michelle to save any of the scraps.  I just didnt want any part of his shirts being thrown away.  I'm still just wanting to hold onto every little thing i have of his.  Penny never replied back.  She is super super busy at work so i didnt think too much about it.
The week before Christmas,  Penny brought the bag in with the finished aprons.  All of them were so cute!  I discovered the reason that she didnt reply back to my previous email asking for the scraps. She had already asked Michelle to make me a small lap quilt with the leftover fabric from the shirts. I cried and cried happy tears!! I dont have a picture of it but its so cute. Its at home on my quilt ladder.  Penny said that when she saw me crying while holding daddy's shirt, she knew then what she wanted to do.   I wrote the check for Michelle and tipped her on top of the fee because she did such a great job.   A cool thing is that Michelle brought the aprons to church to hand off to Penny to bring to me and when doing so, a few ladies from church saw them and now they are going to make some for fundraisers.
The week of Christmas i had lunch with Mimi and Aunt Brenda and gave them their aprons, i mailed Aunt Tammy's to her house in California, i gave Deb's to her on Christmas Eve and then i kept the last one for myself.  They all really loved them and i am so glad they do because i love mine. I've been using if too!

Friday, January 27, 2017

My height ruined my Christmas gift

I know  I know, Christmas was a month ago.  I'm kinda behind on things so bear with me.
When Todd asked me what i wanted for Christmas, i only had one thing that i really wanted.  I asked for a pair of Hunter glossy black rain boots.    They are stupid expensive and probably a little impractical because they're not something i'd wear too often except rainy days.   BUT- its what i wanted and when else can you ask for something you'd normally not buy for yourself but really wanted?
On Christmas morning, i was SOOO excited to open my box with boots on them. The official logo on the box, the printed wax paper that goes inside the box that covers the boots- the carry bag that comes with the boots. The smell of new fancy boots.  AHHH i was in love.

I had intended to wear them that day for Christmas lunch with Todd's family and i had my outfit already planned in my head.  I put them on and when standing, they seemed good. They went a tad over my knee but didnt think anything about it.  Yay- they were beautiful and looked good. Then i sat down.  The boots went directly under my knee in the back and it felt like razor blades cutting my leg off at the crease.   I happened to be wearing my sleep shorts so i had bare legs when i put them on.  That seemed logical still because i might wear them in a summer storm with shorts or skirt.  Oh well, i put some jeans on and tried again.  When i sat certain low chairs, the boots dug deep behind my knees again.   I sat in the recliner and pulled the bottom rest up and said as long as i dont have to bend my legs, they're great!!!  Todd laughed and said that is So something a woman would say to justify a purchase. 
My leg is at angle and i'm not standing straight up. The top of boot went behind knee. 

I really really did not want to give them up.  A few days later, i went to the department store and tried on a few other pairs but didnt like them as much.  You know when you have your heart set up something specific its hard to let go.  I asked if they had another pair of the same and the guy looked at me funny but he brought me a pair of the same boots same size. When i put one next to mine, it was a tiny hair shorter . I was so excited thinking for sure it would be the answer. I exchanged them and brought them home.
Sadly, i went to put them on again one morning when it was pouring rain and we were heading to church. They were so uncomfortable when i sat down at home. I knew i couldnt sit for an hour at church with them cutting my legs off behind my knees.  I had to return them and get a refund.  I havent given up though.  I went to the official website ( link above) and discovered that there are different styles and sizes. There is an original tall and an original short. Then there are original and adjustable.   Todd got me a gift card so that i can go to different department stores and see if there is a style i like better.
I never thought that my height would ruin my one prized gift i had been looking so forward to! I never considered that my legs would be too short to wear a rain boot.  Its bad enough i couldnt be a Radio City Rockette because i was too short.  Stay tuned for what i end up with . I am going to go explore this weekend.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Family gals and new places

Last night, we had a girls only family dinner. My aunt Tammy lives out of state in California and Idaho ( yes both). She is in town because we had my great aunts funeral this past Saturday. Aunt Edith was my grandma Mimi's older sister.  I suggested us all getting together one night this week so that we could hang out, have a glass of wine, and have fun outside of a funeral.  Last night was best for everyone so we met in Addison which is suburb of Dallas that was in between where we all live.

We had dinner at a great new place that i had never been to before. It was called Ida Claire's.
 On the website, its introduced as  Ida Claire- South of Ordinary... an intriguing, southern inspired destination for relaxing suppers, slow weekend brunching or a meeting hub for business lunches and happy hour.
Instead of happy hour  they have a Vinyl hour. They select a vinyl record and play it in its entirety from 3 to 6 with drink specials and appetizers only available then.  We had vinyl red  ( only 5$) which was their house blend and it was so good!  We asked our waiter to tell us what the label was called and he said Haze.  I'll be on the lookout for that!
The menu was very unique. Everything on it had its own twist of something different . They're most sold item is their homemade  fried chicken that is battered and fried at time of order. They also have chicken and waffles that came with egg sunny side up. Thats what scared me,  LOL- i hate runny eggs.  I had the shrimp and grits with the piquant sauce on the side and i never added it.  The grits were parmesan grits and they were wonderful!
This is just the Supper plate menu: I recommend you clicking on my link above and checking out their appetizers, drinks, and site items.  So good!
Wood Grilled Chicken
• 18 •
Shrimp & Grits
• 19 •
Wood Grilled Snapper
• 19 •
• 22 •
Nashville Hot Fried
• 17 •
Pecan Smoked
Pork Chop
• 19 •
Chicken & Waffles
• 15 •
Wood Grilled Redfish
• 26 •
Braised Beef Short

We ordered a slice of their pie of the day which was coconut creme and a slice of their Vice cake ( chocolate cake with bacon in the ganache icing).  All it was so good!!
The decorations were awesome. Yall know that i collect bird cages right? Well i was in Heaven because in one corner of the restuarant, they had at least a dozen of cool vintage birdcages hanging from the ceiling with lights in the them.  I'm already thinking of doing that at my house somewhere!
On the back patio is an airstream decorated so cool. You can actually dine in the car and of course it was always reserved. They had old vintage metal patio chairs outside.  On one of the walls inside they had old plates like hundreds of them hung.  I didnt get pics of everything.

Its always fun to try new places and especially when its good and yummy! I'll definitely be back.

It was nice to visit with my cousins that i really dont get to see very often unless its a funeral or family event.  We all said we would try to do better and get together more often. I hope so!!