Monday, October 20, 2014

State Fair and weekend stuff

Hey y'all , Happy Monday to you. How was everyone's weekend?  I took last Thursday off to spend the day with my husband at the Texas State Fair and we had so much fun as always.  The first thing we did was get some coupons for a Fletcher's corny dog.  So I am kind of weird when it comes to traditions. I've been going to the fair since I was a kid and our schools have fair days with free tickets. Anyways, there are several Fletcher's spread out along the fairgrounds but the only one I eat from is the one by Big Tex. I'm sure they are all the same but I HAVE to eat at that one.  Another tradition is to ride the giant Texas Star ferris wheel. Its so fun and it was the most gorgeous day to see all of Dallas from the top of the ride.   We saw all the cars in auto shows, walked through the farm animals, saw some trick dog shows, ate a funnel cake that was heavenly, had some fresh-squeezed lemonade, Todd had a beer, and just really enjoyed all the people watching.  Something I also look forward to is the butter creation that is made every year. This year was running horses. Very detailed and ALL made from butter.

I also had to work this weekend which doesn't happen too often and we had 2 weeks notice to not make plans. My team is considered part of IT and so we had to be the testers for some of the changes being made.  Saturday, Todd and I straightened out the garage enough to get his car back in it and to prepare some room for the party this weekend.  I had Todd also cut my wood I found for my signs to nail to the tree before he left for work.  I did a lot of decorating and hanging witch hats from the ceiling. I spray painted 2 candelabras that were brass and now they're black.  I painted another folding chair purple, and finally painted the candle holders. I got all that done by 3 when i had to start being on the conference calls.  There were some great movies on Lifetime channel that took forever to watch because i would pause it during the calls. I watched  Jaws, The Notebook and cried again. Then the Green Mile was on which is so good, and then a weird movie called The Driver which was written by Stephen King.  Todd came home from working most of the day too and brought a pizza home. Perfect day!

Yesterday, after church we had lunch with Todd's parents and his brother to celebrate my father-in-laws birthday that was 2 weeks ago.  Better late than never.  Todd spent most of the day at church because we had a special worship evening last night at the church. It was just the band and some guest singers from a few nearby churches and they were so great.  I have to say that i really enjoy watching my husband play the drums and do something he enjoys. He's good too!!

Its a busy week ahead because i have to finish decorating for Holliween that is THIS weekend!! Cant wait. I have so much to do. 
And because i love my Jax, here's a pic of him to make you smile.
Have a great day. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


So i'm kinda obsessed with the rock band Blue October who happens to be Texas boys.  Over the years, the lead singer Justen has really had a lot of struggles.  To deal with those struggles he got addicted to drugs and alcohol  and really spiraled to a dark place.  He had a brutal custody fight of which he lost his oldest daughter to his ex-wife or girlfriend several years ago and I cant imagine the pain of that.  Like many anguished singers you hear about, he wrote his best songs that really put the band on the charts for a long time during his hardest times.
Eventually Justen sobered up and wrote a new album titled "Sway".  I think you can tell a huge difference between his sad years of writing to his new happier writing.  I really like the new stuff especially knowing of his struggles. He is now happily remarried and has another little girl that is adorable. I follow him on facebook and twitter in case you're wondering how I know.
Here are 2 songs that I like a lot from both past and present.

This one is Hate Me -

This next one is Sway from the titled album Sway.  Who wouldn't want their special person telling them they want to dance with them because time is precious?!

Are you familiar with this band? 
Have a great Wednesday y'all!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Antiques and weddings

Hey yall! Last Saturday I drove to Quitman to visit my most awesome 87 yr old grandma (Nanny). It's a 2 hr drive one way and so I leave in the morning to spend more time with her. Just up the road is a small town called Mineola that has some of my favorite antique stores. 
I wasn't able to take picture of everything I bought but some of my favorites at least. I bought a very cute 70's floral bedspread with pompon trim. It's real bright and I love it! That's 2 new bedspreads in 2 weeks. Oh well! It was in the linen closet when I was taking pictures. 
I grabbed this hanging basket and bought some small pumpkins to put in there. 
 I bought this small lampshade that I'm going to decorate with cut up strips of fabric. 
I found 2 spools of vintage Halloween ribbons. 
I bought this old vintage doll that's both pretty yet creepy. She doesn't bend so I'll prop her up on a wine bottle for the party. 
I am most excited about my old fashioned metal trash can with lid. Most all places and locations use plastic and these are what I grew up with. I'm going to use it to put the soft drinks in for the party and then to store Halloween decorations in.  
Here are some things I didn't buy but kinda wished I did. 
I feel like I NEED a Willie Nelson purse made from an album. 
It was a cool feather thing that you could wrap around neck like a shawl it maybe as a belt on skirt. I don't know but I loved it!! 
This vintage stuffed clown looked creepy and I almost bought it. 
I liked this burlap jackolantern. It seems easy enough to make if I had the time. 
I also liked the burlap spooky banner. I didn't have room for it with all my other decorations. 
Nanny is holding up a cute tray we saw that was on the pricey side but I want to do something similar. Nanny makes a cute Vanna.  So we had tons of fun and I love hearing stories from Nanny on some of the antique pieces we came across. 

On Sunday I had a wedding to go to after church. My young cousin on my dads side got married and the ceremony was so sweet.  Here are some pics from the wedding. 
Me and the bride Jean
Father of the bride Larry

My cousin Jessica was matron of honor 

First dance with James the groom

It was really nice and was catered by a yummy BBQ place and the cake was divine!! 
Todd joined the wedding but left to go back to work once the reception started. 
It was a great weekend and so good for my soul to see nanny. Hope yall had a great weekend. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hold Fast

Good morning y'all! Hope everyone's weekend was good. We got tons of much needed rain last night and its wonderful. Wonderful for the lakes, trees, grass, etc.  Terrible for my head because the storm brings in a crazy sinus headache and my allergies are now kicking my butt.
I've kind of had a melancholy feeling in my heart as I move thru motions at work , home and over the weekend.  Todd is still working crazy hours and every night this week has been lonely because he comes home at 3am. My Dad is in the hospital but he's on the mend and should be released sometime this week. My mom has been very very sick and has even had a hospital visit of her own.  It really gets me down with my closest people are not good.  Honestly, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Jax as my companion to love on and play with during the evenings and days i'm home.
Unless you're living in a cave you've probably heard by now that yet another person in Dallas has been diagnosed with Ebola.  Its a scary world we're living in y'all and i'm not convinced that its only contained through bodily fluids.
With all things going on , I am finding myself seeking comfort and listening to this song on my ipod and phone by MercyMe- Hold Fast.

I did have a great day with my precious grandma Nanny last Saturday and we stopped in my favorite antique stores close to her house. I'll tell you about everything I bought later this week.

Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tunes on Thursday

Hey y'all , happy Thursday!  I am a huge fan of Stevie Nicks and her CD was released last week.
The name of CD is "24 Karat gold- Songs from the Vault".  I prepaid and bought it on iTunes  and I am really enjoying the whole album.
Here are 2 of the songs from youtube:

This is the "Dealer"

This is "Lady"

Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This and That

Good morning talk! Happy Tuesday. Things have been really crazy around me and I've just not had the time to blog like I'd like to. To start, my dad is back in the hospital. He went in last Thursday with some pain and it was determined he had gallstones. Due to his transplant, and long story he wasn't able to have his surgery the quick and easy laproscopic way. They had to cut him open and they found 11 stones and one of them was stuck in a duct pipe and had to have that surgically removed.  He's in a lot of pain and that's hard to watch.  Daddy has been through so much.  Anyway, in my spare time I'm at hospital visiting him and giving my stepmom a break.
Then, have I mentioned that my husband  has worked 26 days straight with no days off? Yep, his work landed a big piece of business and it was overwhelming and they didn't have the manpower and equipment to handle it. He's worked 3 overnighters where he never even came home until the next day.  Last night was the first night he came home before 9 and we were able to have dinner together. I miss him and worry about him working so much. We are not 25 anymore. 
So to change subject, I went to a few garage sales last Saturday and I scored a few things that make me happy.  First , I grabbed this mason jar drink dispenser. I'm so excited to use it for my HOLLIween party and make up a fun drink.  I got a great deal (3$) because the previous owner said it had small leak and they gobbed it with some ugly glue. 
Next , I found a nice king size white old fashioned blanket that has white pompom fringe. I love it! It reminds me of one my grandma used to have. It has a few minor stains but I don't care. And again , I only paid 3$ for that too. Yay! 
The picture isn't good- I snapped it from my linen closet. 

Lastly, I bought these 4 candle holders that I'm going to paint purple also for my HOLLIween party. I normally wouldn't paint anything purple but typically the main halloween colors are orange , black , and purple and green.  So pretty soon I'll have a post with a before and after pictures of their transformation. 

I'm way behind on my Halloween decorating and it's stressing me out. I did put up a few things on Sunday. 
Jax did not like the raven I put up in the hallway. Lol!! What makes this more funny is that Jax rarely barks.
Have a great day!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting

Hey guys, I've still been swamped at work and I have a quick break so I wanted to post more pics of Montana. I cant believe this week has flown by so quickly and thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.
Hope all is well in blog land for my friends and followers. 

Mom has chipmunks that live in her wood pile on porch. She feeds them well.
Lady of the Rockies- look her up. Butte Montana- Shes awesome!
Deers match the field
wild horses
We had a picnic in Yellowstone park- this is Mom and Sydney
Have you ever seen red mushrooms? There was a whole patch of them.
Raven standing tall
And there were 2 -Ravens
Taking off in flight , crossing the street right over us
Very proud of this pic with my phone
Look closely but both are on the tree. One at top and one on left branch in the middle
Antler arches are on all 4 corners of the square in Jackson Hole
Famous bronze cowboy sculptor made by Bud Boller. Mom worked for him when she moved to Wyoming. he was great family friend.
Don't feed the bears. hehe  ( art in Jackson)
Um, just a little Grand Tetons humor...
This was a service dog on our plane. The guy was mean and onry that morning to others but nice to her.
When boarding and departing the plane in Jackson hole, Wy.- You have to go down the steps and walk down the runway into the terminal. This was 7:20 am and sun coming up over the mountains. Gorgeous!
Grand Tetons

Seeing the ravens were a really big deal.  You see, Mom's only tattoo is of a raven and I am planning on getting the exact same one on the back of my neck very soon. We had intentions of pulling over in the park at a shady spot to have lunch so that mom can be in the shade. At some point, we ran out of shade and just pulled over. That's when we saw the ravens.  I truly believe they were they for me and mom.