Monday, November 21, 2016


How is it already Thanksgiving this week yall? I’ve been gone a month and didn’t post once.  I don’t have any intention of shutting down my blog and not posting anymore. I cant explain it- I don’t know what it is but its just been really hard to blog lately.   Life is hard. Life is busy.  Ive already had a discussion with myself to be more disciplined and be more active next year. 
I cant believe that I haven’t shown you my Holliween pics yet! So that’s what today is about.  Its always a good day to talk about Holliween.
We had a masquerade party this year and we had a really good turnout.  Lots of fun costumes and some of the gals had gorgeous dresses. 

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  I cant wait to eat all my favorites. I'll be making my traditional hashbrown casserole. Yum!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just So much

Hey everyone!! I really had no intentions of being away from my blog this long.  My last post , I was about to leave for my vacation to Boston.  It was so great! Todd had never been and we really enjoyed our trip. I ate something lobster almost every day we were there.  I , of course, went to Salem one day and bought a couple of fun things for my Holliween party.  We also took a day trip to Maine and saw the coast and gorgeous leaves turning.  I could live up there!!  I am SO over having 90 degree weather in October here in Dallas!! I am currently wearing a sleeveless summer maxi dress and sandals at work.
When we came home from our trip, I had 2 concerts back to back.  Todd and I went to see Alice in Chains at Winstar which is just over the Oklahoma state line less than an hour away. The following night, a friend drove down from San Antonio and we saw Rob Thomas and Counting Crows in Allen.  Both concerts were absolutely fantastic!!!
Oh and while we were gone, our air conditioning went out and we had to replace a coil which is a big deal over 2 grand to fix and that hit us hard.  As mentioned, we had no choice to get fixed because we’re still having high hot temps.
I went to a Pinners Conference with a friend and then also went to a fun junk show with that same friend a few weeks later.  I am preparing for my next junk show which is in 2 weeks. 
My work is taking everything out of me. Literally. I am swamped every minute of the day and have been getting to office super early just to get caught up on my emails. I don’t get overtime but its worth it for me. I’m training 4 hour classes in the morning with a few classes scattered in the afternoon. Lots of meetings and preparation for the classes. This is GO time in that we are starting the training that is regarding our huge merge we did 2 years ago.  Its been pretty stressful. Lots of pressure.
This Saturday is our 5th annual Holliween party and this years theme is Masquerade.  I’ve been crazy busy decorating every night when I get home from work.  I will show yall pics next week.
Todd started a new job a month ago and he’s traveling full time now.  Lots of stuff going on it seems .  I miss all my blogging friends !!  I just don’t have any free time to post anymore. I am going to try to make more time.  I summed up a lot of things just in this small post.
Just wanted to say HI so you don’t forget about me and I WILL be back soon.  I’m taking tomorrow off to wrap  up the last of decorations and begin to clean the house.

I wish you could all come to my party!!  Have a great weekend, yall. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

This and That

Good morning y'all!! How is it already Thursday ?  I am swamped at work and it's going to be even worse next week.  Remember how I've mentioned that my company merged into our competitor 2 years ago? Well now, it's time that we start merging our computer systems and it begins next week.  The good news is that on Thursday next week, I'll be on a plane heading to Boston.  I have mixed feelings about my vacation because I am so ready for it and desperately need it. So does Todd.  We've had a lot going on lately.  I just feel bad leaving right in the middle of things at work.  My vacation was approved months before we had set dates for the conversion.  They always get pushed back, etc so we were told on our team  to just schedule the time off.  Oh well, I can't change it now. 
Labor Day weekend was great. It was relaxing and we didn't have every day planned . We had lunch with family one day, and had dinner and drinks with some friends last Friday night.  That was a lot of fun to just hang out and laugh.  
I even got a little painting in over the weekend. 
I went to HomeGoods a few weeks ago and saw a table that I fell in love with. It was a little bigger than I wanted and I really I couldn't afford the price of 150$. 
It did inspire me though to paint the table I had in our guest bathroom.  I also painted a huge birdcage red and gold but I forgot to take a picture.  I'm going to put fake snow and make a little Christmas scene in it.  
My table I painted has a bright pink line in the center and in the grooves of the legs. It's hard to see from my terrible pic.  

My friend Scott flew in from Florida with his girlfriend Amy over the weekend . They stayed with the other couple in this pic. I met the other couple that lives here last year when Scott was in town.  We had so much fun all getting together and laughing . A few margarita swirls were consumed.   The crazy thing I can't believe we did was all eat a cricket. Yep , you read that right- Amy had bought a box of bacon cheese flavored crickets in Ft Worth and brought them to dinner.  
After we ate dinner and finishing our last drink- we ate the cricket. Lol
Still can't believe we did that but it DID taste like bacon and cheese!!! Lol
We got in some time on the Harley and had a nice ride.  All in all it was great weekend. 
This week at work has been hell and very stressful .  This week is also my 21 year anniversary with my job.  Crazy!! 
Gotta run but I hope y'all have a great week and I'm going to try my hardest to post next week. I still have plenty of unusual questions to post.  

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 3 year wedding anniversary.   I am trying not to burst into tears thinking about Daddy walking me down the aisle and our daddy -daughter dance.  Instead i am distracting myself thinking about the most amazing gouda mac n cheese we served at reception. HAHA! For real, we have had more people tell us that we had the best wedding food they've ever had and i have to agree. We had steak and twice baked potatoes, ceasar salad and the mac n cheese. We had of course our wedding cake and grooms cake that was so delicious! We got married at a winery and we brought cases of beer in. No one went hungry or thirsty at the wedding. Todd played a projector that had pictures of our guests with us at some point. People enjoyed the slide show. We also had a photo booth with cute props and i love looking at those pics. Especially when we weren't ready for the next picture in the series of 4. LOL 
That night was magical to have my mom and dad and most all of our family and friends there to celebrate us.  Fun times!

Todd proposed to me on 12-12-12 at a wonderful swanky 4 star steak house. I was so emotional the night he proposed that i couldnt eat. I didnt have an appetite.  So what we do on our anniversary now is go back so i can enjoy the meal.  I am so excited for tonight! 
Have a great day yall!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Unusual questions part 3

Good morning! Hope your weekend was a great one.  Mine was nice but as usual way too quick.  I didn’t get any pictures but on Saturday, Todd and I test drove some new 2017 Harley’s. I drove the new trike and he rode a roadglide which is what he has today.  It was SO fun!! We were in the neighborhood of where we used to live and it was a spontaneous road trip but it was worth it.  
I am going to have another crazy crazy busy week with work but I am really going to try to get my posts done of more questions.  I find these to be fun and easy to post.  Maybe some of the questions will inspire a post for yall if any of you need some ideas. I know sometimes my well runs dry on what to post about. 
So here are some more:

1.       Who is your celebrity crush?i have mentioned this a few times already on my blog but I will gladly say again. Its Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy. 
2.       Do you read a lot? Whats your favorite book? I do read a lot. I subscribe to magazines and I have zillions of books.  Its hard to name a favorite but I like the classics such as Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking glass
3.       Money or brains? Why not both? I do have a magnet on my desk though that says Oh to be computer smart instead of beautiful.  LOL!  I obviously don’t think I’m beautiful but I laugh at fact I am considered IT department
4.       Do you have a nickname? If so what is it? Hollikins- Holli girl, and then theres my aunt that calls me holliann which is my first and middle name as one.
5.       How many times have you been to the hospital? Not sure if this was meant for ourselves or in general. Sadly I was at hospital A LOT last 2 years with Daddy’s transplant,etc.  Then todd had gallbladder surgery in February and I had kidney stones in june.  I don’t care to be back in a long time.
6.       Top 10 favorite songs: Lightning crashes ( Live), Me and bobby mcgee ( janis joplin), I walk the line ( johnny cash),  sweet child o mine ( GNR), My kinda lover ( billy squire), heroes have always been cowboys( willie nelson), don’t come around here no more ( tom petty), Talk to me ( stevie nicks), seven spanish angels ( willie and ray charles), Here I go again ( white snake)
7.       Do you take medications daily? Sadly yes!
8.       What is your biggest fear? I think I had this question before- dying in a fiery car crash.
9.       what is your skin type ( oily, dry, combo, etc) Dry mostly with oily at times
10.   whats your go to hair style? Twisted in a clip
11.   What type of house do you live in (big , small, condo,etc)? small brick home ( with pool)

12.   Who is your role model? I have a dear friend and coworker that I’ve known now for over 20 years. She is my role model. She’s the smartest woman I know with our work systems and is a great leader. She recently lost both her husband and her mother (both last year) and yet she walks with head high and remains professional at work .  Wendy is a strong Christian woman that walks by faith and is loving and helpful. 

Have a wonderful day !! Did i mention i got speeding ticket this morning? sucky but not letting it get me down. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Unusual questions Part 2

Good morning,
Here is my second list of questions. I have enough on the list i found to do at least 2 or 3 more posts. Yay! Some of today's questions arent so unusual but they made the list anyway.

1.       Favorite Makeup Brands: I switch around a bunch. I have a few brands I buy more of than others- Urban Decay, Dior, Nars, MaryKay
2.       How many times a week do you shower? I shower every night. It saves me time in the mornings. During summer, I shower after I get out of the pool so sometimes more than once a day
3.       Favorite TV show: I don’t watch a lot of TV and my most fave show ended 2 seasons ago. It was Sons of Anarchy.  The new fall season of shows are about to start and some seem to have potential. I do like HGTV .
4.       Shoe size: 7.5 or 8 depends on the make
5.       How tall are you? 5 ‘1 ¾
6.       Sandals or sneakers? Both- I have several colors of Chuck Taylor’s converse but I wear a lot of sandals/flip flops in the summer
7.       Do you go to the gym? Nope
8.       Describe your dream date: romantic dinner and then dancing
9.       How much money do you have in your wallet at this moment? 7 dollars
10.   What color socks are you wearing? I’m wearing gray sandal high heels
11.   How many pillows do you sleep with? 2
12.   Do you have a job? What do you do? I am a corporate trainer and next month will be 21 years with my company
13.   How many friends do you have? I have a great handful of friends
14.   Whats the worst thing you have ever done? I will NEVER tell!!  I removed the tags from my mattress and pillows though…
15.   Whats your favorite candle scent? Pineapple
16.   3 favorite boy names: Hunter, Mark, Whitt
17.   3 favorite girl names: Maci, Josey, Peyton
18.   Favorite actor Tom Hanks
19.   Favorite actress Emma Stone
20.   Favorite movie Hard to narrow down but 3 of my most faves are Man on Fire, Tombstone, Lovely Bones

So glad its Thursday because tomorrow is Friday! Its been a very long and stressful work week.  Do you have  anything fun planned for the weekend? 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Unusual Questions

Good morning yall!! I came across a long list of questions on Tumblr the other day and i thought that it would make for some fun blog posts if i split them up.  I love question and answer posts and they're easy to do.  You're more than welcome to copy and paste the questions and post on your own blog so we can read your answers.

    1*   Spotify,Soundcloud,Pandora, iheartradio?   I listen to iheartradio in the mornings when I get ready and during slow times at work with my earphones. Todd uses Spotify along with his band mates from church.
2*       Is your room messy or clean?  Clean for the most part. Mostly what makes it look messy is our clean laundry that needs put away.
3*       What color are your eyes? Mine are a light brown. Some have said they’re more like Hazel.  I have noticed there are times they look pretty dark too.  Makeup of course enhances the color. I really really wanted blue eyes and was jealous for years. I finally embraced my brown.
4*       Do you like your name? Why?  I do like my name.  I don’t come across too many people at one time with same name. Of course my mom spelled it nontraditional and it ends with just an “I”.  People always want to use a"Y" or" ie. "  Supposedly I was named loosely from Buddy Holly.  My grandma was best friends with Buddy Holly’s cousin Dennis. 
5*     What is your relationship status? I am married and this month is my 3rd wedding anniversary. 
6*     Describe your personality in 3 words or less?  Loyal, brutally honest, big heart
7*     What color hair do you have? Well now, my natural hair color is medium brown.  I colored my hair with a black cherry tint back in march that I’ve continued to keep up. So its brown with dark pink tint. With lots of gray mixed in.
8*       What kind of car do you have and what color? I drive a red Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. 
9*       Where do you shop? I frequent target and kohls more than any shops total.  I am a shopper though so I like finding new places which also includes thrift shopping and garage sales.
110*  How would you describe your style?  I would say bohemian biker cowgirl.  I love my boots and I love tie dye and flowy skirts .
**  Favorite social media account:  probably Instagram . although I do use FB daily due to keeping up with my family, etc.
12* What size bed do you have? Thankfully a king.  We started with queen and a few years ago invested in a king and its awesome. Especially when you add 2 dogs in the mix.
13*   Favorite snapchat filter? I do not and will not use snapchat. I don’t understand it and from what I hear your posts go away so why bother?
14*   If you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?  I would say California.  I love everything about it – having ocean and mountains within hours reach depending on where you are. I love the laid back vibe . I lived in Cali growing up in middle school and I’ve missed it ever since. I love Texas and proud to be Texan as well but would go to Cali tomorrow if given the chance and the money to afford it!
15*  Any siblings? Yes I have a brother and a step brother and step sister.  My steps both live in California and my brother lives in Oklahoma.

That is enough for now. I will have a new list later.  Some of these answers today you probably already know about me but maybe you'll learn something new about me down the road with other questions. Cant wait to learn more about you!
Have a great day!