Friday, August 12, 2011

Amarillo by morning,afternoon, and night

Really enjoying my day's off so far. My friend Tracey has the CUTEST house and is decorated so nicely. We've met her new boyfriend Johnathan (and we approve) and her new puppy Maggie is so precious.
Wendy and Steve were on my same flight yesterday, Doti and her niece Cassidy flew in from Chicago, and Tracey's niece Bailey is here to keep Cassidy company. Yesterday we had so much fun doing nothing. We made no plans and winged the day. Lunch was at Taco Villa and we stopped at Dairy Queen for the a blizzard. It just so happens that all blizzards bought yesterday, proceeds went to a childrens charity. Groceries were bought for a few meals, picked up some movies (child friendly) and baked some pizzas from Papa Murphy's. Now the end of my evening was watching the Justin Beiber movie with the girls that did not thrill me. What was entertaining was watching the girls watch the movie! They squealed and sung along to every song. So cute!!
Today my friend Melanie(lives in Lubbock) drove down and we had such a nice visit. We talked and talked and finally went to lunch at a great little local place called Cowboy Gelato on 6th street which is also on Route 66. I had a frito pie with pulled pork instead of the traditional chili. Yummy! And some mac and cheese(i shared) with green chili's. Melanie had to leave after lunch and the rest of us went to the pool with water slide. The pool is conveniently across the street where Tracey's mom lives and where I'm staying the night each night. I am soooo hot natured people and to top things off i am experiencing hot flashes. I needed a room with air conditioning and ceiling fan and those rooms are taken with those conditions here at Tracey's. Tonight we're hooking up a projector to the laptop outside and watching a movie outdoors. Good family fun! I miss my niece so much this weekend though. Both Tracey and Doti have their nieces with them and they're both around same age as Maci.  Which speaking of-Maci started school yesterday in Oklahoma and my little Brynna started kindergarten. I heart them with everything i got !! You will see and hear of them much.
Not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow but I'm looking forward to being lazy and resting more.
I'm posting pics of Melanie and i at lunch and me splashing in the water from the slide.

Note: National Quarter Horse Association is here in Amarillo so there are painted horses all around the city.
I am going to take some pics when i can but only saw one so far close enough to take while driving.

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