Sunday, August 14, 2011

Busy but Uneventful Day

Got up this morning fairly early as usual and had a few quiet moments outside with Tracey and her puppy Maggie. Maggie is growing so fast and shes going to be so big the next time i see her. Today was my last day in Amarillo and I really had nice visit. Tracey and I went to Donut Stop which Amarillo is very proud of. Honestly, these donuts ROCKED!! I'm not a big fan of cake donuts but their blueberry cake donut was awesome. We all got ready for church this morning and it was a real nice service. The pastor told us that we're all beautiful and God's children (he said much more but you got the hint). How great is that to start your day?! The church was huge and Tracey is the social director in her classes. So proud of her!
Originally my flight out today was supposed to leave at 5:30 but I checked the available seats and there were 5 for the 12:30 flight. Doti and Cassidy were booked on that flight for sure. Tracey's mom took us to airport after church . I ended up getting assigned seat without going standby for the 12:30-YAY! I really wanted to get home earlier so that I could squeeze in a quick visit with Daddy and get packed.
Dad seemed really good in spirits but he was pretty sore from this week. His leg /thigh area where they drew the bone marrow was sensitive and he said he hurt so bad during the process. Both Dad and Deb were not happy at all with American Airlines with this trip. Both flights were delayed for hours on each leg and they lost their luggage the day of arrival. I told him they would have to deal with AA again for when they have to go back to Miami . Because i travel with my job (primarily on AA), I have been blessed to have opportunity to acquire some miles. I volunteered all the miles I have to Dad to ease some of the expense. I gave Dad his Harley shirt I bought him yesterday and he loved it. I hoped it would.
I'm home now and am packed to head back to California in the morning. It's nice to be in my own bed for a few hours among my mess. Not enough time to really clean or straighten up but that's ok. I didnt want to mention something as menial as a headache but y'all- I've had one now for 4 days. I'm bummed because I dont want to feel bad again when I land in LA. Ok, I dont want to feel bad no matter where I'm at.
Can't wait to see this week has in store for me. Nite y'all.

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