Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great week so far in Cali with friends and my fave restuarants

I just have to say that my heart sings and dances while in California. I seriously Heart it with all I got! I used to live in Cali during my junior high years in both San Jose for a while and San Diego (Imperial Beach) for a while. Long drama story that I wont get into right now but I think my abrupt move back to Texas didnt give me proper "closure" from California. That's my deep philosphy for my yearning need to be back to Cali.
Me and Julie
I'm so lucky to have 2 business locations in Southern Cal that requires my training at least once a year. I was in Commerce the last 2 weeks and now i'm in La Palma until next week.
 As mentioned in an earlier post, my bestie from college lives here and we try to make time for each other on my visits. Tuesday night we met half way from where we are at Houston's in Manhattan Beach.  It's one of my favorite restuarants for a chain. I literally crave their spinach artichoke dip. It's because of that dip almost 15 years ago that I started eating spinach. I had so much fun just talking with Julie for hours and remembering the old times we've had.

Seal beach
Pom-Fig martinis
 Last night I had dinner with one of my closest work friends Genelle. We drove to Seal beach at our regular spot we frequent called Walt's Wharf. They have the best pomegrante -fig martinis there. I'm normally not a big fan of martinins but this is my exception. Oh my goodness i had 2 and i could have another if i didnt have to drive to my hotel 20 miles away. I try to make a point to see the water and sandy beach at least once a week that I'm in Cali.  Last night I had to park at the beach but I didnt go in the sand this time.
Tonight i went with another close work friend Rosa to a famous place called The Hat. It's been around for several several years since 1951 and it's known for their pastrami sandwiches. We always split an order of their Chili Cheese fries topped with mounds of Pastrami. Sounds weird but its Delish!

I'm at the hotel now packing to go home tomorrow. It's going to be a busy weekend for sure.

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