Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hot day in Amarillo

Well, the cool weather was nice to wake up to but the sun came out today to stay. Very hot but the best news is that DFW area got rain this morning and it was so exciting. My facebook was one post after another about the rain in Dallas.  We all got a late start this morning and it was nice. No where we have to be at a given time. First on list of things to do was go to the infamous Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. It's pretty cool actually to go. You can bring spray paint and paint on the cars all you want. We grabbed some at WalMart on the way. Cadillac Ranch is pretty iconic for the state so was happy to see it. It's a row of 10 Cadillac cars half buried in the sand-completely gutted.I didnt get a group shot of all of us with my camera so I have to wait for Tracey to send me. I got a few around the cars of myself and also with Doti.
After the Cadillac ranch,we stopped at Tripps Harley Davidson shop so i could get Dad a new t-shirt. Maybe that will cheer him up from such a hard work in Santa Domingo. I got me a shirt too. yay.
Another trip to Historic 6th street was what followed the Harley store and it was fun to go to a few of the many Antique stores and boutiques. I bought an old vintage cowboy boot that was turned into a fence mending holder. I wont be mending any fences in the near future so i thought it would be great in my place with the red and black cowboy boots.
Now for the rest of the day, I'm back at the house to relax, sit by pool and Mexican food is for dinner tonight! Woohoo!!

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