Thursday, August 11, 2011

I need to talk about Daddy

I have so much on my mind and heart right now and I wont be able to get it all covered in this post but I'll cover the bases. My dad got diagnosed with a VERY RARE lung disease back in March. Dad had trouble breathing but not bad for a while and then it just continued to get worse which triggered his Dr appointment.
He was told he had Idiopathic Pulmonary Fybrosis. The Dr's told him that there is no cure except for a double lung transplant. He began a very crazy schedule of tests after tests including one whole week straight at the hospital for tests, etc and more. A few months later, he received the call  from the hospital where the tests and Dr's were(that he was working with) and they told him he was denied to be on the donor list. Now friends, I dont have to tell you how hard that call must have been to receive! It knocked the wind out of his sails and I was livid! You see my Dad is very young at 61 (62  in November) and is a very active man with lots of life to live. My stepmom is so fricking amazing and that same day immediately called another hospital and said we want a do'over-second opinion. Then hospital #2 agreed to look at Dad and also discuss further treatments and options. Dad met with their Dr's etc, and of course they wanted to run more tests. In the meantime, a friend of my family mentioned to Deb (stepmom) that they knew of someone that had also been diagnosed with a lung disease and had turned to a Dr who performed Adult Stem Cell RestorativeTherapy.  Deb reached out to this Dr who offices out of Miami and does the procedures in Santa Domingo-Dominican Republic.   Fast forward a few weeks and they're a done deal! My parents left last Sunday and arrived that evening. His procedures and treatments were Tuesday, Wednesday, and not sure about today but they coming home today. He has to go to Miami in a few weeks  for them to take more bone marrow (ouch) and then back again to the DR in maybe 6 to 8 weeks.
Because of Dad going this direction with treatment, he is no longer eligible to ever be put on the donor list in the States. It's scary to know that all our eggs are in this one basket so to speak but at same time- there was never a guarantee that hospital #2 would have approved him for list, and if he was on list that someone would be a perfect match. Unfortunately y'all , people die every day while on the list waiting for an organ.
This has to work and it WILL! It just has too. Wanna hear something funny? When flying home last night I read the AA (american airlines) magazine that they publish every 2 weeks and Yep! you guessed it- The front cover was Dominican Republic with story inside. How Cool and ironic is that?!
I needed to fill you in because this a huge part of my life right now and I will have more updates to follow. I didnt give you many details at all so this is very short version but I will later.
I'm in Amarillo now on vacation and so incredibly thrilled! What's thrilling in Amarillo you say? It's been raining cats and dogs since I landed. It's awesome. I'm from Dallas where we're running on 42 days straight of triple digit weather. Insane!!

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