Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm gonna give it a whirl

Ok,  i have wanted a blog for years but never got around to do it. I'm one of those that cant stop buying blank journal books but have anxiety on how to start once i open to first page. I'm hoping this may be easier.
I travel a lot so i cant use the excuse either that i forgot my diary/journal at home.
It just so happens that i'm in California (LA suburb) this week for work. I live in Dallas when I'm not traveling and this week has hit it's highest temps yet at home. I am not missing the 100+ weather!
I got a lot going on so excuse me if i jump around in my subjects. I will try to bring you up to speed if i leave out details.
I am super excited to hang out this weekend with one of my besties that I went to college with and she moved to Cali several years ago. I am also gonna check out some new things in LA that i have never done before. Yay!

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