Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's gonna be a LONG day but not complaining

One of the not so joys of traveling to West coast is accomodating other time zone conference calls. I was up at 4:30 this morning to be prepared and logged in for a call that I am the presenter on from my hotel room. I am blogging now before i head to office. I still will work half day at the office before I head to airport. It's not my fave to fly home from West coast either. I lose 2 hours and its a 3 hour flight. It will be late before i see my pillow.
When I get home tonight I have to pack for vacation this weekend and I fly to Amarillo in the morning. Why Amarillo for vacation? I know you just said that! Well, its because my friend Tracey who is also a coworker bought her first home this summer. A few of us are flying in to check out the place and have some girl time! She bought a new dog and has a new boyfriend and we're all excited to meet both.
I'm also so excited to see a friend of mine from San Angelo that I havent seen in YEARS! Melanie lives 2 hours away from Amarillo and she's coming down Friday to hang with us. I love love love reuniting with great girlfriends.
As a follow up to my ATM situation- my bank left me message yesterday that it was "resolved" but did not actually say the words "your 60 dollars has been redeposited". I'll call today to make sure this specific detail.
AND, my chin is getting worse! Imust have scratched again in the night and it bled all over. Seriously, i will have a scar on my face with no good story to tell. Oh, i did it myself Thanx~
Have a great day y'all!
I am trying to get another blog in today to discuss a very important matter to my heart. It's concerning my Dad.  Maybe I will get a break later....

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