Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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I don't believe i mentioned yet that i'm an active member of the Christian Motorcycle Association. My local chapter is called The Passion Riders. I have been a member of the CMA for 10 years. I even had my own Harley for a while. I sold it a few years ago when i was traveling  way more than i am now. I almost bought another one this summer but then Dallas become Africa hot and i changed my mind for now.  I love my CMA chapters!  CMA is a non-demonination group of all religions that love Jesus and motorcycles. This past weekend there was a bike rally in our chapters area. It was held at a restuarant called Redneck Heaven. Not my kind of place really but what do ya do?! The MC club BACA (bikers against child abuse) was hosting the event. It was sooo brutally hot on Saturday. People dont want to be out on their bikes in a hot parking lot. We were there to pass out water, cookies, and do  a mass Bike blessing to all there. Since there was not a large crowd, we pushed the hours back to do the blessings and i ended up leaving. I was starting to get a headache again and needed to be in some air conditioning. I was there to support my group for a few hours so it was all good!
CMA booth (thats Chuck-a member)

Tonight , i had dinner at a new place with 2 coworker friends of mine Marie and Lisa. It was a cute old BBQ place that started in 1949 called Chris and Pitts. The menu had pictures of the dishes ( Dont see many of those.) I enjoy trying out new places to eat all the time. The meal was good but honestly tonight was bring your screaming children out to eat Tuesday. I know that sounds grumpy but at one point there was 3 different children in close proximity all crying at same time and it was a little difficult to have our own conversation. We left as soon as we were done and made things all better by driving to the beach. These girls are such good sports by letting me go out of the way. We walked down to the water and it was a perfect night!!

Picture menu-classic!

Marie,myself, Lisa

Our feet in sand. Lisa's tat is the pink ribbon w/wings in memory of her mom.

Working in our office is so fun when there's a birthday. These Cali girls can cook! Today everyone brought a potluck lunch for taco salads and everything was homemade. So awesome! There was refried beans, spanish rice, 2 types of chicken (spicy, medium, and plain) ,delicious shredded beef, and all of the fixins to go in salad. One of the girls bought the taco shell bowls from a local Mexican fast food place. What a great idea! I was so appreciative that they let me participate. I left for a few minutes and picked up some ice creams tubs from my most fave food store Trader Joe's for dessert. I buy my tasty snacks from them every chance i can when i travel. Dallas is supposed to be getting a Trader Joe's in the near future. I am so excited for that.
Let's see what tomorrow has in store.
Taco shells from Pollo Loco. They were perfect.

Homemade chicken and shredded beef

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