Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh the Joys of Traveling

I have so much to talk/write about this past weekend but i have to start with today. Holy Cow was this the epitome of crappy Monday! I was  up very early this morning to catch my flight at 8:45am. I check my bag in when I come to Cali so i have to be there an hour before to get it checked in on plane. My shuttle at the airport is very unpredictable for pick up and it gets full very fast so i leave extra early to get parking every week. I was just getting into my truck this morning when i received 2 messages from  AA (american airlines). First message was that my flight had been cancelled-Second message was that they rolled me over to a 8:45 PM flight tonight. I called them and said that was not going to work for me and i needed there earlier. The agent put me on the 7:40 am flight which meant i needed to be checked in at airport by 6:40. I had 35 minutes to drive there, get parked and on shuttle, and checked in. I got there in plenty of time but the shuttle is whole other story! I was getting sooo aggravated waiting by my truck and no shuttle was my way. I literally had to stop a shuttle on the other lane and the driver came and got myself and 2 others on my row. I was worried about the time but i can assure you i was not rude in any way to the lady driver. I was not talking at all when she did NOT assist with my luggage or while she was writing my parking space stub for me. When I sat down, she announced loudly in front of everyone "someone has an attitude"! I was in shock. I said "well SOMEONE made us wait a long time"! I seriously cant believe she called me out this morning on top of my stress of the flight.  To make things worse is that she kept mouthing off to me. I totally ignored her or i would explode. I was so much in a hurry that i had zero time to get her name and bus number. 
Once i was inside the airport i checked in (with barely a minute to spare) and found out i was on the very last seat in the very last row 31F on the plane. The first agent said i had to check with the agent at my gate to move seats. I got through security  that took forever. I had 10 minutes to get by security before my plane began boarding and was 50 people deep. If you truly knew how much my internal guts were doing flips every time i turned around with these long crazy delays! When i got to the gate there was only 2 agents and with all the chaos of cancellations it was packed. One lady was taking up an agents time crying and throwing a fit so the other agent was having to scan all the tickets. Which means no one was able to check for another seat for me. UGH! The irony is that on my Friday flight home, I was upgraded to First class and now the very next flight has me on the worst seat a person could have.  On the positive side of this, my luggage was waiting for me by the time i finally walked off the plane and downstairs to baggage claim. I'm back in California for my last week and I'm so sad. I appreciate every extra minute here.
I had dinner tonight at such a yummy place that i fell in love with originally in Chicago. It's a fast food place but a nice one called Portillo's Hot Dogs. It opened up a few years ago in Buena Park and it was so exciting. Their menu is the exact same and taste just as good. I have no specific plans for tomorrow yet. I'll fill in later about the rest of weekend.
Portillos-a Chicagoland tradition

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