Friday, August 26, 2011

Personal space invasion and stuff

This morning's flight was not a great one either. I had to be at airport for early flight to get bags checked in and my new hula hoop that i received this week. Drive was fine, check in was fine,security was fine. I even had plenty of time to get my venti Starbucks latte (my addiction for the record). It was when i got on the plane that began the yuckiness. The man next to me (he had center seat) literally kept his elbow in my space. I was so aggravated. There's that common understanding that we all have very little space and to be nice about it. I think he must have been mad to be in center seat (it does suck). He (Mr 11B)immediately claimed BOTH armrests and did not budge. When he fell asleep,his elbow slipped over onto my arm and he didnt move. I actually tried knocking his arm off with my elbow but he came right back with force. I finally poked him and woke him up and said PLEASE move your elbow back to your own side. Mr.11B  looked at me like i was a witch but i honestly did not care. I'm over here trying to hug the window so i can not touch his ugly hairy arm! I took a pic while he was sleeping , i was so ticked off!
Thats my pink tshirt and his elbow on my side.
Anyway, he moved his arm the most slightest bit so i sat with arms crossed almost the entire 3 hours. Couldn't get off the plane soon enough.  Then, I had to hunt my hula hoop down at a different baggage claim from my suitcase. There's a spot for all large items like golfclubs,skis, etc to come down.  I waited and waited and it never came. I was not leaving without it! I has to have the attendant look it up, etc and make some calls for it to show up. 20 minutes later after i got my suitcase my hula hoop came down and off i go to the parking shuttle.  What's the big deal about a hula hoop? Well, a lady at work (Cindy) had heard about the comeback recently of these hoops and wanted one for herself. She went online and found that the good ones ran around 35$ not including shipping. Like everyone else in this economy, money is tight and she's pretty crafty. Cindy went back online and found instructions on how to make your own. They are awesome! She's made various sizes depending on your height. I had so much fun playing with them this week and i wanted one. I actually had read not long ago about the weighted hula hoops and i came within a hair of buying one. So glad i didnt! 
My custom hulahoop next to my truck

I'll go backwards on my last evenings in California. I'm getting sad just realizing that I wont be going back anytime soon. Last night my friend Rosa came with me to drive down to Huntington Beach. I had visited Malibu and Seal beach but i had not made my stop there so it was time. It was so incredibly beautiful driving on PCH and seeing the ocean. I got so excited seeing all the surfers with those kites on their boards (i know there's an actual term for that but it escapes me). I pulled over twice and jumped out so i could take picture. TOTAL TOURIST move but thats me.
There's surfers below those kites-my zoom not working on phone

We found a great place to park near Main street and I wanted to eat out on the pier at Ruby's Diner. I've been there on several occasions but Rosa had never been. It's a really nice walk to the end of the pier and great place to people watch. There was this huge group of senior citizens playing ukelele's, fiddles, etc for the crowd. So cute!! That pic is on camera and i havent synced with it yet. On both sides of the pier are tons of surfers on their boards and i never get bored watching them.  At the diner i was able to sit facing the sun and i watched the entire sunset. I really wanted to just enjoy and watch without doing it injustice (is it IN or UN)by pics from phone. You cant go to Ruby's and not have a buttefinger shake. Really! Yep, there's a story to this too.  Many years ago, one of the hotel employees asked where i was headed. When i told him HB, his reply was to get the shake at Ruby's. I am not a fan of Butterfinger candybars and told him that. He replied that he didnt either but it was so good. SOOO, do what the locals do! I tried it- fell in love with it- and since has gotten all my teammates hooked on the shake as well. After dinner and shake, we still had time on our meter to walk down on beach near the water. I MUST get toes wet if at all possible.  Loved it so much. I was feeling the burn in my calves walking on the sand. Yay-work off that shake!

Rosa and I on pier

Rosa and I on beach
Wednesday night after work I drove up to see Julie and meet her at the club(BelAire bay Club). She plays on Bocce team and she had a game. I get a little starstuck y'all and there are so many people here at the club that are famous or semi-famous. To protect privacy,etc there are no cell phones allowed to take pics or make calls. You have to walk out to the sand or in parking lot to use your phone. I was out front near the main door waiting on Julie when Courtney Thorne Smith walked right by me and into the club. She is so tiny and pretty. When i was less than a mile away from the club, Bruce Jenner was behind me in traffic. So cool!
While Julie played, i walked over to the sand and water to take some pics with my phone.  Her team won and it was so funny to watch. Julie's team was laid back ,having fun, and drinking but other team was very competitive and serious. I am so excited to find a new fave drink that Julie introduced me to. My fave non-alcoholic drink i order most of the time is an Arnold Palmer (thats lemonade and sweet tea together). Well, now there is a sweet tea vodka and mix up with lemonade- you got yourself a MOST delish drink!!  I had so much fun this evening. After the Bocce game we ate dinner and visited with some teammates. One particular teammate had had way too much wine and was weaving as she walked.  I was really proud of Julie and the other guest that took the keys away from her. As it ended, Julie and one of the guests (Randy) drove the lady home and brought the other back to their car. The roads were safer that night for sure! I miss Julie already but I pray for another visit soon.

View from the water looking at club

Bocce at night

Julie and I on patio
Let's see what this weekend has in store.

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