Monday, August 8, 2011

Saturday in Cali

WOW! What a great weekend I had but I had some bumps in the road of course too. My morning started yesterday morning at an ATM. I had to have cash to go shopping in the fashion district downtown La. It was around 7:45 am and I went to an ATM in the outlet mall near the hotel. I requested 100$ and it "processed" for 12 minutes when i started to panic. Jenny (LA friend going with me) was supposed to call me at 8am and we're gonna head out soon after. I called the phone number on the machine and of course it went straight to an automated message. So after 15 minutes, I reached behind the machine and unplugged it. I kinda didnt feel like making a donation to an LA stranger or to the machine. Well, as luck would have it and you'll find out the more you get to know me (bad luck follows often), just as i unplugged it- the machine started spitting out the money. I cut off the power after 40$ came through. The machine was obviously malfuntioning and I dont feel bad that I savd others from it until fixed!  I called the machine back this time and listened to more of the commands. All of which said they're not responsible and to call my bank. My bank answered when i called them and told me that the ATM team only works Monday thru Friday. I'll find out tomorrow if I get my 60$ back.
Jenny and I spent most of afternoon downtown shopping. Had great time once we got there. Jenny gets easily distracted when someone else but her drives and she got us lost a few times. She also told me to go right on a one way street (i should have gone left). Funny thing is that i drove down a good distance before I figured it out. A car swerved into my lane then back out whe i noticed. We screamed because there was actually a cop car to the left of us RIGHT in front. I pulled over to hide for a few seconds behind other car, then made Uturn and pulled over. Ijust knew for sure he was going to pull me over. I waited and waited but he never came. LOL- Whew that was a close one. He had to be looking down at his computer the whole time.   The Alley is where we shopped. Its kinda like New Yorks china town if you've ever been there. Cheap stuff poorly made but real good deals on what I call "junk jewelry"! I bought tons of earrings, a few necklaces, and some hairclips all for 30$. I bought a cute Tshirt but realized once i got it home it had 2 holes in it. Oh well!
The evening, my good friend Patricia met me at the hotel and we drove to Venice. Venice is truly one of my most fave places. I will say that I like it more in the afternoons because more entertainers and the weirdos are out. The nights do get kinda seedy when ALL the homeless come out. It's very disturbing on how many and they can literally  make their pallets and sleep right there on the sidewalk. We had dinner and walked the whole distance of the sidewalk strips. I ALWAYS have to dip my toes in the sand if I'm that close to the water. We walked to the shore and had our pic taken. I have to figure out how to add pics to my posts. I took bunches.I think I'll stop at the end of Saturday evening and save today's fun for another post.

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