Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stuff to do

I'm working the first half of the week at my Dallas office because i'm leaving Thursday for Montana. Can I just tell you how crazy excited i am?! My sweet little Momma lives there and I havent seen her in 2 years. Yikes, i tear up just saying that outloud. You see, Montana isnt exactly the easiest state to get in and out of and its very seasonal with their snowstorms,etc. Normally, I get my mom to Texas so that she can see all of us (grandmother, brother, uncle,etc) but mom has had a real rough year with her health. Truthfully, this heat wave we're having would have been the worst for her! Hell, it's been hard on the healthier people around here. I have absolutely no idea if i will have internet connection once i get there. I have a mifi but we're talking podunk small town in the mountain Montana (Basin to be exact).  I'm really looking forward to wearing jeans, boots, long sleeves, possibly a jacket, wood fires, home cookin, laughing and crying with mom, silence, streams, forests, her sweet dogs, and more.
Last night on the news i saw the stats on our heat wave. We had 69 days in 1980 and we're at 63 as of yesterday. BRUTAL!! So with that it leads me to 3 nights ago (Saturday). I was gone most of the day at a CMA event and got home around 8 pm. It was stuffy inside but i thought well maybe i put the thermostat too high before i left. I took cold shower , tinkered around, then dozed off a little past 11 pm. I woke up at Midnight realizing that i was still not cooling down. I got up and grabbed 2 ice packs to sleep with -one between my knees and one on my neck. I fell back to sleep and then woke up at 2am realizing i was soaking wet with sweat. That was it. I couldnt sleep anymore. I got up and called the emergency line for maintenance. They called back and first said there was nothing they could do because it was too dark to get on roof and check the AC. Then at 3:30am  the maintenance showed up with a window unit air conditioner. I was so physically and mentally exhausted, i literally broke down crying (not my finer moment again) and said i was leaving and not coming back until it was fixed. That window unit was going to take long time for it to cool anything down! I called my very close friend that lives near by and explained that i was coming over for a small nap. I had to get up at 7 to go to church. My church is so very special because its at a nursing home with the most sweetest neatest residents ever! It makes their day that we come just for them on Sundays and i jsut couldnt stay at home knowing that some of them dont get visitors during the week.  After church, i had lunch with my Dad,Deb, Aunt Brenda and my grandmother Mimi who lives in an assisted living center very close to where i was.  Aunt Brenda and i were talking about movies and i mentioned i wanted to see  The Help and so did she.I really didnt want to go home yet either. It was 110 degrees. It was kinda cool because we decided to go right then and we've never done anything like that together.  i love spontaneous decisions and making good memories with sweet family. The movie was awesome by the way! During the movie my phone was turned off and maintenance had called and said i had AC again- i can come home. Whew!
Right now i have so much to do to get ready for vacation. When i get back home it will be nonstop all over again.

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