Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday with Julie

So I have to tell you about my day and evening with my college best friend Julie and her husband Tony. They live in Pacific Palisades and I was supposed to meet them 11am at their home. I drove very fast (Dallas driving) and got there too early so I pulled over to take pics of the surfers. What better way to kill time, right?! Julie is so cute and wanted to take me to a biker bar on the beach because she knows my weakness for Harleys. I had my own for a while and we'll talk about that on a different post. Tony, Julie and I drove past Malibu to Neptune's Net. It was so cool! Very casual and super crowded. Bikers were EVERYWHERE and it was across from the ocean. Bikers and Beach are two of my most fave thing! Oh, and my heart was already singing because I saw a large dolphin very close to the shore with the surfers. I saw another one on way back. Yay!
Later that afternoon we went to the Bel Aire Bay Club where they're members. Julie and Tony invited a few other couples over to play Bocce and have dinner. Now, Friday night I also drove to meet them at the same club and played Bocce for the first time. I was AWFUL! Beginner's luck did NOT come with me. We played boys against girls (Julie has 1 daughter and 2 sons). Girls lost 6-21. I am the least competitive person you will ever meet. Really! I could care less if I win or lose. Julie is competitive times 2 and she was so patient. LOL. Just family fun! Ok, back to Sunday. We had 2 teams with 4 on each team and I have to say that my game improved about 50%. For every good pitch  my next one would stink. I had SOOO much fun trying something I had never attempted before until this weekend. The game was also on the beach so the waves crashing and the view didnt hurt either while playing. Sun was shining,I'm at a exclusive beautiful club, I'm drinking wine, I have good friends around me, life is so AWESOME! I met a great lady named Amy who was Julie's friend and get this, she spent a day in San Diego at the Bloggers Conference. How cool is that?! I told her that I had just created a blog on Friday. GOD is Great because I believe that's what all coincidences are.  After the game we all sat around and talked for hours and literally closed the club down.  One of the guests is a producer and writes songs. He is helping Jack (Julie's oldest) with his music college application. Anyway, I have to tell you that he created a group called the Chillaxicans and there are 5 songs you have to go buy on Itunes. Tony even sings backup on the funny song"Butterface". It's explicit but crazy funny! These are whitebread Cali men doing rapping and I love it. I have to figure out to add live links to the songs on Itunes. Hang in there- I'll do it.
All in all- it was an incredible weekend and one I will remember. Memories were made for sure! I'll post some pics.

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