Friday, September 23, 2011

Backaches and garage sales!

Have i mentioned that i have a bad back? Well i do! Its my lower back and usually it decides about once or twice a month to act up. Here lately its been much more frequent. I have been walking very slowly and bent over now for an entire week. i also HATE going to Dr's! yep, i'm one of "them". If it doesnt get better though i have no choice. This past weekend i worked all day in a group garage sale for my CMA group. I think i went crazy picking things up, bending over alot in boxes, etc. Then, i tripped in my parking lot and didnt fall all the way down but really jammed up while catching myself.
 Speaking of garage sales, i'm participating in another one next month with a friend(coworker) of mine. This time though the money goes to me!  I've had 2 so far in my life. My first attempt was around 4 years ago and it was a flop. It poured down rain (it was not in forecast) and i made maybe 75$. Last year was much more successful because we did it for 2 days and i made a little over 200$. It was a whoopin but fun in the end with cash in hand. I bought a pair of new shoes and the rest helped me get a designer pair of eyeglasses for once. I needed new prescription glasses and i have always coveted the fancy frames that i couldnt afford. I am proud owner of Coach glasses! I know big deal but really it made me feel good.
So, now i am starting to schlep all my crap over to my friends garage where we're having the sale. I have stuff spread out all over the city. What happened is that i took my stuff that didnt sell last week so i could have it for mine. I dont have any room for extra stuff so my dear friends Cory and Wendy let me put it in their empty garage. Then, one of the CMA guys had an empty storage that all the members could use while preparing for our groups garage sale. I had loaded it up with 6 boxes. I wasnt quite fond of selling ALL my stuff in the CMA meeting once i found out that none of the proceeds would go towards my personal donations next May (long story-im not that greedy really!). So, i called him and said not to bring my stuff to the sale, i want to sell it next month. I also have a ton of boxes in my Dad's shed. Crazy i tell you! This moving my crap is also fantastic for my back.
This post is kinda pissy but it's not how i mean it to be.
Have a super weekend!

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