Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just hanging around airports

Today is my long day of travel to get to Montana. My flights are from DFW at 12:50 arriving in Seattle at 3 (5 central) leaving at 8;40pm for Montana arriving at 11:45 pm. I'm flying into Billings, Montana which is no where close to where Mom lives. Unfortunately there are only 2 flights a day going into Billings so i cant go standby on any other. On way here to Seattle, the cutest lady sat next to me. Her name is Catherine and she was in her early 80's. As soon as she sat down she introduced herself. She's coming to Seattle for her grandson's wedding and there were other family members on our flight with her. At first i got a little aggravated with her when i came back from the restroom. She did not want to get up and let me in and she kept saying make him move his seat up (referring to the man that was in front of her who had pushed his seat back). I know the flying etiqutte and i am not comfortable asking this business man to let me in when its my row that i need. The flight attendant got tired of me standing in the aisle and she asked him. It's not easy to crawl over someone  from this angle when you're on the window seat. I had to remind myself that she was old and didnt travel much and not to be mad. Catherine was talkative and i could tell she wanted to visit. She grew up in Dallas and had lived in the same house near Preston Center for 62 years. Normally because i travel every week, i usually hunker down with my ipod and magazine and retreat to myself.
Earlier when we were given warm nuts Catherine picked out all the cashews. The flight attendant (Norma) asked if we wanted more and she said i want more cashews. Norma looked perplexed because they were all mixed nuts and she couldnt separate. She just gave Catherine a new scoop and said this is best i can do.I noticed that she was saving her almonds and putting them to the side. When we got our meal we got some pita chips and hummus to go with a beef quesadilla. The quesadilla was made wiht an orange colored tortilla and she asked me what kind of pastry it was. Then she held up her hummus and asked what it was.  I said hummus, she said what is hummus? i told her that it was chickpeas ground up with spices and very popular dip (i dont personally care for it). She didnt eat it and she gave me her pita chips. She got up one her tray was gone and walked back to coach to give her other grandson her almonds. I wish i could have seen his face when she walked to him with her little bowl of almonds.I thought that was sooo cute. That generation doesnt believe in wasting anything!  After we landed she was telling me that i made her flight so enjoyable. She said i was welcome to come by for Sunday dinner anytime and announced her address. I didnt write it down but you know i could tell that she genuinely meant it! Then she said tell your mom i said hi! Seriously, i wanted to pick her up and put her in my suitcase. She was wearing a nice pink dress and pearls and then you look down and she had  brown socks and loafers on. She commented that someone told her to wear loafers that slipped on and didnt tie to get thru security easier. 

Mt Rainier

Catherine waiting for her clan. You cant see her shoes.

Now, I am killing many of hours in the airport. I bought 2 new nail polishs by Butter. Beautiful fun colors to play with this week. I also indulged in a 15 minute massage to kill time.

Have you been to one of the Life is Good stores? They are in a lot of airports and i love them. If i didnt already own a gazillion tshirts, i could go crazy in these stores. I killed at least 30 minutes browsing in here. I just love their laidback fun philosophy.

Life is Good guy

I thought now would be good time to do a post here. I have no idea when i'll be posting next but i hope soon with some Montana pics. We have long drive home tomorrow but its ok cuz im on vacation and its in Montana! Now, i'm going to wander around the airport some more.....

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