Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life is something else!

SO its only Wednesday and it's been a very long week! Monday is never the best thing to look forward to anyway but this past Monday was the suckiest ever. I am on a team of the most smartest,amazing coworkers that are also trainers like myself. When i first joined this team 7 years ago, there were 12 of us.  We had some people transfer into other positions along the way and for a while we've been down to 6. Due to company cutbacks that had NOTHING to do with performances we had to cut 2 from our team. This hits home in so many ways. First of all, when we travel with each other it makes you much closer than even sitting next to someone in your office. You're having to share cars, meals (hence the car sharing), stays in same hotels(own rooms of courses), etc.  We become family. You're far away from your own family and during good times and bad- a fellow trainer was there with you. I kinda have that survivor guilt where i feel weird that i have a job. However, i'm praising GOD on the hour for blessing me with my job. On a side note, the 2 friends that were laid off are both in a really good place financially and i know they'll be ok. AND now with only 4 trainers,i'm going to be so crazy busier than ever.
Ok, on a happier point, another coworker  Rashmi is due to have a baby boy any day now. She's been on bedrest for the last month and we gave her a baby shower today. It was a great success! We decorated the office with bunches of blue balloons, signs, and we all brought her gift cards and presents, and FOOD. We get excited to have a reason to bring food. LOL.  Rashmi and her family recently moved to Dallas from Atlanta and she has no family here. She was so excited and touched that we did this for her.
I brought a most yummy dish i found on Pinterest (my addiction) that is Pizza Dip. It was a hit and literally was an empty pan left.
Here's how easy it is: 1 block of cream cheese, a 1/2 cup of sour cream, a bag of mozzarela cheese, a jar of pizza sauce, pkg of pepperoni's, sprinkles of oregano and garlic flakes, and whatever veggies you want to add. I used a can of sliced black olives.
Mix the cream cheese and sour cream, and seasonings together and spread thin in  bottom of a small casserole pan, add the pizza sauce over that, layer the pepperonis and veggies, then cover with cheese. You can layer 1/2 of the bag of cheese on top under the sauce and then remaining on top. I love it cheesy and gooey! Bake for 20 minutes at 350 (preheated). I served with crostini's and it was good but you can use chips too.
I'm having dinner tonight with a member of my team that lives in Illinois but is here for some meetings. We're going to LaMadeleine. I love this place. They have the best chicken ceasar salads and i need something on the salad side after all the crap i ate today at office.
I am soooo excited for Friday to get here. I am hosting my CMA chapter womens dinner that evening for a few hours which should be good.  After dinner, i am meeting an ol college friend of mine (Dyan) whom i got reacquainted via Facebook this past year. The two of us are going to Billy Bob's in Ft Worth to see one of my most fave singers Robert Earl Keen. Woohoo! I saw him 2 years ago and had him sign my cowboy hat. Yep, i'm wearing it!!  He doesnt come on stage until 10:30 pm which is kinda scaring me cuz thats kinda late but i'll get my second wind. Should be tons of fun and i hope i have pics to share.  Gotta run...

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