Friday, September 16, 2011

Mom and Montana

I need to post about my trip to Montana before too much time goes by. As mentioned in earlier post it took forever to get to Montana. Unfortunately i had to fly into Billings which is also 4 hours away from Basin where Mom lives. I was so tired but i had plenty of time to rest during this week. It was absolutely PERFECT weather the whole time i was there. Mom has an outdoor patio around her house and i sat outside every day as long as i could. I read 3 books during my stay. Most of the time we just chilled around the house and our main activity of the day was to load the dogs up and take them somewhere where they could run like crazy. This was my favorite thing to do. The dogs were hysterical bouncing everywhere and running in the water to drink. There were streams at every location which was so great. I am so drawn to water! Having home cooked meals by Mom was my most special bonus.
 One day we went to an old abandoned mining town named Comet. It was so cool because Mom and I were the only 2 there during the week and had no crowds to walk thru. I went inside and climbed up many hills to get pics and stuff. One Saturday we went to the town of Boulder's outdoor art and music festival.  It was so cute. It was the size of a giant yard sale here in Dallas. LOL. There were a few nice booths with crafts made by local artists. I spent some money on a few things to support the community. :) 
Mom waving from back patio


Comet Mine and factory

One of the oldest working schools in Montana (Basin)

Lady of the Mountains in Butte

Famous Sleeping Giant from Helena
Mom lives less than half mile from a National Forest. There are trees and mountains on every side. At one point i felt like i was taking pictures of the same thing everyday but it was all just so pretty. I went to Butte a few times for something to do. Butte is the closest "main" city close to Mom thats around 40 minutes away. We went grocery shopping, thats where WalMart is (postcards),stopped by Harley store, they had Starbucks(woohoo), had lunch out and walked around their shops. Mom and i were walking by a Thrift store and i saw a cute shirt in the window. We went into the store and found out that everything was only a dollar that week and the proceeds were for battered women.  SIDEBAR: i support the Genesis womens shelter in Dallas and have for 18 years.  I bought 2 cute purses for myself, a belt, and a few real cute shirts and sweater for Mom. One shirt still had tags on it. That is so fun to find good deals like that!!!  In Butte there is a statue on top of a mountain of a lady that looks similar to Mary. She is lit up at night and looks down on the valley of Butte. I love that she is there. So Cool! One Sunday i rode into Helena with a good family friend to go to his church. I didnt want to miss church 2 Sundays in a row. It was nice to get out of the house and go into town. There are 2 places to eat in Basin and one night we even walked down to the cafe for dinner.
I just really needed to spend as much quality time i could with my Mom and that was accomplished. Her dogs Tinka and Singer kept me great company and i miss them all so much. I departed from Bozeman that is only 2 hours away. We drove there night before and i got us hotel so we wouldnt have to get up crazy early and be rushed. Bozeman is one of my fave cities of Montana. It was a wonderful vacation filled with gorgeous scenery and weather. I have memories now and they make me smile!

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