Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trip to Hotlanta

Wow, its been a while since my last blog so i thought i would push one thru today. I have been nonstop since i came back from Montana. My trip was great and i have so many pics to share but the internet was crazy slow so didnt want to try blogging while on vacation. I'll post about Montana on a different day.
When i left Montana on Monday i flew out of Bozeman into Seattle. I had 3.5 hr layover there before i flew to Dallas. I was home just for that evening to repack and i was off to Atlanta on Tuesday morning which is where i am now. My sweet cousin Lauren lives here in the area and Tuesday just happened to be her birthday. We would have planned to get together no matter what. Tuesday evening after work, i had a company dinner with some coworkers that i was training this week. We had a great dinner at the cutest Italian restuarant and yummy! I think it was called Paizano's. I had chicken with white wine and garlic and MAN were they generous with the garlic!!! After dinner i went to the hotel where my friends were staying for a few drinks at the bar. My friend Patricia (from Cali) and Alan (from Dallas) were with and it was great to get caught up. Yesterday (wednesday) was so busy. I trained all day and had mtgs but was so productive. It was last night that i met up with Lauren. She picked out a restuarant that she had heard about but never been to. It was called Bone Garden Cantina and was decorated with all Day of the Dead stuff. Basically all skulls and i love it! She knew i would love it because i have a few things like that in my home. The food was really good and so inexpensive. I would go all the time if i lived here.

Lauren and myself
After dinner we headed over to a great outdoor shopping plaza (Atlantic Station) and hung out some more. I am SO excited because we went into an H&M store that Texas has never had. I told the cashier (yep bought 3 dresses) how much i love them and she mentioned Dallas was getting one now. I had no idea! Yay!!! They have such cute clothes and very reasonable prices. Have you ever been to a Z Gallery store? They have the coolest home stuff! I absolutely love Halloween stuff and they had cute things to look at. More skulls of course! i bought a bag of small silver glitter skulls, you know every girl needs to carry those around. :)  All in all, we had so so so much fun catching up and having girl time. Now, I got to get abck to work my lunch hour is over.

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