Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's Up?

This weekend has been so awesome! I have been lazy and not feeling guilty for a minute. I got a lot done dont get me wrong but a lot of time just pittering around the casa. Yesterday, the only thing i had going was a wedding in the evening. Did i tell you about my Dad's best friends? He has 2 friends  (B and M)that they have literally grown up together since grade school. They got married right after high school and i've known them since i was born. Earlier this year "M" was diagnosed with breast cancer and she passed away around 2 months ago. It's been a big blow to our family. "M and B" have been to every single party,wedding, get together ,etc as part of the family. Well, last night her oldest daughter was getting married. It was important that Dad,Deb, and myself go to show our support.
 It was such a great night. The wedding was in East Texas where i grew up for many years. They have friends with a ranch and donated the tent and venue for the wedding. It was a western rustic theme with a chuckwagon even that had the wine and beer in it. Yummy BBQ with ribs was DElish!! The weather could not have been more perfect. Dad saw a ton of his friends from the past and they were so happy to see him. Last night was kinda emotional though for me. I just cant get used to seeing Dad zipping around on his motor wheelchair. He is so young to see him with the wheel chair and oxygen tank next to his friends of the same age. Plus side- he was feeling good and was so happy to be there. For most of the time we didnt think Dad would make it to the wedding. Being outdoors is not always good for him and we're not sure of the terrain for the wheelchair. And it depends on if has a good day or not.  All in all it worked out but he did slice his hand while trying to unlock the chair from the ramp. That upset me more than him.
After the wedding Tara came to see Dad and was hugging him so big. I saw Dad's eyes tear up and then mine did too. Missing "M" was everywhere. The most touching part of the night was a few minutes after Tara was in the Daddy/Daughter dance with "B", her little sister Taylor got on dance floor and the 3 of them danced together. There was not a dry eye in the house!
I went to my 2 churches today and even did a good friend deed. A very dear friend has a stomach virus and her husband too. I dropped off some 7ups, soup, and saltine crackers by their house. Now, i have to make 2 dishes for a CMA picnic tomorrow night and a potluck babyshower wednesday. If you only knew how i want to change my mind and take chips with onion dip. I am going to make the cream cheese rollups tonight and i hope its easy as it looks. I'm making a pizza dip for Thursday and again i have never made it. I want to be inspired to be more creative in the kitchen. I do not enjoy cooking at all and i feel like something is wrong about that. 
I am wrapping up and turning on the Football to keep me company while in the kitchen. I'll let you know how it goes. The Cowboys play tomorrow during my picnic- ugh!

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