Friday, October 14, 2011

Dog Tired

Last night I attended my very first Twitter party. Have you even heard of those? I had not until I joined a website called She Speaks and I saw the invite there. Have you ever heard of a TweetGrid? Me neither! It was a total new experience for me. I must admit at first it was overwhelming but within the hour that it lasts, i think i got some of the gist.  There is a host for the party then they have a subject of the party and we post our hearts out. It goes so fast its crazy with all the tweets. I had more fun seeing all the other participants and now i'm following quite a few more than i was. I need to join a few more before i really know what I'm doing. There's even door prizes that were given but i was not so lucky. There is a tutorial i need to watch a few times to get a better understanding.
The twitter party was the most perfect thing to do while being in Canada on a rainy night in the hotel. I wish i could attend a party every week that i travel. I did go out to eat with Wendy and a coworker from Montreal. We had dinner at Moxie's and i had the best broccoli cheese soup. My hamburger was awesome too! It was a nice meal to end my trip on. After the twitter party in my hotel, i still needed to pack and get ready for an early morning. Wendy and I planned to leave hotel by 4:30 am and we left earlier by 4:15. I do not sleep at all when i have an early early morning. I am so afraid of sleeping thru the alarm that i wake on the hour.
The process at the airport was crazy yucky!! I stood in line for exactly an hour to get through customs. Then our plane was delayed because we waited for more passengers that were stuck in that line.
Wendy travels to Canada a lot lately and she has one of those special Nexus cards. You can walk right by that awful line and to a much shorter one to have your retinas scanned. Freaky but cool right?! I have filled out application for that and waiting for my interview anyday now. I will be traveling back to Canada the first 3 weeks of November so it will help alot. Aye!
After i landed this morning (almost 4 hour flight), i showered and laid down for about 45 minutes for a nap. Now, i'm working from home and realizing that i have no plans this weekend.  I like that! We'll see what comes up.

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