Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Good Day

Did you know that Canada has over the counter drugs that are not available at all in the US?  My great friend/boss Wendy is a genius! Today she went online and Tylenol has a product called Body Pain Night. We went to the nearest Rexal drug store and i bought a package. It's supposed to have a mild muscle relaxer in it and I'm so excited to see if it helps. I"ll let you know. I just took 2 a few minutes ago. AND  BTW, i scheduled my Dr's appointment for Monday morning.  I found out the hard way last Saturday night that i cant take anything with Codeine in it. I took a Tylenol 3 that has codeine in it and boy did it make me so sick! I had no idea i would react so badly to it. Fingers crossed for tonight.
 If you only knew that it takes an Act of Congress for me to take ANY medicine at all. I am so bad at swallowing pills. This is not good because i have hypo-thyroid disease and have for 13 years. I take a pill every morning. Yuck! Last year i decided upon myself that i just didnt want to take my thyroid medicing anymore. I have no idea why i did that. Come to find out it can cause depression if you dont treat it. I had never gone through depression before and it was so awful. I would cry every day and have no idea why until i went to my Dr.
When he asked how i was doing  with my synthroid - i said oh that, yep i quit taking it.
Dr- Why? Did another Dr advise you not to?
Me- Nope.i have taken it for years and thought maybe i didnt need to anymore. It's a hassle to get it refilled every 3 months and i dont like swallowing pills.
Dr- Did you know that hypo thyroidism can cause clinical depression?
Me- i had no idea and i guess that would explain my crazy crying. Ok- I'll start taking again.
Dr- you are my second most difficult patient.
Needless to say i take THAT medicine every morning no matter what.

I had such a delicious dinner tonight! I had dinner with one of my Canada coworkers here in Toronto. We went to Alice Fazooli's and I had swordfish. I dont get it very often but its one of my most fave fishes to eat. The fish had an olive caper butter sauce but it was very light. My appetizer was a flaming cheese that I want to go back and have again.  I am so lucky to travel and try new places to eat.
I have a very full day tomorrow with training and no plans for tomorrow night yet. We shall see.

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  1. Yeah i think your friend is really genius.


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