Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Night

Today was a good day. I had a full day of training a new group and i think it went pretty well. It was a long day though because we had lunch brought in (sandwiches-boo) and i never stepped outside once. It did start raining today and is still raining. My hair is crazy frizzy this week! I love it because it's cooling down now. I packed my dress boots and dresses and i was afraid i was going to be too hot. I am so hot natured and i stay warm all the time.
I will eat sandwiches as long as the bread is toasted and there's melted cheese. I will eat a coldcut sandwich every now and then but not often. I know i know-picky! I had dinner tonight with Wendy and another coworker who traveled this week from the US too. It's the nice thing to do when we're all foreigners and traveling alone to try to eat together. It's sad and lonely sometimes eating alone. We went to a restaurant called Canyon Creek Chophouse and had an awesome Ceasar salad. I had the flatiron steak with a mushroom sauce but it honestly wasnt great. The steak was much too rare for my taste and a little chewy. I had a local wine from Niagara falls and it was delish.
Now, i'm hanging out at the hotel blogging and watching some TV. I love love love the show Modern Family. I was laughing out loud tonight. I'm sure my neighbors think i'm crazy.
Tomorrow is a repeat at work of today except to different audience. I hope it goes as good.

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