Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Kicking around

You know i noticed i dont blog much when i'm not traveling. It's so much easier when i'm stuck in a hotel room at night to whip out the ol laptop and fire off a post. Oh well.  To get caught up from this weekend - i had soooo much fun last Friday night. After work i had to host our monthly womens CMA get together (we take turns every month). I chose a local Italian place called "Italian Villa". It is yummy and their portions are huge. I think I did good because all the ladies seemed happy. I ordered the chicken carciofi that had mushrooms and artichokes in it. TO DIE FOR! I could eat artichokes on anything. I am so picky but the things i like are funny. I hate most all vegetables. Not Good.  Anyway back to subject, I only got to stay for 2 hours because i was meeting some other friends for the concert. We just created our CMA chapter at the first of the year. We all really dont know each other all that well but we're trying to. I can just say that most of these women make me heart happy to be around. They have such a unique difference about them and so different. I like being around strong Christian women that can show me and guide me to keep me on the right path. 
My friend Dyan picked me up at my place and she brought a friend of hers Deb who i had never met. I liked Deb right off the bat and she was fun to be around. Dyan and I were serious party girls in college at North Texas. We got connected again thru Facebook about a year ago and we saw each other in person on her birthday. It has been at least 18 years since i had seen her last.  Isnt it great to find a good friend and pick up where you left off? We went to BillyBob's in Ft Worth to see Robert Earl Keen in concert. I love him y'all! Such a fun laid back performance. His music is so Texas and fun. I bought another T-shirt that said "Road Goes On Forever". It was on sale for 10$ and it's a 2x. LOL. I will cut it off and sew it so it wont look like a nightgown. Afterwards we walked a little thru the stockyards but it was pretty late and we're an hour from home. We had a bottle of wine and a few cocktails but i wasnt even snockered at all. I look that way in the pics. It was a long week and it showed this Friday in the pic. These pictures are blurry but its something.


Have I mentioned that one of my goals is to pick up guitar lessons again and play a song with my Dad? Daddy bought me the coolest little Martin guitar 6 years ago. I took lessons but then started traveling like crazy and couldnt do it anymore. Unfortunately, i did forget nearly everything i learned. One of the couples in my CMA chapter (Ray and Jaye) are very musically talented. I once loaned my guitar to Ray for our meeting and told him i didnt know how to play and he offered me some lessons. Yay! I took him up on one last night and boy was it hard. I have so much respect for musicians. The finger placements are just not natural and very awkward. I have to practice like crazy. Another thing is that my strings are steel strings and it was much harder to learn on. Ray suggested to buy a cheap guitar with regular(nylon,plastic) strings to get used to it. Who knew? When i practiced with his it did make a difference. Wish me luck on this. I have to travel again next week so already will be missing a week of practice.
SSSHH- i'm shopping tonight for a new pair of dress boots. I feel like that should be a secret because most people who know me will freak that i'm buying yet another pair of shoes. I dont have a pair of tan/beige knee boots and i think i need them for some outfits i have in mind in my closet. I'm on the search so we shall see....

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  1. ok so
    a)there's no denying we're family with our veggie issues!
    b)you and your 2x t-shirt fetish! you're gonna have to start getting creative with them!
    c) really, another pair of boots? I think you have a problem!
    Oh how i love you!


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