Monday, October 24, 2011

A Little Culture in My Life

Wow! What a crazy week and weekend it's been for me lately. I didnt travel last week but i was preparing for my garage sale. Garage sales always seem like such a good idea until it's time to do it. You have to go through all your stuff and sort it out, i had to haul it over to my friends moms house where the sale is, then you got to set everything up on hangers, tables, etc, make signs, get up at crack of dawn , and then haggle to get 50 cents for a 90 dollar ski jacket. We had our sale both Friday and Saturday and i'm whooped! I am saving for an iPad so any money made is handy. We had the sale in a suburb of Dallas that passed a law prohibiting all to use signs advertising the sale. That's crazy! We're in the middle of a neighborhood with no way of letting people know we're sitting in the back garage with lots of stuff to sale. Anyway, we snuck signs out when we could and the city would pick them up and keep them. I made a little over 300$ so i'm good. My back is aching though and i did overdo it.
I added a little culture to my weekend last night and went to a chorus and opera show. I have this coworker (Fred)that sings in the Turtle Creek Chorale and has invited me to watch them perform many times over the years. I honestly am interested in going but i never quite made it for various legit reasons. Last week i heard him talk about his upcoming show with someone and i asked him about it. He replied " you never come so i didnt think you were interested". I replied" i'm always interested, i just havent made it yet but i dont want to NOT be invited". So i called a friend (pam) that day, asked her if she would want to go (my boyfriend didnt want to) and i bought us tickets that next day. I am so glad i did. It was such a fun evening and it was nice doing something so different. Fred was very happy that i made a point to come.
 Pam and I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant that's been around FOREVER called ElFenix that's just a few blocks away from the Dallas Arts District. I had never been to the Morton H Meyerson Symphony Center.
Its a gorgeous building and concert hall and the acoustics were spectacular. The performance was Messiah so it was Faith based and amazing. There's something about hearing 300 voices singing Hallelujah that brings chillbumps to the surface. There were a few that belted out opera and it was terrific but i am not fan of hearing a lot of it in one sitting. I respect and am wowed at their ability but still only good for maybe 3 songs.
I will go again because i really enjoy doing things outside my norm and it was nice to appreciate some of Dallas' most awesome talent here in my own backyard so to speak. The pics are blurry but again we're asking strangers to take for us with our phones.
Pam and I with Meyerson on the wall behind us

Am i wearing cowboy boots? Why yes! yes i am. My back ached after wearing my heels for 5 minutes at home so on came the boots. Thank GOD I live in Texas and can get away with this anytime!

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