Monday, October 10, 2011

Out and Aboat (about but the canadians pronounce it like boat)

I'm in Toronto ,Canada this week for work. The flight today was almost 4 hours long and i could not sit still because of my back. Seriously, i have no choice but to schedule a Dr appointment for next week. This is the longest i've gone with so much pain in my back. I am walking crooked and i hurt so much every day. I feel like the biggest baby complaining about my back but y'all i'm just not myself lately. I went to dinner with Wendy (my boss-and friend) at SpringRollsSpring Rolls . It's a PanAsian restaurant and it was very busy. Today was a holiday here in Canada-Thanksgiving Day. We worked from our hotel room after we landed because the office was closed.
How was my weekend? I drove to East Texas on Friday to go stay the night with my sweet grandma (Nanny). She lives2.5 hours away one way and that was not good for my back. I had great visit with her but we didnt do much at all. My eyes watered from my back and i just laid on the floor alot. We did sew some of my 2x shirts though. I took my sewing machine with me so she could help me with my hemming. I paid a little boy that lives in my apartment $1 to carry my machine down the steps and into my truck. Best dollar spent for sure.  I am so not good at sewing and i want to be! I have so many ideas in my head that i need to get better at.
I drove home Saturday afternoon back to Dallas because i had dinner plans with a few friends that night. You know i was so close to cancelling because of my back. I thought about it and thought that i could be in a restaurant getting caught up with my friends in pain or i could be sitting on my couch at home alone in pain. So yep- i went! I had a great time but my friends kept saying you must feel bad - I can see it on your face. I had such an awesome drink- it was a frozen drink called a Dragonberry. YUMMY!! That made me feel better. We had dinner at  Sambuca 360 a bar/restuarant that also had live music. My friend Vicky works there in payroll and other admin stuff.
Vicky and me

Me after my Dragonberry drink

Yesterday (Sunday) i managed to go to both my churches the nursing home Autumn Leaves and then to Horizons. I went home after that, took a long nap on my heating pad and then got up and packed for my trip. I have never been a napper but i think my pain wears me down. My neighbors made a pot of chili and invited me to bring my bowl over and grab some. It was very spicy and he added corn to it which was a little different. It was still very tasty and i was so happy not to cook or drive to get something. It started raining last night too which is so very needed in Dallas. I love listening to the rain while snuggled in bed.  I went to bed a happy girl!

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