Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Garage Sales,BFF'S, Family, and of course Eat!

Time is flying by! I had intentions of blogging sooner but just didnt make it. I'm back in Toronto this week (Mississisauga) and we're staying downtown. It's very cool with all the lights and billboards -like a mini Times Square. We walked to our restaurant last night for dinner. I love that kind of atmosphere and the convenience of not driving. Speaking of dinner, we ate at Milestones and had the BEST meal ever. It was frozen Bellini night and we had one of those. They topped it off with Sangria and oh my! Delish. I had a pasta with mushrooms and chicken and a wine sauce. Heavenly!!

Tonight we had a Meet and Greet dinner with the department we're here to train. We trained half of them today and the other half tomorrow. This is my favorite part of my job when we get to meet new people. It's such a melting pot here in Toronto. One of the gals was from Croatia, another from India, another from Italy, and another from Portugal. Isn't anyone FROM Canada? People can say the same thing though about Dallas. I'm part of special crowd that's actually a native Dallasite. Dinner tonight was at The Keg Steakhouse and Bar. Funny because i had another awesome Bellini tonight too. It was mango and peach together-so yummy!My steak was a little bloody for my taste but still had great flavor all in all. I havent had a steak in ages. It was good to have it.
So i just have to tell you about how much fun i had actually GOING to garage sales last weekend. After recently having one of my own it was fun to be on the other side. I had been searching and asking everyone to keep an eye out for me on a fireplace poker set. I found one on my own and guess how much- yep! only 3 dollars! yay-woohoo! One of the pieces was missing  the handle and it is a little rusty but i wont even use the tool anyway that's broken. I landed last Friday and i called my high school BFF Kimi to see what she was up to. She lives in Fort Worth and that ought to be in Mexico because of the distance. We were going to meet half way for dinner but she didnt have a sitter for her youngest son Nolan. I went ahead and drove out there that evening and we had the best night! Her daughter Kati is pregnant and she came and spent whole evening with us too. It was so fun to just eat spaghetti at the house and sit around to talk all night.
The next morning (Saturday) i was going to leave early but Kimi suggested going garage huntin. She rocks at the negotiation side of things. I am so uncomfortable to ask for lower price and why is that? No one certainly didnt bat an eye to talk me down to price. I totally scored on some Williams and Sonoma ORANGE mixing bowls for ...drumroll...5dollars$! My most awesome and biggest win was my dining room chairs. I really wanted a little something different to add a punch to my room. Check them out!! Orange cushions-sigh-i die!
Williams Sonoma 5$ bowls

Really?! I love my chairs.

Now for my stroke of luck to continue, after i left Ft Worth i had to drive to east Texas for a family get together. I was totally driving 70+ but ONLY because i thought the speed limit was 70. I actually pulled behind a squad car and went around him. We were at same speed so i thought i was cool. I wasnt. He pulled me over. I just have to say that i NEVER have been able to get out of or talk my way out of ticket. I didnt even bother to try this time either. He gave me a break and let me go. Its because i didnt slam on my brakes and try to fake that i wasnt speeding. I willingly admitted to passing him. LOL. So happy for that.
My cousin that lives in London is visiting here with his husband and we only get to see him once a year. Many of us met at my one cousins house Monya and we had a nice night. Another cousin that i never get to see came and brought his lovely family too. Who was missing was my sweet baby brother and his family (jeremy got sick) and Jadona with her new man and her sons. Home cooked meal was a plus and i saw my sweet Nanny.

I threw my back out again on Sunday and it's totally sucked since. I am so sick of being in pain. What do i do now? Grin and bear it-Literally!  Happy Tuesday.

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