Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Montreal This Week- Oui Oui

Hey Y'all!  I'm having a super busy week already and it's only Tuesday. I'm working in Montreal, Canada this week and it took me forever to get here yesterday. Well, it just seemed like forever because my plane left at 6:10 am which involved me getting up at 3:30 and being at airport by 5. I am still so tired! I think i've mentioned already that i'm NOT an airplane sleeper. Why is it that when i'm in public on a plane, i jerk and scare myself and neighbors from jumping. Oh, i did make it interesting by spilling my full cup of ice water directly on my right leg and soaked my seat and jeans. I havent done that in years. It was nice and cool the rest of trip for sure. So my flight had a layover in NYC and man was it so hard to look at the window and see one of my most favorite cities right in front of me. This Texas girl LOVES some New York City life! It hurt just to be in LaGuardia airport. Oh well, one day i may come back and stay longer in NYC.
You know i am all about the meals when traveling. Do you know about Poutine? That is french fries with cheese curds and brown gravy. It's very different but tasty none the less! We were taken to a popular dive called Lafleur and had the officical Poutine. It's a dish made popular in Quebec/Montreal. Just got to say not to knock it till you try it!
Last night we had our Meet and Greet with who we were going to train this week. We had dinner at one of Gordon Ramsey's restuarants. We ate at Laurier's and i have totally mixed reviews. Here's what happened: we made reservations for 14 people so they gave us a "group menu" that we had to order off of. No one had any problems with that for most part but when we wanted to order a different side that was on the real menu, the waitress literally yelled at us and told us we cant deviate off the menu. Only a few people wanted to make changes so it was crazy that she yelled at us. Last time i checked, WE are the customer and we're paying nicely for this dining experience. Anyway, i wont bore you with more complaining but the service was the worst i ever had but the food was AMAZING!  After watching Hell's Kitchen just a few times, i have a feeling that Gordon would NOT be happy that his staff was terrible and mean. Or would he?
Tonight we had a nice dinner at a local cozy Italian Restuarant and everything was wonderful. I'm on a roll because tonight i spent my glass of water on my boss AND her phone. NICE! Anyway, I had a seafood pasta in white wine sauce and man was it good! Next time you're in Montreal look up Bellissimo and you wont be sorry! I'm staying downtown and there is SO many beautiful buildings and architecture around. Sad thing is that it's dark when we return to hotel and too late to take any pictures. Maybe tomorrow....
Here's a few pics i did take. :)
NYC from plane at LaGuardia-made me hurt to look

Gordon Ramsay's Lafleur

The biggest pork schnitzel ever! oh yeah and mac n cheese

Poutine Baby!!

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