Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Survived Halloween and back in the saddle again

So how was everyone's Halloween? I had so much fun! I love love love Halloween and i decorated both my home and office with everything witchy and skulls. I need to buy another storage container to hold all my decorations i have. Over the weekend i made the cutest skull headbands and they were a hit! I had a few friends even ask me how much they were because they wanted one but i gave them for free. Yesterday at the office I wore my headband and i spray painted my hair purple just for the heck of it. I had a cute tshirt with a skeleton couple on it that i found at Walmart. I didnt get a picture though. I just have to say that I also outdid myself making Treats too. I asked our department to all bring Treats to the office to celebrate. I bought NutterButter's and dipped one package in milk chocolate and the other package in dark chocolate. I decorated them like ghosts with black and white icing too. I also made sugar cookies in shapes of ghosts and witch hats. I seriously always go for grabbing store bought cookies or cupcakes but Nope- did it myself this time!
I am the luckiest girl-my neighbors LOVE Halloween as much as i do. They went ALL out and decorated our hallway into a haunted house. Did you know there was zombie baby dolls out there? There are many and they all do different scary things. Some shake with red denom eyes, some have sharp teeth and squeal, some have fake blood and eat bones. Anyway, my neighbor hung baby cribs on the walls and the ceiling and had a zombie baby behind all them. They had scary music, fog machine, cobwebs EVERYWHERE with a Giant Spider and little spiders everywhere. We put all our candy in a baby basket and had the kids reach in and grab it.  I enjoyed hanging with the neighbors eating sandwiches and looking at the kids costumes. Too fun! I will post a few pics but i took a ton.
Our Punkins lined up

This gave me nightmares and i dont scare easy

Our zombie baby candy keeper

Night before-Wendy and i with our headbands i made
After my fun night of Halloween , I still had to pack for this week in Canada. Which is where i am now. I'm with my boss/friend Wendy and coworker Mark this week and the next few weeks. After we landed around 2:30 we drove to Niagara Falls. I drove there by myself a few years ago from New York and it was so nice to see it from the Canada side this time. We couldnt have picked better weather tonight to be there. It was a little chilly but sunny and not windy or cold. Wendy is so awesome because she knows how much i love to find Harley Davidson shops and we find one on the main street where all the shops and restaurants are.  We ate dinner at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville and had the yummiest blue crab and shrimp dip. yummy!

Wendy W, me, and Mark at Margaritaville

Niagara Falls on Canada side

Awesome rainbow
I really enjoy working in Toronto. I hope this week goes smoothly- I'll most likely blog again in this fun hotel room.

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