Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey and Stuff

So how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was very nice. Pretty uneventful and I have no complaints about that at all. I have my own tradition i started several years ago by volunteering on Thanksgiving day and feeding the homeless. My friend Pam and her husband Ed own 2 very successful cafes called Norma's in Dallas. The original one is very close to downtown Dallas in area called Oak Cliff. Ed started this tradition in his cafe 23 years ago. How it works is anyone is welcome to come to the cafe and we serve the standard meal of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, salad,cranberry sauce, rolls, and a slice of pie. We serve until we run out.  They dont take orders that day from the menu and all the meals are free! It's amazing to see the line of people around the block starting that morning. Most of all patrons served are homeless, jobless, and hungry. I can't remember if this year was my 10th or 11th time to be volunteering. We get a shirt every year with the sponsors on the back and the year on the front. When i moved last year, i donated a huge heap of shirts and so i can't go back and count the shirts. Oh well- it doesnt matter - i just love it! I also like the fact that i have something to do for me. When i have family spread out around the city , i dont hurt anyone's feelings by not coming by. You know what i mean?  Anyways, this year has been all about my Dad so i went to his place after volunteering. My stepmom Deb made an amazing meal and the Dallas Cowboys won the game! WOOHOO~~  An awesome day for sure!
Before i left Dad's i grabbed my Christmas decorations box to sort through and decorate. My apartment is kinda small so i'm not going to put up my tree. I am going to use a few of my little tiny trees around the place.
I grabbed a ton of stuff that i will use and my place looks like Christmas threw up in here! lol.  I have a lot to do but i look forward to it helping me get in the Christmas spirit. When do you put up your decorations and when do you start taking them down? I typically wait until after New Year's.
I can't go and not see my sweet grandmother Nanny during the holiday weekend. I know i mentioned in past that she lives 2 hours one way. My uncle had Thanksgiving dinner yesterday (Saturday) at his place because my cousin's could be in town. Uncle James lives a mile from Nanny. My one cousin Cody lives in Austin with his wife Christie and it was great to see them. Shane (my other cousin and Cody's brother) was also there with his wife Reagan. Can you believe i didnt take any pictures? i'm so bummed at myself!
I rode down there with one of my best friends Todd on his beautiful Road King. What a great ride it was! That's 4 hours on a Harley round trip and i was in heaven. My only complaint is that we had a cold front come in throughout the day and it was CHILLY on ride back to Dallas. I have all the riding a gear a girl could need but it just so happened to be boxed away at Dad's and i wasnt prepared well for the ride. I made due because Uncle James gave me a pair of flannel lined jeans and Todd had rain jacket with hood that fit under my helmet. I went to Dad's today and got my box of leathers. It was like Christmas opening it up and finding my chaps, vests, and jackets that i bought at Harley. I will be prepared the next time i ride again- i sure hope its soon!!
I have a busy week ahead as always but i'm not traveling. I'll be working in Dallas and it's so nice to be packing right now. Have a great week.

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