Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another day in Dallas

I am just so happy to be at home right now.  When Sunday’s come around and I DON’T have to pack my suitcase , it makes me a happy girl.  I really really love my job and I actually love to travel but it’s also nice to have this break. I try to take advantage of this time to schedule my dentist checkups, Dr’s appts, etc.  That part is not fun.
I used to be one that would make New Year’s resolutions. This year I decided that my life is just too busy and crazy to set myself up for failure. There are things that I definitely want to work on but if it happens it happens. I would LOVE to get healthier this year. Maybe not just skinnier but actually able to go up 3 flights of stairs without breathing so heavy and sweaty. I have never been so out of shape.  I just simply don’t have the energy to take that walk, or jog, and to go oh at least a few yards where my apartment has a mini-gym.  I got to do something!
My eating habits is my destruction. I don’t like to cook, I rarely cook at all , so that means fast food or quick unhealthy things I can pop in microwave.  I don’t like vegetables either. I know- I am like a 4 yr old being stubborn at dinner time.When I eat a salad I feel so good about myself. I ignore all the facts that I have bacon, egg, cheese, and fatty dressings with croutons. It makes me feel healthier anyway. Being around my family has been great because my grandma and my stepmom are amazing cooks. I just cant hurt their feelings and not eat what they have prepared so maybe I can do better once I do start traveling. Who can pass up home cooking?
I  want/need to read more of my books that are crowding my book shelves. I am addicted to buying books and it will take me forever but I do read every night. I read alot but not enough. My goal is to stop buying books until I read a few more. I have no room at all to squeeze one more book on my shelf. To add to the books, I want to work on my quiet time with God. I have done this before and I feel so much closer to God when I talk to him every day in quiet time. Most of the time its in my car but I do want to read more spiritual books too.
My apartment is overflowing in many unstarted crafts projects. I get so many ideas and go buy the supplies. Then I get it home and don’t complete it. I really need to finish (start and finish) what I have or get rid of some of my junk that’s taking up room. I have done a few and I’m happy for that.
I get home after work and it’s a choice between start a craft or read. I usually end up doing neither and watching TV.  hmmmm
My goals this year are also monetary. I desperately need a new bed and soon. My back is still hurting and probably always will. My TV is still the huge old-fashioned tube tv that I had in storage all the while living with my ex-boyfriend. My DVD player is on the fritz and if i buy a new one it wont get along with my antique TV. So i want new television AND a blu-ray player.  I am looking for an ipod alarm clock too. I can do all of this but no time soon. Did i mention that the week of Christmas i had to buy a brand new windshield and 4 new tires for my truck? My truck was up for inspection and I had to do all that in order to pass.  i had a few days to get it done before January and that was all very expensive!!  Once i pay some of that off ,i can focus on this wish list i just mentioned. Wish me luck.

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