Friday, January 20, 2012

Jump for Joy- it's Friday

I love Friday's when i can wear jeans and sneakers to work and it's payday!!! YAY!
Oh our crazy Texas weather! So today it will actually get to 80 degrees here in Dallas. 2 days ago it was in the 30’s to 40’s.  We go back and forth from hot to cold a few times a week and my allergies and headaches are wreaking havoc like crazy. Please don’t think I’m complaining because many of my friends right now in Midwest and Pacific(Seattle) are being hammered with snow and ice. I am only seriously concerned because if it’s already 80 in January, what’s it gonna be like by lets say even May? HOT HOT HOT and that does not make me happy. Ok, enough about the weather.
Tonight I am going to a sold out rock concert to see Tool. I am giggly excited to rock out and lose my voice by screaming WooHoo all night.  I haven’t been to a rock concert in AGES.  Ya’ll remember I went to Robert earl Keen a few months back at Billy Bob’s but this is different. Now the funny thing is that I was supposed to go see Merle Haggard tomorrow night at mentioned Billy Bob’s. BUT, the poor old guy is in hospital with pneumonia and the show was cancelled. Part of me is very sad that I’m not gonna have a full on concert weekend –hard rock to pure country. The other side of me is relieved thought because I’m just not the wild crazy party girl (young) like I used to be and wondered if I could handle both.
I have an officer’s meeting with my CMA group tomorrow also in Waco and we’re meeting at 7am to carpool and follow each other. YAWN. I hope to sleep on the way cuz tonight’s going to be late night. I am looking forward to going though because I missed last year’s and I kinda felt left out. Being surrounded by my sweet CMA brothers and sisters always make for a great day.
Sunday afternoon I plan on visiting my folks. Dad seems to be feeling better from the stem cell therapy and actually thinks his breathing is better. I cant be happier for this my friends! He does have to be on strict Gluten free AND sugar free diet right now while he’s on a certain medication. He cant have dairy either and he misses his big glass of milk that he has every night. This little diet created a lot of extra work for my awesome step-mom Deb. She’s had to get pretty creative and careful on the meals she prepares for him and it’s not all that easy. It’s more expensive and every meal has to be looked at closely to see if there’s sugar.  It’s the small price we pay and is nothing at the end of day when it comes to Dad’s healing. I will do anything humanly possible to see him feel good again.
I also want to mention that my project at work I’m rolling out is going so good. It’s great to not travel and to work with all my Dallas coworkers. I rarely get to work with them on actual project with interaction as a trainer.  Usually its just in the break room while getting my coffee.
Last note of the day, I bought a new mattress set this week and it was delivered today. I hope I like it once I get to really lay in it.  I did buy from place where I have 1 year to return and exchange if I don’t like it.  I gave my old set to one of my best friends and her husband. I love love love my bed but it was too soft for my jacked up back now. I am so glad it went to a happy home. My friends had a water bed that ended up leaking a few months ago and they had to throw it out. They ended up sleeping on an air mattress ever since and that made me sad for them. I love a win –win situation that my friends and me get a new bed to us.
Y’all have a super weekend!!

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