Thursday, January 5, 2012

Well Hellooooo Again

Happy New Year! I am such a complete slacker on my poor blog. I had so many good intentions to post at least a little something here and there but never made it. I went thru Christmas without so much as a peep out here. Soooo, how was your Christmas and New year’s? I will just say that in the past few years I was more on the Grinch side that the Jolly side of holidays. This year was a little of both.
I mentioned many posts ago that my Dad is suffering from a very rare lung disease and in on oxygen full time. His breathing has got much worse and it is very hard to watch him suffer. I spent as much time as I could during my days off to be at the ranch near him. Why do the holidays make what our hard times seem even larger?
On a VERY personal note that I have ever mentioned about myself in this blog- I had been in a relationship for nearly 8 years and it too was struggling. I ended it recently which was never an easy thing to do but every bit the Right thing to do.  My emotions this year had been at its highest due to my Dad’s health. I have NEVER been married my fellow blog readers. For the most part I thought I was ok with that fact. I’m really not trying to be negative and doom and gloom but here are my thoughts. I want my Father to walk me down the aisle to whomever my husband will be. We never know how long we will be here and Dad is losing strength. This has become very important to me and my Ex was not interested in ever being married. I REALLY want to be married now (to the right person of course)!As a Christian woman, I really want to try my best to live the right way in relationships and by that I mean no more living with my boyfriend until marriage. Yep- I also lived with my Ex for a while too. Don’t judge- I had my reasons.
I did have such a great time with many of my family members during the holidays. My sweet cousin Lauren (you’ve seen her in other posts) flew to Texas from Georgia for a few days.  I just have so much fun with her. I took her on a small tour around downtown Dallas. She had never really seen Dallas and i love showing her around. I took her to Sprinkles cupcakes and got a few of my faves. Dallas is so lucky to have one in our city. There is an area called Deep Ellum that has many clubs and restaurants and very fun place to go. Lauren and I met up with our other cousin Jadona and her boyfriend Roy. We went to a fun bar called the Doublewide and yes it was decorated as cheesy as you can imagine. Too fun!

Lauren and I at Snuffer's
Jadona and I at Doublewide

I never did post about my trips that I had to make to Minnesota. I spent two weeks there before Christmas and it was COLD! One day the high temp was 15degrees. The highlight of that trip was a work Christmas party I attended with our vendors in downtown Minneapolis. One of the appetizers was Rabbit. Now before you say Gross! No way! If you truly knew how picky and finicky eater I am. I just have to say that it was DELISH and I would eat it again right now if I could. It was paired with artichokes (which is my fave) and it was creamy and not gamey at all. Really!!
I love trying new things and it being successful.

I really do want to get back to posting often and I have so much to get caught up on. this was a good start though. Ok- one quick brag is that I have literally ached and envied all those with iPad’s and I got my own for Christmas! Woohoo- thank you daddy. J

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