Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pity Party for One- I want to be at home in my own bed. :(

I am not a happy girl. Beware because this post is simply going to be whining mostly. I am in Toronto Canada this week and I am super sick. I actually got sick over the weekend and its continued to get worse. I am not excited to be out of the USA and to not be feeling well. I was miserable last night in hotel and literally just paced the floors. I seriously may need to go to a Doc in a Box here if today doesn’t improve. I know there are close to zero males who read this so I can tell you what I think I have. I have never had a UTI (urinary tract infection) but I’m convinced that’s what I have. I have to pee every minute- it hurts when I do- my kidneys are aching, I’ve been running a fever, and throwing up. I am drinking cranberry juice today just to feel like I’m doing something. If you’re a praying kind of person I could really use some prayers my way.
Since I haven’t felt well , I have not left my hotel once work is over.  It’s also been raining and snowing here so it’s ugly and no one wants to be out anyway.

I was here last week too but I felt much better. I ate at the hotel restaurant a few times but I did eat too.  We ate at place called Peters on Eglinton. It was a different kind of place because it was a little of everything on menu but it was very good. The portions were HUGE and it was very good. I had grilled chicken kabobs over rice and it was yummy. I haven’t been really impressed with many places to dine here so when it is good it stands out.  When I travel to Canada  I always crave Mexican food. I am so spoiled by many yummy Mexican places in Dallas and I can eat it every day. I wish I had some now.

Today is Ash Wednesday and beginning of Lent season. Do you participate in any Lenten traditions? I used to. I practiced Catholicism for 37 years and always went to church on Ash Wednesday to get my forehead marked with ashes. I would fast and then give up something all during Lent. One year I gave up French fries and it was not a fun time for anyone around me. I have a serious weakness for French fries and it was a hard one to give up.  Now I am a member of a Non-denomination church and I am actually a little relieved about that today. With me feeling like crap I am not sure if fasting today would help my mood.  Even though I haven’t been able to eat much I still want to snack a little.  I do appreciate the Lent season as a time to reflect and get closer to GOD.  I do want to make some special quiet dates with my bible and reflect more up until Easter (well all year but you know what I mean).

So how was your Valentines? Since I had to travel last week here I actually got to celebrate last Sunday on a very nice date. I was taken to a steak restaurant in Dallas called Perry’s. I had never been there. I had some lobster bisque and a delicious filet. The best part is that as we were leaving it started snowing on us. It didn’t stick but it was so pretty and it made it more romantic.  I was just happy to have a date and someone to celebrate with me.

Next week im traveling to Jacksonville, Florida. I love going there so I hope i'm feeling better.  I’ll try to post next week.

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