Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SuperBowl and Valentines- So whatcha think?

How does time go by so fast? I haven’t blogged in weeks now.  So how was your SuperBowl weekend? Did you care one way or another on  what team won? Honestly,  once my Cowboys were out of the running, I lost all interest on who would win. I love football and liked both teams in the game though and enjoyed the performances. I loved Miranda and Blake singing together and couldnt be more proud of Texas girl Kelly Clarkson singing the anthem!
 I went over to Dad’s to watch the game with my folks. He ended up having a full on party with 17 people total! Craziness! It got so loud with people talking that I couldn’t hear the commercials and that’s the best part.  I was so crazy happy about the Madonna halftime performance y'all! I think she did an Amazing job and looked fabulous. Yes she almost slipped in those ginormous heels but rocked it the whole time.   My stepmom made the best Chili ever and we had some yummy dips and typical game food. It was fun just all in all. Seeing Dad enjoy himself surrounded with his buddies was enough to make me smile. He seemed very happy and was in good mood.

I’m switching subjects now -So does it matter to you if you participate in Valentine’s at all? I for one love all occasions to buy a card. I am a card junkie and I LOVE giving cards to my friends and family for any reason. My ex-boyfriend was not a fan at all of Valentines and believed it was a”hallmark” holiday made up just to make money.  In the last few years he finally gave in and would buy me a card and maybe some candy but that was it.  I know it may sound silly but I do buy into the hype and think to myself “how great would it be if I had someone to take me to dinner and do something special with the rest of the world”.
From the time we were in grade school and would make valentines for all our classmates and decorate a lunch bag with name on it so we can put the cards in the bag- I’ve been hooked!  Don’t you remember the PTA moms would bring cupcakes and punch and we would have a special time in our day to exchange our valentines and eat our treats? Who doesn’t love a chance to eat dessert and feel special from your friends at same time!  Oh well, I actually will be in Canada next week for work during Valentines.  Cupid has to shoot his arrow a LONNGGG way!!

At this moment I am working in St Louis. I was  here last week too and it’s been a quick 2 weeks.  Last week the weather was so awesome and it was supposed to be cold but never got below 60’s. I love it when I don’t have to schlep my coat around everywhere.  This week  has been colder and it actually snowed last night. I love love love seeing some winter moments!!! It didn’t stick on the roads but I had to scrape windshield this morning off the rental car. I wished it would have snowed more. L I have some friends that live here that I enjoy hanging out with but this week has been such a treat. My girlfriend Caroline that lives near me in Dallas is also here for business. We had dinner Monday night at a yummy little hole in the wall Greek restaurant called the Gyro House. It was so fun hanging with Caroline like we do at home. We also went to a fun resale shop that had vintage clothes.  I bought the cutest blazer that has skulls in the background but very subtle and it was a whole $14 dollars. Woo Hoo! I should have taken a picture of it. The two of us just went to Dallas Museum of Art  two weeks ago to attend the John Paul Gautier exhibit and had a blast!! We went shopping at the galleria after that and had a lunch at Grand Luxe. Just a fun girlie day for sure. Caroline and I are supposed to connect for dinner tonight too so I am looking forward to that.

I most likely wont be blogging again until next week so have a great weekend to those who are reading this. I’ll be in Toronto next week so will try to post then.

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