Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back to Business

I’m much much better now than my last post.  When I landed from Canada 2 weeks ago I went straight to the Dr and got some an antibiotic and more medicine. I was correct that I had a UTI and now I’m prone to having more. I’m not so happy about that. I was in Jacksonville,Fla last week and time flew by. I love going there because I have a lot of great friends to hang out with and its my largest work location so I am crazy busy the second I get there. I had dinner every night with different friends and my hotel was literally ON THE BEACH. I was on 3rd floor with patio that opened up to ocean view. I was in Heaven for sure. I even slept every night with the patio door cracked so I can hear the waves crash. I took picture every morning of the sunrise but it was cloudy and rainy most every day I was there. I have this tradition with myself that if I’m near the beach I HAVE to walk on the beach and my toes have to touch the sand. Even if its just for a second.  The only time I had chance to do that was my last day there. I got up extra early on Friday and walked down to the beach. It was so worth it.
My toes in the sand
Carrie and me
The Linda's and my friend Mary

On my flight back i sat next to a sweet girl named Ashley who was blind and had the coolest dog named Yale. He curls himself in the smallest ball under the plane seats and is incredible. Ashley is actually going to the Olympics in London this year for Special Olympics.
Working dog Yale
Over the weekend I went out to the country to see my grandmother (Nanny). I always enjoy spending time with her for the day. Bonus for me she had an amazing home-cooked meal for me. I had chicken friend steak (my fave), mashed potatoes, cream corn, pinto beans, rolls and gravy. DELISH!! Seriously, there is no hope of ever dieting when you’re around my Nanny.  I was getting ready to leave and head to Dallas when my uncle called. My Uncle James lives a few blocks from my grandmother and has a great place of land with a pond. He has some miniature donkeys and apparently one had a baby that my uncle was not aware of. He found the baby donkey down by the pond under a fence. He was about 2 days old and was very malnourished and dehydrated. I drove over there to see him and OMG the most precious thing ever! My uncles wife Tara went to the vet and bought some protein packets ,food, etc and had to feed him every 3 hours but he’s good now. The mom donkey does not want anything to do him. I need to call and find out what they ended up naming him.
Precious baby donkey

So this week I’m not traveling and I’m in meetings all week with my team. Its been nice because a few of my teammates live out of state and I maybe see them once a year. We’ve had dinner every night and it’s nice because I didn’t go grocery shopping. Yay for me! Tonight is a mandatory night that we all HAVE to go out and we’re going to a place called WhirlyBird. It’s some kind of thing where we have to drive these bumper car kinda things and throw a ball of some sort. Maybe I’ll have pictures from tonight.
I’m heading back to Canada next week so I’m excited to see what’s in store for me.

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