Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I do give a Hoot!

I'm on my lunch break so thought i would take time to make a quick post. One thing i realized is that i like to mention my dining experiences when i travel but i dont always mention the places i try out in my own home town. Last week when i was in Dallas for my team meetings, we went to a really cool resturant called Whiskey Cake and it was Delish!! The menu is short and to the point but had very different approach on their entrees. One of the appetizers was Deviled eggs. You dont see that often. I had one of the best crab cakes that i've ever tasted in Dallas. The burgers are actually beef brisket smushed in a patty and OMG was it good. Another place i went to was a Japanese place called Jinbeh. It's a pretty small place hidden in a shopping strip near our office but it does great business. This is where they have the chef at the hibachi grill being entertaining and chopping the stuff up. I do enjoy their act and they're pretty talented with those knives!
I love their ginger dressing on the salads and i had leftovers from the chicken and shrimp dish i chose. Yummy! So there's a few shout outs to places in my hood.
I am currently in Vancouver, Canada this week. I arrived yesterday after a very long 4+ hour flight. I was not having a good day yesterday. I got totally turned around looking for the rental car place and walked in complete circle until i found it (all while schlepping my suitcase and laptop bag with me). Then i had printouts from google maps on how to get to my office. I had borrowed a GPS from a coworker that has Canada on it (cuz mine does not) but it would not turn on until much later. I followed exact instructions on map but then the directions did not match at all what i was supposed to do next. I drove soooo far out of the way. I ended up in a residential neighborhood where i pulled over, and then thats when GPS decided it was warmed up to help me. My night was uneventful once i left the office. I went straight to hotel and ordered room service (yucky chicken sandwich on wheat). It's cold and rainy and i just didnt feel like exploring.
I got to thinking how blessed i am while hanging out in my hotel room.
*although cold and rainy- i got to travel to Vancouver and i've never been here before
*the Vancouver airport is one of the most prettiest airports i've ever seen (signs are confusing hence me walking in circles for rental cars)
* i love love love meeting new people and training them as part of my job
*my company pays for my Starbucks in the morning and that makes me so happy
* i earn miles for the airline that i'm booked on
*i am skilled at packing a suitcase
*i have my super ipad that i got for Christmas and i can Facetime with my friends ( awesome)
*i'm wearing my boots in the cold weather locations and we all know how much i love my boots
There are many other reasons why i'm blessed but i have a short lunch period today.
I may go exploring tonight even if its cold and rainy, so stay tuned.

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  1. Ur a mess. I know how people think life is so adventurous on the road, but you can really miss alot also, LIKE YOUR FRIENDS! I'm just saying.
    Love You Always


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