Friday, March 9, 2012


I mentioned in my last post that my team meeting was this week and we had a night of WhirlyBall and LaserTag I had never participated in either of these events before and i just have to say I FRICKIN ROCKED at the LaserTag!!! No kidding. There were 14 of us playing and i won first place out of all of them. Now i will say that my percentage was low with the ammo but who cares?! I shot at everything all the time and it must have worked. I was so crazy surprised but i truly am not competitive at all with any types of games. It was so much fun though and i would go again. I didnt get any pictures because its in the dark. You wear a vest that has these lights on it all over which are targets. The guns recognize the targets when you're aiming at the vest and you shoot. Love it!  I decided that it would be best NOT to play in the WhirlyBall games due to all my back injuries i've had this past year. What is WhirlyBall? Its where you ride these bumper car thingies while at same time have this catcher contraption and you throw a ball at a basketball goal to get points. I had 2 people on the team mention as they took turns in the games that it was a good idea that i sat out. There is a lot of bumping and thrashing in the seats at times and it could have hurt. I really enjoyed watching my teammates be competitive while others just drove in circles and bumping into others. What a fun night and i honestly didnt want to go at first. I was tired and kid of grumpy but i'm so glad i went!
This weekend is kinda of different in that i have no set plans at all. Its nice to relax and do things as they come up. I'm thinking of getting a pedicure tonight and trying to squeeze in a visit to my Dad's tomorrow afternoon. Church for sure on Sunday too. Oh , and i may go to movies with my boyfriend and his kids. Who knows what i may get into?! I need to pack for Vancouver Canada at some point.
Thats it for now. See ya!

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