Thursday, March 29, 2012

Travels to Calgary

I am in Calgary this week and I really enjoyed it. I did NOT enjoy the flights to get here though. It literally takes all day to get there.  First of all, being from Dallas and all I typically only fly on American Airlines. They’re based out of Dallas and I can rack up the air miles with them. AA wanted way way too much money for the flights to Calgary and back. My company wouldn’t approve it so I am traveling Delta this week.  I have zero status with them and I am one of the last to board the plane and stuck in the back too.  I know I sound like a travel snob but come on, I live in these airplanes and airports, I’ve earned my right to be a little snobbish in my head at least.  I had a layover in Salt Lake City ,Utah and I will say that the view was nice while staring out the windows during my long layover (my flight was delayed another hour once I got there).  I’m leaving to home today and my layover is in Minneapolis which has a nice airport too. I hate connection flights though, I still get nervous that I wont have time to make plane. I’m not landing until 10:30 pm tonight. It will be late by the time I get luggage, and car to get home. Geesh.
Touchscreen elevator ,y'all! At the Calgary airport. So cool.

Have you ever heard of Banff? Well, it’s one of Canada’s oldest national parks. It’s a very nice ski resort town this is in the heart of the Rockies. GORGEOUS! Well,  Banff is just short of 2 hours to get there one way from Calgary. I went to Banff 2 years ago with 3 other ladies to have dinner and back so I thought what the heck- I can do this again!  I decided to drive up there after work this past Tuesday night.  I am so glad I did because it really beats sitting in the hotel room all night. I pulled over and took what pictures I could with my blackberry camera.
There was elk everywhere on way to Banff

Canada Rockies

Banff Springs Hotel ( i didnt stay there)

Downtown Banff

Pond facing the mountain

My mom lives in Montana and is supposedly only 6 hours away from Calgary. I really wanted to fit in a visit before or after my stay here but it just didn’t work out.  Being this close to Mom made me miss her especially more though. Maybe next time I come to Calgary my plans will work out in her favor.  The next  time I come though I definitely want to stay one night in the Banff Springs Hotel. I am mesmerized by the architecture of this hotel. I still did not make the time to go inside and actually look at it. I wished I would have walked through it like a customer but it was starting to get dark so I wanted to head back.
Alberta is also apparently known as a great beef (steak) location. Everyone kept saying “ oh you got to have a steak here”. I would say “but I’m from Texas and we know our steaks”!  Anyway, I went to a place last night to have a steak and it was good. It didn’t knock my socks off though but it was nice for them to want me to be in the Calgary spirit.
I just wanted to make a quick post so talk to ya soon.

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  1. I was supposed to go to banff several years ago with my husband for business and he had to cancel I have not let him live it down yet. SO love to go. Following from she speaks, come visit when you get a chance. also have some great giveaways going on if you scroll down the older posts.


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