Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Storms and Easter -Oh My

If you watch the news at all you’re probably aware of the horrible tornadoes that hit Dallas and surrounding areas last week. Ironically, I normal travel every Monday and my truck would be parked in covered at the airport but I wasn’t scheduled to leave until Wednesday.  It was so scary and destructive. The huge blessings is that there was  not one fatality. Of course there was injuries but nothing critical. There is footage where there are tractor trailers being tossed in the air like matchsticks. So crazy!!  We got hail the size of golf balls in my area and my boyfriend had baseball size where he was. I was cringing because my poor truck was not covered at our office. In less than half mile away the cars had hail that actually broke out their back windshields. Can you imagine?  

I was scheduled to leave the following morning to travel to Atlanta but over 400 flights were cancelled by AA.  I got up super early knowing that the airport was going to be a zoo and I assumed the flights would be closer to being on track. I called the AA automated checkin and it said that my flight was on time so I waited to speak to agent and she said “oh yeah- that flights been cancelled and no other flights going out until next day”. I asked them to put me on a Delta flight and they were able to get me on one leaving that same night only at 8 pm arriving in Atlanta at 11pm. I was just happy to get there because I had classes to train on Thursday that took lots of preparation and others were flying in for the class from other states as well.

  It was such a whirlwind trip in Atlanta. I got to my hotel by midnight and got up early to find a Starbucks and be at office  ready to roll by 8am.  After work I met my cousin Lauren at a fun restaurant called The Vortex. Its kinda biker bar burger joint and its been on Food Network from having a crazy burger with eggs and on it. Yuck. I didn’t order that of course. After we had dinner we went to a Starbucks a few doors down so that she could help me work on my blog. Lauren has had a blog for a long time and she is the one who gave me the courage to start mine. We got kicked out of Starbucks at 9 and we sat in my rental car for another hour just talking and getting caught up. I love my cousin so much and wished she would move to Texas right now! She’s working on it.  Just  a matter of her husband finding a job in his field first.  I didn’t get to my hotel room until almost 11 because I had to stop and fill my rental car up with gas and I didn’t want to do next morning on way to airport.  My cousin and a coworker told me that I should leave really early to avoid Atlanta rush hour downtown and with it being Good Friday the airports might be busy.  SO, I got up at 5 and was out the door by 5:45 am. There was no traffic at all and I was able to get on an earlier flight on standby arriving almost 2 hours earlier than my original flight.YAY!  I just wished I was a plane sleeper but I just can’t sleep at all so I read while I’m traveling.
How was your Easter? Mine was great- busy but great. Went to our church service that was really nice. We had a wooden cross with chicken wire wrapped around it and buckets of flowers beneath it. Each family was to put a flower through the wire and between both services it would be completely covered. The flowers also represented a prayer requests for our family. I thought that was really cool.

After church we went to my boyfriends parent house and took them some Bar-B-Que so they didn’t have to cook.  We visited for a while and then we had to head off to my aunts house about 45 minutes east of Dallas (Rockwall). We were so full from lunch we couldn’t eat again but I did have some yummy desserts. I saw so many desserts from pinterest. I think its so great when people are actually making things they pin. I still haven’t but I plan on it!
I am not traveling this week or in the next couple of weeks and I feel like I’m on some sort of vacation. I am spending some evenings after work with some of my girlfriends and catching up. YAY!
Talk to ya later.

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