Thursday, April 19, 2012

Women's Retreats

I just  went to my first CHURCH women’s retreat last weekend and I’m glad I did to see what it was like.  I was not sure what to expect because I had only been to my first women’s retreat of any sort last year with my CMA group. Now I know that the CMA retreat was my favorite. I liked that the CMA had many different speakers and they each had their own style of presenting. We were given some time each day to pray and BE STILL but nothing more than an hour. Last weekend , the Church retreat gave us a 4 hour personal time and in my opinion that was too much.  Spending 120$ is a lot of money for you to not have something planned for 4 hours of that time. Don’t get me wrong, we made good use of that time. A handful of us got in the car and drove to the closest mall and went shopping. It was nice to get to know some of the ladies I go to church with better but I can shop on my own time. I want to know that the weekend was planned for me to reflect and pray more, and read my bible more along with the fellowship activities that are planned.  I can say that I don’t think I’ll probably attend another one with my church again but I’m glad that I gave it a try this time. I have been going to my church for a year and I only really knew 2 people that go there. Now I know  several more of the ladies and it makes me more at home with the church.  The scenery and the location of the retreat was nice. Texas Bluebonnets are out and were all over the retreat center. The location was about an hour south of Dallas and it was really pretty. My CMA chapter women’s retreat is in a few months (July) and I am going again. It’s going to be in a different location out in East Texas in one of my fave little towns that has good shopping on the square. How funny is it that now I could definitely appreciate a 4 hour break to shop on this retreat!?

Horizons women-i'm 5th from rt,2nd row

Bluebonnets south of Dallas (borrowed pic)

I am not traveling this week and so far I don’t have any tickets booked for anytime soon. I am loving it! I love love love my job and I don’t mind the traveling. But it is SO great to have these breaks in between where I am not packing every Sunday night. I have been meeting a few of my friends for dinner and visiting my Dad when I can. I happen to have a date night with Dad tonight. I’m taking him some BBQ after work and we’ll just chill at the house for a while. Poor Dad, he’s still on a gluten free, sugar free diet to prepare for the stem cell treatment coming up soon.  My conversation on the phone was funny earlier today while trying to decide what to bring for dinner.
Me: how about beef and broccoli from a Chinese place?
DAD: sounds good but I can’t have the sugary sauce they cover it in.
Me: hmm, ok how about tacos?
Dad: tacos are good but I cant eat the shells
Me: dang! Lets see- Italian is out of the question because of the pasta.
Dad: I can eat meat and vegetables so bring us some BBQ!
Me: perfect! No sides like friend okra and macaroni cheese but maybe they’ll have some green beans. 
I respect my step mom so much because she’s had to be creative every day in preparing his meals. She’s traveling with her job this week so I’m glad to be in town so I can take care of Dad.
Update: we should hear pretty soon from the Dr for notice that the stem cells are ready to go and then they’re off to Santa Domingo. Cross your Fingers!

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  1. I'm glad you went on the retreat for the experience, but I agree - 4 hours is too much free time!


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