Friday, May 25, 2012

Did you know it's National Wine Day? How did i not know this sooner? I would have planned a little wine sippin party or something. What i WILL do is open one of my 5 bottles i received for my birthday last week and see how many we can finish over the weekend.

Speaking of weekend- its Memorial Day weekend which means most people have a 3 day weekend with Monday off.  I dont have a lot planned this weeked because I will be traveling to Vancouver on Monday to work next week and be able to train them Tuesday morning. Its not a holiday for them  (Canada) this week so the show must go on.

I never did mention some big events that happened these last few days or so. First of all we lost Donna Summer. I really felt such a sadness. She was a huge part of  my growing up years while roller skating every Friday night at the roller rink. I even had a routine in high school drill team to her songs in the late 80's. It's funny to think i sang Bad Girls all the time. I  knew every word to her songs but i didnt realize all of content of which i was singing at 10 yrs old and up. HEHE.

Then, a few days later we lost Robin Gibb of the BeeGee's. That leaves Barry Gibb as the last one living. He was the most handsome of all them. I am not lying, i had 3 posters of them on my walls when i was little. I even had their albums to play on my cool record player in my room. If you're a kid of the early 80's, then you know how HUGE the BeeGees were. That family has had a lot of sadness starting with Andy Gibb dying. He was the youngest and cutest of the family and i had poster of him too.  SO sad!!

BeeGees- i had red shiny satin jacket like theirs

Andy Gibbs- sigh!
I've never participated in a blog hop before but i wanted to try it one out so today is the day. I would love to have some new followers and meet some Blogger buddies. Not sure if i'm doing this right though......
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