Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hey Y'all! I'm just hanging out in my hotel room now in Toronto (Canada that is) and thought "what a great time to blog". It's flippin' raining here again like it does everytime i come to Toronto. Do you get so crazy tired that you cant fall asleep? That's where I'm at right now. I am whooped! When i booked my tickets ,there were no direct flights available so i had a layover Monday at LaGuardia airport in New York. That's so hard on me y'all because i LOVE me some New York. It's just a teaser to see the city in the background and not even have time to grab a cab and play for a while. I was not a happy camper when i landed there and got off the plane. You see, for some crazy reason, they make you go through security all over again to go from one terminal to another and its connected so close. Seriously, i maybe walked 50 yards around the corner from my gate and had to go thru that again which meant that i had to throw away a BRAND new bottle of water. You're supposed to be safe to buy any beverages once you clear security WHICH I DID. That's the only airport that i've seen in my travels that is designed that way. What made matters worse is that my purse was not zipped and when it went through the roller belts, everything fell out of my 2 little pockets inside. My powder compact fell out to the ground and literally crashed to dust. Nothing to save. Why is that a big deal? Well it's not cheap to buy anything in Canada with all their numerous taxes.
Trust me. I'm being whiney huh?!

Billboard in airport (LaGuardia)

This is how close to the city- so hard to look out airport window
I'm working with a lady named Katherine this week who is based out of Montreal and she drove into Toronto (about 5 hours) and picked me up from the airport. It's nice to have a coworker drive us everywhere so that i dont have to rent a car. I still dont have Toronto down with directions yet even after all my trips here. Almost but not quite yet.  I asked her to take me to drugstore so that i could buy some powder or else i would end up looking like a streetwalker every day with bright blush on my cheeks. Shopping that night is about the extent of doing anything this week after work. We've been training classes back to back from 8 to 5:30 and we're so wiped we just grab dinner and then back to our rooms.
As for dinner, here's where i've eaten so far. We take turns choosing so Monday i let Katherine pick the place. How funny is it that she wanted to eat at a Texas Longhorn Steakhouse in Toronto? Really? I just flew in from Dallas 8 hrs before. Oh well. It was not good at all. Apparently it used be good but has gone downhill recently. Last night we ate at place called Moxie's. It didnt knock my socks off but it was ok. Tonight we tried out a place new to us called Turtle Jack's. It was really good and i will go back there when i return on next trip. I had a cheeseburger that was perfect but had a cup of cheese broccoli soup that was awesome. I've got a late night tomorrow at the office and i'm switching to a closer hotel near airport that has a shuttle. Katherine was really sweet to offer to take me to airport but i have to get up at 3am to leave by 4 so a shuttle will be better. Friday will be a very long day for me and i am having an early birthday party thrown for me that night. Yikes! I want to try to post tomorrow night too cause i want to share last weekend with you regarding my CMA Run for the Son event we had. Stay tuned. :)

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