Monday, May 21, 2012

I did not make a single post last week.  Not because I was too busy but because I managed to come down with Strep throat last Sunday (Mother’s Day) and it kicked my butt! No really- it did.
I was sooo sick and miserable for 5 solid days. I had a high fever, my body ached, and I couldn’t swallow without my eyes tearing up. I don’t ever remember having strep before but I don’t wish it on anyone! Thank you to the maker of antibiotics-specifically the Z-Pak.  To make things worse my birthday was last week and I gave it to my boyfriend.  I was home last week in that I wasn’t traveling which is a true blessing in  itself. I cant imagine being so sick all by myself while stuck in Canada so I am happy that it happened while I was home.  Another good thing is that I have a job that doesn’t require me to actually work in the office if I choose not to so I was able to work from home every day last week and not spread my germs to my coworkers.
I am so glad I celebrated my birthday earlier 2 Fridays ago. A bunch of my friends got together and we went to Club Schmitz. This is my 2nd annual party held there and it’s such a laid back place to celebrate. I had at least 30 friends that came and went throughout the night and we had fun. My honey bought me the most yummiest cake for me. It was Italian Wedding cake and man it rocked!
Another birthday day gift was concert tickets to see Robert Earl Keen at Billy Bob’s. I LOVE him and it was too much fun. Remember when I to see him last October? I posted on that too.
All in all it was still a good week for me and I know it could have been worse. I am so blessed to have awesome friends that made me feel better with their texts and messages offering to bring me chicken soup, etc.  
A few friends at Club Schmitz

I look toasted here but i was very tired (flew from Canada that day)

This is my hat REK signed a few yrs ago. I always wear to his concerts.

Oh I almost forgot- I bought my Dad’s Harley!!!! WHAT? I KNOW!! I am so excited for that too.  As I’ve mentioned many times, my Dad is not in the best of health and he really couldn’t be riding the Harley anyway. He had mentioned that he thought of selling it and that he would get another one once he got better. I really want to keep it in the family and he also needed the money to help with the medical bills.  Win =win situation! I needed a bike and Dad needed the money. My summer is going to be so great now that I can participate more in my CMA chapter rides. YAY! My boyfriend and I borrowed the bike from Dad a few weeks ago when we had our CMA-Run for the Son. It’s a great bike and comfortable for the day rides around town. My back is not ever going to be great so to do long distance trips, we’ll need a bigger touring bike one day but my bike now is perfect for majority of the time.
2003 Springer Softtail. Aint she pretty?!

I’m not traveling this week either and I’m enjoying my time with my friends and family after work almost every day. I’m also working in the office this week and I love talking to my coworkers. I actually miss them and my desk. I’m such a  nerd, I know!

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  1. Stumbled across your blog via "Its ok Thursday" link-up! Your blog makes me miss the love star state so much. I love Robert Earl Keen and Billy Bob's is amazing! Hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend.
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