Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What a great day! I started off finding a dollar in the parking lot of Starbucks.  That was so cool! I know it was just a dollar but it doesn’t happen to me very often. To top it off , I was at Starbucks because I received my free drink from using my registered Starbucks card. It makes a difference peeps! Every 15 times using your card, you get a free drink any size (which to me means Venti). You get a gold card for using your registered cards 30 times. Mine was sent to me with my name on it-its fancy.  You also get a free drink on your birthday which means I should be receiving another card in my mail any day now. I’m not a “drip”coffee drinker but if I was, I would get a free refill too.  I know, I am sooo addicted. I have to be honest though, my company pays for mine when I travel so I can indulge everyday on the road. When I’m not traveling its out of my own pocket. I’ve been on a tight budget this month so FREE is good! Then, with my free dollar I promptly went across the street to McDonalds and bought me a breakfast sandwich off dollar menu so I sent a whole .08cents on breakfast today.
fancy Starbucks gold card

Do y’all have Rosa’s Café and Tortilla Factory? If so, then you’re perfectly aware of Taco Tuesday. Oh My Goodness! Listen to all the food you get for 3.99$.  You get 3 tacos, rice and beans, and 2 flour tortillas. The tacos can be soft or crispy and you can have chicken , beef, or both. That is a lot of yumminess for 4 dollars and I am such a happy girl when I’m home to enjoy this deal. I actually ate Mexican last night for dinner and could eat it again tonight with no problem. I could eat Tex-Mex everyday and I almost do.

I have the most awesome , sweetest, amazing grandma (known as Nanny) in the whole universe! I had mentioned to her a few weeks ago that it had been years since she made me peanut butter rice krispy treats. She taught me to make those when I was in junior high but its never the same when you make it yourself. Well, last weekend I drove to East Texas to visit and guess what she had for me?Yep, she made a whole platter and they were already in a Ziploc for me to take home. They are so yummy and I probably should have taken the picture when the bag was full. I have one or three on the hour.  I included the recipe in case you get the craving for these.

homemade goodness

Taken from internet but same ingredients Nanny used

Ok the whole post today is about food – oh well.

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  1. impressed do make them without marshmallows, the old fashion kind!! look great


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