Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Check it out- Talk to me Tuesday with Danielle

Hey everyone, i am the guest this week on Danielle's blog Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl .  We had our chat last week one night while i was in Montreal. Danielle is an awesome young lady with a heart of gold. I came across her blog a while ago and i loved her cover page. I actually sent her a personal email and told her how much I liked everything about her blog. She has given me so much advice , helpful hints, etc and helped me with my cover page. I'm sure at times she wishes i would leave her alone. I am amazed at how much my world opened up by creating my blog and getting familiar with other blogs.

Here is the convo:

Talk to Me Tuesday is a weekly feature where I chat up some of the coolest women on the web!


Holli is a wine drinking, travel loving, Harley riding Texas girl, and she's also the woman behind Holli's Hoots and Hollers. You can also find her on twitter and pinterest!

D: Well hello lovely lady!

Holli: Hi!

D: Ok, my first three questions; Where are you? What are you wearing? and What are you drinking?

Holli:  I am at hotel in Montreal, Canada. I'm wearing gray shorts and tshirt, I'm drinking a coke which is pretty funny because I rarely ever drink soft drinks. I needed the energy.

D: How's it going in Canada?

Holli: Pretty good. Just turned the car in at airport and took shuttle back to hotel. That way I can take shuttle back to airport in the am at 4 and not mess with the car.

D: 4am?! I would die.

Holli: Yep, so far every flight back and forth to Canada - thats been the lucky hour to leave. To make things worse- I can NOT sleep on planes.

D: Oh I can! Haha, last flight I had to take was a red eye!

Holli: I do those embarrasing seizure jerks after a few minutes of sleep that scares me and the person next to me.

D:  How long have you been traveling this time?

Holli: I have actually been traveling for the last eight years. It goes in spurts, I travel like crazy then I'm home for a month, then back to the craziness. I travel Monday through Friday and go home on weekends. i need to see my honey!

D: Wow, that's a lot of traveling !Is it usually Canada? Or do you go other places too?

Holli: It depends on the project i'm on. Lately it's been Canada though and will be for the rest of the year it looks like. I spent last year in St Louis and Florida, sometimes California and Atlanta gets thrown in the mix.

D: Fun, I've never been to St. Louis! I've never been out of the country either. Is Canda the only non-US location for your job?

Holli: Yep, Canada is the only place so far that I need my passport. St Louis is fun! LA is my fave place to visit though. So much to do. I dont sit well in hotels. I normally go out and explore if I can. I even drove to Niagara Falls at night by myself a few years ago from New York because I always wanted to go there. I had dinner and turned around and drove back. 2 weeks ago I drove to Whistler and saw bears.

D: I saw that on your blog! It looks like you had fun! So with all that traveling do you have any great tips for those of us who aren't quite as seasoned?

Holli: Sure, best tip is to roll your clothes! Stack your blouses and dresses on top of each other and roll. Do the same with your skirts and pants. Also, I always use the plastic bags that are provided by hotels (laundry bags in the closets) and i put my dirty clothes in them. Mix and match clothes so you can pack lighter. Those are just a few.

D: I haven't tried that before. Do you have any horror stories? Layovers that lasted for days, bad weather?

Holli: Oh my, where do I start?! I have had so many cancellations and delays. Chicago is my least favorite airport. I have had some flights that are delayed , delayed, and delayed some more when they finally just cancel but I've been at airport for 6 hours wondering what's going to happen. The worst part of flying is the rude people. It's just crazy how people act in airports and on the plane. I should also start a blog or facebook page just with things people wear at airports!

D: You should start snapping pics and do a feature! You could call it Jet-Setting Don'ts!

Holli: Great idea! The building across the street from our office here in Montreal had several tents set up and they asked to use our parking lot. Come to find out Michael Douglas is supposed to be there tonight for a Cancer shindig. I wish I could have got pic of that!

D: Oh wow, that's fun! 
I basically travel once a year for a conference or training of some sort. One thing I've learned is to carry an empty water bottle. I use water fountains and save money and stay hydrated!

Holli: Yep. I had one given for my birthday -its one of those flat bottles that you fill up. cool!
I'm so proud of your weight loss. It so hard to eat right eating out all 3 meals.

D: I know. I used to eat out all of the time and it's just hard. though I've eaten out three days in a row and surprised myself how well I did! What I've been doing is looking at menus online ahead of time when I wasn't hungry and pick the best option. Then when I get there I don't even look at the menu.

Holli: If I eat one more ceasar salad this week I will scream. I kinda kept good. Trouble is I never know where I'm going to eat here. The menus are in french too here which is funny. I have to ask for an English menu always.

D: Oh yeah, that would be tricky! Do you speak any french yet?

Holli: When we got gas tonight to top off rental car- I had to ask stranger to help because the instructions on gas pump were in french. too funny! I am picking up some phrases here and there. I really want to learn Spanish since I live in Texas.

D: I took soo many spanish classes in HS and college. I even went back a couple of years ago for a refresher course, but I don't use it so I can't retain it for long.

Holli: Exactly- same here. Its practically a requirement now for schools in Texas but I rarely get to use it. I only need French when I'm here in Montreal. Thank Goodness. It's pretty funny to hear my Texas twang pronouning French words.

D: Haha, I know what you mean! So if you weren't traveling so much for work, where would you want to go? Any dream vacation spots?

Holli: I really want to go to Paris. My step sister lives in Singapore and I would like to see her. I also have a cousin living in London so I dont know why I havent been there yet either. Honestly, my vacation is NOT to travel. Let me hang out close to home.

D: I can see that. I could take either. It would be nice to get away and just have time to explore somewhere new. It is also great to just stay home and enjoy things around here that we don't normally have time for.

Holli: How about you? Where do you want to go?

D: I want to spend some time in Napa Valley, you know me and my wine, and of course Italy.

Holli: Oh hon- you've got to go!! Sonoma is my fave. I liked it better than Napa personally.

D: Oh really? Well I'll keep that in mind. I'm hoping I can get out there in the next couple of years. I'd love to go with J but I also think my girlfriends and I could have a blast out there!

Holli: I spent a lot of time in Northern Cal and thats when I learned more about wine. There are just so many wineries all over like in Livermore. Thats east of San Francisco. It was close to my office in Pleasanton a few years ago and I actually stayed many weekends instead of coming home. You will have a blast no matter who you go with.

D: I'm sure! I'll make it before too much longer.
Holli, thanks so much for chatting with me! It's been fun!

Holli: Thank you for inviting me. Its been so fun for me too. You're such a sweet girl and I am so blessed to have you as a new friend. Blogging rocks!!

D: Yes it does!


  1. Well that was fun! I learned a little about proper packing and a whole lot about you. I've always rolled my clothes, but now I can honestly say I'm stacked as well!
    You really should start taking airport photos. I can see a whole blog just on that...kinda like Cake Wrecks or WalMart people. Everyone needs a good laugh to start their mornings out right!
    Great read.

  2. Deb, thanks for the comment. The WalMart people pictures is exactly what i compare it too! I'm amazed that people forget that they're in public even on a plane and airport. Crazy!

  3. HI HOLLI! Nice to meet you & thanks for stopping by to visit me!!!! Always nice to meet another Texas Blogger! I too am a traveling fool who likes to drink wine & spend time with "HONEY" of 43 years! YIKES that makes me feel old. Canada sounds mighty fine compared to this 100 + heat we're having here in Texas~ Have a great week!


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