Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey there, i've been so swamped at work and after work so bunches to get caught up on.  I posted last week that my Dad and Deb (stepmom) were going to Santa Domingo for Dad to receive his stem cell treatment. The plan was to get there last Wednesday , rest on Thursday, treatment Friday, rest Saturday and come home on Sunday. Nothing can ever be simple! The people in Tel Aviv (where the stem cells have been growing) got the whole schedule wrong. So the procedure got rescheduled for this past week on Monday and my parents had to change their flights, etc. The stem cells didnt arrive to the hospital until 4pm eastern. They had been at the hospital all day and now about to be all night. The Dr's had to wait for the stem cells to defrost in order to prepare them. They took Dad back around 6:15 and they had the 1st lung done an hour later. They were all done by 9pm and he was asleep from anesthesia so they kept Dad overnight. He was released early yesterday morning and he rested all day in hotel because the flight to come home today is very early. The Dr's are happy with the procedure and said Dad did great. Now we just need to get Dad fully rested. He's still on oxygen 100% and the wheelchair to get him around. Everyone seems to react differently in these procedures so i'm not sure how soon we can expect to see any changes or if Dad feels anything. I know they will be so happy to be at home and sleep in own bed tonight.
Last Wednesday night i went with my honey and one of his friends to see The Cult at the House of Blues in Dallas. It happened to be same night that Van Halen was playing nearby in the AA stadium. They're both very popular 80's bands so i was wondering if my concert would be full. AND boy or boy it was jampacked! It fricking rocked and i had sooo much fun. We got floor tickets which meant we had to stand the whole time but you can get close to the stage. We were probably 3 people deep from being on stage. We were so close that when Ian threw his tambourine, my honey caught it. Unfortunately 3other people grabbed it and no one was letting go so he did. I was little bummed but thats the gentleman that he is.

Ian Astbury-lead singer
I took off last Thursday and Friday to drive to Oklahoma and visit my baby brother Jeremy, sis-n-law Sarah, and my nieces Brynna and Maci. I've mentioned numerous times how much i adore my nieces. I had started a tradition with Maci about 6 years ago to spend one-on-one time and shop for her birthday. Brynna will be turning 6 next month so it was time to start same tradition with her. They get to pick which store they want to go to and pick out a few outfits or toys that they want. Thursday afternoon once i arrived, Brynna chose JCPenney's and we went on our way. We had so much fun. She just cracks me up and she's my little songbird. She sings all the time. I took her to Starbucks and got her a cookie frappucino too. Starting her off now for love of Starbucks.
The following afternoon i took Maci for some alone time and got her a haircut for her church camp she was going to on Monday. Afterwards we went to an antique store on Main street in Shawnee and we found a thrift store that was fairly new. Maci's fave color is green and they happened to have a green pair of Polo flip flops in her size. I think they were maybe 4$. I got those for her and found some American Eagle brown leather flip flops for me.  Perfect!  Later that afternoon all of us went to the matinee to see the new Disney movie Brave. I wanted to take the girls to see it but Jeremy took the day off and Sarah's medical office closes at 2 , so the whole family went together which made my heart happy!! I miss my little family and i love to spend every moment that i can. I will tell you that his movie was absolutely PRECIOUS! I loved it and really found it entertaining. It has some very touching moments as Disney is so good at.
I mentioned to Sarah that i wanted to go Garage Sale shopping and she's a pro. Her and her mom Pam are the masters of garage sales and i have only recently started going last year. We got up and left the house around 7:30. Maci totally scored the whole time! She got a ton of cute tshirts, tank tops, shorts, and sneakers for around 10$ total. Perfect outfits too for church camp. Gotta love those people who sold all shirts for .50 cents or a dollar. I bought a Justin boot jack for a dollar that i will paint on and my most fave purchase was an old rusty lawn chair that i will repurpose. I paid 15$ and i think thats a pretty good deal.
Sarah found an awesome white cotton blazer that's very popular right now and yep- one dollar. She also found 2 leather cream pillows for 2$ a piece that will look Fabulous with their brown leather sectional. I had so much fun! To top off the day, we went to a darling little restaurant in Meeker to have breakfast . I had the most awesome meal for 6 dollars. No way anyone could finish thier plates. You get an omelet, huge biscuit and gravy, choice of bacon or sausage, and cheesy hash browns. Yum!  The town of Meeker hosts a rodeo this time of year and so they had a parade down main street. It was so cute. I love little small towns where everyone know everyone. Well kinda- remind me ,i have a funny story on small towns when i was in high school. Anyway, there were about a dozen horses in it , 3 firetrucks, and a few flatbeds with people throwing candy. The girls had fun and i enjoyed getting some candy to eat on my way back to Dallas right after.

Brynna with her garage finds. Eyepatch,purse and keychain/necklace

my 1 dollar boot jack

My lawn chair for 15$

Jeremy and Brynna getting the candy during parade

Tonight i am going to another rock concert to see Tesla and Scorpions. Yeow! I am so excited. I love Tesla and i have never seen them before perform live. I've seen Scorpions before but it will still be cool. I will be way too tired tomorrow to blog for sure. I have to train a class at 8 am in the morning. Poo!
By the way, Texas is already a scorcher if you're not watching the news. It got to 104 yesterday in Dallas. I buy a Harley and its too fricking hot to ride it!
Later. :)


  1. Hi! I am just stopping by to check out your blog...I am a fellow Texas Blogger. Love what I have read so far and looking forward to following along. Welcome to the group...there are a lot of really sweet ladies and great blogs! Have a great evening!

  2. Sounds like a great time! i'm glad you got to spend so much time with your family!


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