Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's OK

That I begged a coworker who lives near a Starbucks to bring me one every morning while I’m working in Montreal,Canada.

I’m buying her dinner tonight to make up for the coffee.

That I’m not a fan of Tim Horton’s coffee which is all the rage of Canada.

That I haven’t slept but a few hours since I’ve landed but still training classes with enthusiasm

It’s OK to not take it personal that I have reached out to other bloggers to follow me  and they still haven’t.  I follow them still and happy to do it.

That I am not happy for my layover in Miami tomorrow on way home.

That I am excited to visit my Nanny (grandma) this weekend. She lives 2 hours away and I try to see her every month.

I’ve read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy and I’m not completely head over heels like everyone else about it- I liked it but not loved it.

I wished more people had iphones, ipads, itouch anything to Facetime with me when I travel every week.

I am not a fan of the latest craze “cake balls”. Yuck.

That I’m so over my blackberry! I’m eligible for an upgrade as of 2 wks ago. I’m waiting for the new Iphone5 to be released sometime this month.

I feel so left out without Instagram. My dinky Blackberry doesn’t have anything.

That I am about at my point that I cant stand my weight anymore. I hate my clothes fitting tighter but when I travel, (its an excuse) every meal is eating out .

I did tell coworker that I will bring sneakers next week to work out in hotel gym.

I hate exercise but necessary evil.

I’m sad that my career keeps me from having a dog. I really miss that.

That this is my first time to ever “link in” to other bloggers but I like it!!

I miss my cousin Lauren that lives in Atlanta. I spoke with her this week and we got all caught up.

i miss all my cousins for that matter. I'm so blessed that they are close friends too.

I am so excited to see my honey tomorrow! I love to kiss him. (is that TMI?)


  1. Dude! Why do we not facetime??????????? I've got an ipad and iphone!
    Also, I too am not a fan of the cakeballs!
    And yes love, it's time to upgrade that phone!

  2. I hated not being able to have Instagram until I found out I'd missed it when they added an Android App! I'm looking forward to getting an iPhone when I upgrade but I've still got a little bit to wait for that one.

    I'm glad you linked in! I started watching what I eat and exercising this week. We're doing a BL style competition and I need to not be the only fat person in my family, lol.

  3. We went to Canada on vacation not too long ago and I TOTALLY agree on the Tim Horton's. I tried to go to one ... asked if they had soy ... the girl looked at me Yeah SOY MILK for us peeps who are lactose NO. Your co-worker is so sweet to get you Starbucks...will she make deliveries??

    Happy Thursday!!

    ♥ Shia

  4. ugh, I hate cake balls. They even sound gross. I live about an hour from Montreal (in the states) and I love it there this time of year. Sir Winston Churchill's pub has some pretty good burgers (just don't ask for american cheese) and is right downtown.

    1. Cool! Thanx for the tip. I'm back here next week too. I will try to check out the pub.

  5. It is not too much info that you want to kiss your man. YAY! That's great news!

  6. Believe it or not, I've never had a cake ball! Is that totally crazy?!

  7. Hi Holli with an I! Don't ya just love being different! I sure as heck do! Stopping by to say hello! Cruising around your blog tonight! Good stuff!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanx so much for stopping by my blog. I would love for you to follow me. Have a GREAT week!!

  8. Hey Holli! I'm a new follower to your blog :-) Thought I'd stop by and say hello! I love so much about your site, including the layout, template, and this post! You have a quirky, fun writing style that makes me laugh :-) I'm a fairly new Texas blogger (, and I hope you will do me the great honor of following me back! My blog is based around random rambles, DIY crafts and Heart-Healthy recipes. Take care new blogger gal-pal, and have a great week!

    1. Hi Sarah B- I'm following you now. I'm fairly new as well to my blog. In August it will be a year but boy do i have lots to learn! Thank you for the sweet comments.


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