Monday, July 2, 2012

DANG!!! It’s Africa hot here in Texas. I heard that phrase a few weeks ago and it made me laugh. I haven’t really been to Africa to know if that’s a true statement though.  I left off last week about to go to a concert to see Tesla and the Scorpions. They were sooooo awesome! I stood and danced and sang through all of Tesla. I started losing my voice and was getting a headache after all the screaming so I was more tame by Scorpions came around.  I have been a serious concert girl lately but why cant the bands come on a weekend night? I am not dealing so good on early Thursday mornings following a late night. I’m sad that I just cant stay out like I used to and not feel it bad the next day. I love my 80’s bands and so excited that I’ve seen some of my favorites this year. A girlfriend just asked yesterday if I wanted to go this Sunday to see Great White and Faster Pussycat but I declined. Unfortunately, I have a very early class I have to train at 8 on Monday and I didn’t want to be dragging all day.


This past weekend was all fun and games let me tell you. I helped my honey (T) move all weekend. He moved into a larger apartment in the same complex he was already living at so it wasn’t too hard distance wise. I’ve never been able to afford movers whenever I had to move but he has a moving company that he’s used several times so he hired them for this move. Well, they were supposed to meet us at the apartment at 7 am and had a 2 hr minimum. If things worked out smoothly, they would be gone by 9 and we could get busy unpacking and getting tons accomplished by that afternoon . NOPE, they finally showed up at 12:45 – 5.5 hours late!!!  What was aggravating was that they wouldn’t give us straight answers. They said “in an hour” every time we called on the hour.  We had plans Saturday evening to watch his daughter play her soccer game and then take both kids for dinner afterwards so we got as much done as we could. After church yesterday, we were able to get a lot more done but he’ll have to unpack a little every day.

One thing I did manage to do for fun was catch a matinee on Friday with a girlfriend to see Magic Mike. Girls, girls, girls- go see it right now! It’s horribly terrific. The movie is so cheesy and very predictable ending but I can barely remember the plot while I’m seeing visions of hunky men dancing half naked.  Channing Tatum is fricking awesome, Matthew McHotty doesn’t disappoint and my new crush is Joe Manganiello (from True Blood). Joe doesn’t have many lines but he sure looked pretty!  I had so much fun watching this movie and not having to think about anything but how yummy they are. It’s nice to relax and not think during a movie. Right?!

My cousin Cody and his wife Christie had their beautiful baby boy this past Saturday. His name is Cove and was born 7 lbs, 14 oz, and 19 in long. Cove was born with a cleft lip and palate and will have to have his first  surgery in 90 days. He is healthy and perfect in every other way.  I’ll be asking for prayers when that surgery comes around.

I don’t have any particular plans for the 4th this week but I’m hoping to see Daddy for a quick visit. He’s been sick and worn out since he returned home from his treatment. Dad said this is normal and he should feel better in a couple of days.  My uncle has always had a huge BBQ and fireworks out at his place around this weekend so we’ll be going out there this Saturday. I am so excited because my brother, Sarah and the girls will be coming down also. I know I just saw them last weekend in OK but I cant ever get enough of my sweet nieces!!
Stay safe out there and stay cool! Have fun too.


  1. I am so glad that you found me so that I could find you!!! I've been reading your blog - I'm glad that your Dad is home and will be feeling better - and take GOOD CARE of your Mother!!!

    And 80's bands? HEL-LO! Next time you go to a concert - I want to go! LOLOL

    If you ride your bike this week - be careful!!! Have fun with your nieces!

    Your new blog-stalker,

  2. Hey girl, You posted on my site, I thought I would post on yours. I have to give you credit. You turned down going to see Faster Pussycat! Hard thing to do but I feel you on the weekday concerts. Gone are the days when I could party all night and function the next day. Well, to be fair, I didn't have that many responsibilities back then either. Nice to meetcha, and Congrats on the Baby! I'll say a little prayer for him!


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