Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun with Family weekend

This past Saturday was my uncles annual 4th of July BBQ at his place. Uncle James lives in Quitman, Texas that is where Sissy Spacek is from. She's an actress that was the star of Carrie , Coal Miner's Daughter, and many more. It's about 2 hours away from Dallas and my grandmother (Nanny) lives a few miles away from Uncle James. My family (brother Jeremy, sister in law Sarah, and my nieces Maci and Brynna) drove down from Oklahoma to attend. Many of my cousins and old family friends came and we had so much fun. Uncle James has a ton of land and we spent most all day and night outside.  There's a big pond to fish out of, a small boat to go out in pond (we had to use to get retrieve the volleyball that went in ), volleyball/bad minton net, horse shoes, a mule (like a four wheeler but safer), tons of stuff to stay busy. Yucky part was the snakes -woods and water equals snakes-but cousin Shane shot them!

Took pic while at Sonic getting ice
The BBQ was Incredible!! Uncle James really outdoes it with his smoker and cooker. We had smoked sausage, brisket, hot dogs (smoked on the grill), chopped beef, and chicken wings. Everyone brought sides and desserts and i ate way too much! I brought blue cheese pecan dip from Trader Joe's and pita chips and large foam cups. Oh and a bag of chocolate toffee covered popcorn also from TJ's. My cousin Monya brought 2 desserts that she got off Pinterest and they were perfect.  One was Bugles dipped in chocolate. I love the salty sweet combination. She also made the strawberry shortcake kabobs. Whipped cream was provided too if you wanted it. She forgot to put the blueberries on it to make it red white and blue. It was still delicious! Someone else brought a yummy dessert that were eagles but i dont know where she got the idea. It was the huge marshmallows rolled in coconut, cashews for the beak, and icing for the eyes.
Delicious dipped bugles

strawberry shortcake kabobs

marshmallow eagles

We had a great night of fireworks and lots of them. I was more than happy for this display of fireworks since i had missed them on July 4th in person.  One thing i wanted to mention was on my way to Quitman, i stopped at a place in Quinlan (sidenote:where i graduated high school ) that sold antiques. I found the most rusted out vintage metal lawn chair and bought it for 20$. I'll take a picture for you this week.  Now i have 2 to repaint and i'm so excited to get started! I gotta run, i have killer headache and i'm posting this on my break at work.


  1. I love bugles and chocolate, though I've never tried them together! It looks like you had an awesome time!

  2. I have to admit that chocolate dipped bugles are something new to me! :-) Anyways, I'm stopping in from the Texas Blogger Group!! I'm your newest follower on all your social media sights!! (Except I didn't see a link to facebook, do you have a facebook account?)

    Hope you will come visit and we can get to know each other more!

  3. Our family homestead was in Winnsboro and family reunions were always held at Hogg Park. Gosh...this post takes me back!

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